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Well it’s quite simple really; whenever someone clicks “Like” on your new Facebook page it instantly advertises it to their entire friends list via their wall. Having a Facebook Page with 1000’s of Likes on it is just as good as having an email list, you have a list of users that is watching your every comment you share and seeing every link you post to your pages wall. Inspired by the 100 Dollar Startup of Chris Guillebeau, I adopted it to help, inspire and encourage any working professional who desires to live a life they have always dreamed of. In the 50 Dollar Start Up Project, I will guide you on how to rewrite the rules and build a home based business with 50 dollars (or less) to fund the life of freedom, fun and adventure. We’ve worked with Gian on a couple of corporate projects now as an video editor and graphics designer. When writing marketing copy, this means that the new call to action is not Order Now, Buy Now, or Opt-In Now.

By getting people to comment and share, you get them to commit, which is a key principle of influence identified by Dr. In fact, it’s a lot more persuasive if someone else says that you’re true, rather than you making the claim yourself. If you want more recommendations, more persuasion, and more influence toward your products, your services, or whatever it is that you’re offering, or if it’s you as a brand, involve people. As you move out into the world with your sales and marketing, ask yourself, “How do I get other people to comment on this and share?” That’s the question that will take you to a whole new level. This includes blogs, home pages, MySpace, Faceboook, message board avatars, newsletters (both print and web), brochures, personal projects (tee shirts, calenders, mugs, etc). It’s a principle that all entrepreneurs should incorporate into their marketing, because we’re in the midst of what’s been called the Recommendation Age.

When they comment on something you have said — in a video, a blog post or a Facebook post — they’re more likely to share, because now they have watermarked that lesson or that teaching or that post. If you have lessons, a product or a service that customers, colleagues and affiliates are recommending you, then you’ve just geometrically increased your persuasion power. You also get them to share, which is the Cialdini principle of consensus or social proof.
When you go on social networks, you’re really rating each other just in your commentary.

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