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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Notice: Unless stated otherwise, the graphical resources uploaded to this site are NOT for commercial use. Credit Unions strive to ultimately offer a wide range of services at inexpensive rates when compared to those of other banks.
The most common ones we use and hear about are commercial banks, community banks and credit unions. The main difference lies within the fact that the members who have accounts at the credit union are its owners directly. Lastly, credit unions are significantly different from other financial establishments because they aim to serve their members rather than gain large profits. There are ten diverse nations around the world who operate credit unions and they each contain millions of members.

In general, credit union members view themselves as more morally correct that other types of banks due to the fact that they often play a part in building and developing their local community. Now that you’ve got some inside information, you may feel inclined to check out credit unions for yourself. The purpose of credit unions is to provide promotion of thrift, credit at competitive rates and various other financial services. According to surveys, members of a credit union show greater rates of satisfaction in the services provided than do customers at other variations of banks.
If you decide against it, you’ve still got fifteen other types of banks to choose from (of course, depending on your location).
It is common for credit unions to also offer services which benefit the development of the community. Factors such as interest rates are controlled by a Board of Directors consisting of volunteer members of that particular credit union.

Credit unions offer many of the services that other banks provide, but they typically have alternate terms for these services. For example, savings accounts are referred to as share accounts, checking accounts are called share draft accounts and certificates of deposit are usually called share term certificates.
Another key difference between credit unions and other types of banks is that typically, only members of a credit union can deposit or borrow money from that credit union.

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