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The GTA 5 release date is days away and Xbox 360 owners who haven’t read the fine print should take note of a special restriction that has the potential to get in the way of playing the game on Tuesday September 17th.
Users who own an Xbox 360 with a small hard drive, or the Xbox 360 4GB version will need to take action right now to make sure they don’t end up staring at a useless disk on the GTA 5 release. Rockstar confirmed earlier this year that the Xbox 360 GTA 5 game will require an 8GB install on the Xbox 360 hard drive.
Thankfully there is a simple and affordable fix, but users should take the time to order it today, rather than running around on game day. If you have a large enough hard drive, the cheapest thing to do is delete any old demos and DLC to make sure there is at least 8GB of storage space on the Xbox 360 hard drive. The PS3 version of GTA 5 will also require an 8GB install, but thanks to larger hard drives most users won’t have an issue. The Xbox 360 GTA 5 version comes on two disks, but one is just an install disk, so don’t plan on splitting a copy of the game with a friend.
You still need a second disc, you know since the xbox always settled for inferior hardware.
My only concern about that tiny Sandisk flash drive is when you plug it into the front of the Xbox, will it hold the little spring loaded door open, or will the door close behind it making it impossible to remove the drive?
Lets think about this logically: If the door is able to close with the drive in, what would keep the door from re-opening? Unlike some of the douchebag virgins who commented here, I actually have a life to live and did not know I could use a USB for disc storage. The usb doesn’t work at all,its stop the game at the beginning of the 1st tutorial mission and restart it before the loading screen.

These are the cheats and cheat codes for the Xbox 360 version of GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto V. This cheat will make you spawn in the middle of the sky, if you don’t have a parachute you will die! Cycle through: sunny, clear, cloudy, smoggy, overcast, rainy, thundery, clearing and snowing.
While the PC version has not yet been released, we’re pretty sure it is going to happen.
Here is a tested and working GTA 5 Online money hack that generates you free and unlimited money. In fact, one of the Product Reviews team picked up GTA V on PS4 with a cash bonus today thanks to a redeem code inside. You can see a screenshot of the 1.6MB download file given after inputting the GTA V cash bonus redeem code on PS4, although you have to do this through the PlayStation Store.
Do you think it was fair for people that didn’t pre-order GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One to also receive the pre-order bonus cash?
Some people seem to forget different regions have different time zones it’s the first day of release. Get yo bandz up cause I’m comin 2 take that sh$t old gamer tag was dznutz81drb new gamer tag the blackhand313 add me if ready 2 get it. You will need to buy a USB flash drive to plug into the Xbox 360 and install the GTA 5 game to.
Also please leave a comment below if you know about any cheats that is not on the list – thanks !

We will of course feature the best GTA 5 mods here on this site, so stay tuned for more info. The developers of this money generator that gives gives you free GTA Online money have been around for around 2 years and they are daily checking their site so that it would be up to date and working the way it should. We have heard about some people not getting their online money and claimed it was missing after waiting some time, but our $500K appeared in GTA Online for PS4 pretty quickly.
The reason why the console version was released first, is that Microsoft and Sony paid a huge amount of money for it to be console only to begin with (this way people had to but the console version first).
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This online hack is tested by 5 GE forum mods with their personal accounts and is approved by them and announced as working. It helps you get free money to your GTA 5 Online account by accessing Rockstar database and changing appropriate values in specific fields.
The amount of times you can use it is not unlimited unfortunately, but you still get more than enough free money to your GTA5 Online account for your personal use.

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