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I married twice; each of my spouses were in the educational field, not making a lot of money, but allowing us to live comfortably with three young daughters. Because Bob’s retirement was so small to begin with, we decided to take the option of collecting more monies while he was alive rather than spread it out until I passed on too. What happened today caused me to rethink my philosophy of life of fortunes and misfortunes: I went to the dentist for a routine teeth cleaning.
I had budgeted for this visit for the past 6 months and even knowing that I had some insurance that would cover this visit, I was unprepared for the $134 I was charged. Then, to top it off – excuse the pun – I need to have a root canal and crown on the very last molar on the right side.
I think about all the people I see that have big gaps in their mouths where their teeth used to be. I would imagine that if you were homeless it would be very difficult to do proper oral hygiene.
People should be able to make the best decision and follow through with that decision regardless of the cost. The greatest nation in the world still balks at taking care of its inhabitants, yet we send money overseas all the time to help people in other nations. As I was shopping at the market immediately after my dentist appointment, I watched many people pick up Halloween candy to put in their baskets for the 31st of October. The thought crossed my mind that if all those people pooled their money into a “Teeth for Homeless” campaign, I bet millions of dollars of money could be generated to aid those people. I really enjoyed your article because it speaks to an issue so many of have encountered with passive resistance because we have such few options. We watched our Congress negotiate away meaningful healthcare reforms like single-payer, public option and price controls. Like most Dem politicians tell us, the healthcare bill that was signed into law is far from perfect, but it’s a very good start. I guess what bothers me the most about this is that so many states are already suing to not have to do what is in the bill.
The real reason so many states are taking legal action against the health care law is about money. No matter how you look at the issue of affordable health care it always circles around to the same answer, doesn’t it? Sarah, I know no one forces you to have a car, but have you tried working outside of home, or tried doing anything with our public transportation? I guess you aren’t old enough to have been forced to get Medicare part D or pay a penalty. It’s no wonder so many people go to Tijuana for a dentist, even with insurance the cost of dental work is outrageous. Also, some dental insurance companies will give you trouble about paying for an extraction if your dentist recommends expensive crowns and implants because you are not following the dentist’s course of treatment. I never begrudged my dentist making a nice living because I knew I knew his mother from the food service department at the college where I worked.

Of course most people give up money either directly to the dentist or through insurance for dental care.
And I’m TOTALLY willing to give up a couple of government programs to save some money towards health care. After spending time in the line at the DMV this week, I think I will pass on the government dental plan. Ending the war in Iraq and Afghanistan would be an excellent way to start fiscal responsibility.
Zack’s comment about Patty saying that some insurance carriers will not pay for an extraction if the dentist recommends other avenues to follow. RB is trying to put some faith in the Supreme Court coming up with the decision that the government cannot mandate that all individuals purchase an insurance service. I still manage to contribute to the 1st UU church and to other groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center because I value those organizations who help those poorer than me.
Once upon a time my grandfather quoted this ditty: A friend in need is a friend indeed, and I have many such.
Today the news was that the cost of food is going to go up dramatically for the rest of the year. I am tempted to talk about my cousins in Germany who are getting their university education but that will open another can of gummy worms. I campaigned for single payer like Howard Dean did, but there is too much money in healthcare paying off spokepeople against it. Perhaps there are more people on the lower level of Maslow’s pyramid of needs on this site than we think. I hate to say what an eye opener this dentist visit was for me, but I have gone on in my own little world without giving much thought to the basic needs of others. I am feeding the mules and donkey’s (is there a difference?) so when they meet resistance they know what to do.
Like so many people, I lost my career to outsourcing and could not afford to pay over $600 a month for COBRA without a job. It’s always pissed me off the way most dentists make you feel when you have some kind off problem, then shame you into spending waaaay too much money.
Having a bad tooth can really affect your health in so many ways, many cardiac patients have to be very careful because an infection in your mouth can travel straight to your heart.
And of course most people are willing to let someone else pay for their dental care, usually through a government program.
I used to do that when I worked in San Ysidro, but now-a-days I am very reluctant to go across the border.
I wish I had known you several months ago when I donated 25 pairs of glasses to the Lion’s Club.
I house foreign language students from all over the world and they all have, by far, better coverage than we do in the US.
After being terminated from work for being out ill pass 6 months (and I’m still ill) I lost all my benefits.

I was at the dentist in March before my surgery and was told all I needed was a filling which I had completed.
I know that I could not afford the COBRA that I was offered, and it didn’t include dental anyway. And, an objective, not starting in 2011 but starting now, is to make some big changes, and, hopefully, bring others with me. If your choice costs less than the dentist’s approach, why shouldn’t everyone be happy?
The next-door tooth will become exposed on that side, and this exposed surface is much more vulnerable to decay, fast decay. I, too, have made the decision to have the tooth removed rather than spend the money on a crown.
I was able to obtain a medical plan through Contra Costa County at their Richmond Health Center for $300 every quarter (thank God) but no dental services for adults.
The fluoridated water, which strengthens all the teeth, hasn’t gotten to that surface which will now be exposed.
If it were a front tooth I might make a different decision, but no one will see this one, except for the dentist and me, and I can use the money in other ways. Quite a change for my psyche, but not much in my style of living, because I have always been fugal in my spending and have not felt the real “pinch” yet.
A while back I remember doing a research for my clients on low cost dental services and UCSF dental school students has a program, but there’s a catch.
If we toss the toothpaste with unhealthy ingredients, the mouthwash with offensive dyes and unnatural colors, and stop eating sugar laden foods we can minimize the need for those costly visits.
When Marilyn talked about how she had a good dentist but had to seek less expensive care, she felt like she was going into a car sales.
If you have certain minor problems you pay way below the cost of what you would pay at a community dentist, if you need more advance service the cost goes up and if you need major services you will be treated by their faculty dentist and pay the community dentist price. I felt the same way when I told the receptionist that I could not afford the $1500 for the crown that was recommended for me. The reason I’m on the side of the dentist is, my grandson is in dental school right now.
I’m on Social Security and for the 2nd year in a row there is no cost of living wage. The same people will be running the city that are currently running it, and they want more money from me? As they used to say on Laugh In (now you know I’m not lying about my age) SOCK IT TO EM!

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