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Today we are doing a giveaway in honor of it being Wednesday and 80 degrees here in Los Angeles.
The kids track is 7 minutes long and has been tried and tested on many kids ages 2-9 who love them.
Say something nice to your self and then write it down in your own handwriting.  Tell me what you said.
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As it so happened, my sister Debbie was teaching summer school at Divine Mercy Catholic Academy in Ozone Park, Queens. Randomly, I received some pretty stickers of angels in the mail the week before our event, so we brought those in case the kids wanted to mark their favorite affirmations with a sticker. On the day of our first Arts & Dreams workshop, on the A train into Queens, we decided we were going to read Dr. When the kids settled in, we told them the only rules of the workshop were to respect yourself and respect others, and that we were so thankful to share time with them to celebrate their graduation from summer school, a wonderful accomplishment.
Since our inaugural workshop, we have shared workshops at events, visited schools in Manhattan and a school in the Bronx for incarcerated teens.

This process began as an effort to inspire and empower, and I want to share something that Jack Canfield, coach and author, said once that inspired me – just begin. At our latest workshop in the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, we worked with some patients and some students from an area school. I created Arts & Dreams workshops with my friend Patricia Geremia to inspire and empower children. Being a gifted artist, she had found solace, expression, creativity and release through her painting and she understood the connection, importance and healing properties that it provided.
We started our day at the Film Forum to see “Food, Inc.” Then we sat in the park on Houston and 6th Avenue, journals in our laps, sun warming our faces, and began brainstorming. We had the paint, brushes, paper, tablecloths, etc… We created an affirmation page to leave behind with the kids. In fact, my mom (who also works at the school) and sister told us of a student who already said he hated art and wasn’t looking forward to it. Wayne Dyer’s book “Incredible You!” to illustrate the ideas of loving and believing in yourself. That was particularly meaningful to us as those kids have seen some of the toughest sides of life. If you have an idea, whether it’s for a business or service, and you want to build your base of clients and expand your reach, simply start doing it. As we grow Arts & Dreams, we are looking for donors so we can provide more free workshops for schools that don’t have budgets for these types of events. She is available to help with your creative needs and projects, and continues to sell her Photo Greeting Cards and Prints. What dynamic partnerships, Laura and Patricia, Arts & Dreams, and thank you Gene for the continued gifts. In order to change our behavior, we have to think new thoughts, and affirmations a structured way of practicing new thoughts. I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. We planned to explain what an affirmation is and show examples of Laura’s affirmation paintings.
Patricia is a certified Reiki practitioner and I had the fortune of experiencing her healing work firsthand.
I truly believe that telling yourself good things when you wake up, throughout the day, and before going to sleep is a very healthy thing to do.

In an Arts & Dreams workshop we make art that encourages us to feel enthusiastic about our worth and our place in the world. She had the brilliant idea of having children come up with an affirmation that resonates with them and then paint it, feel it, have fun with it, and take it home to inspire them. I brainstormed lists of possible names, wanting to highlight the creative aspect and the hope-building aspect.
When we arrived at the school, she took several moments to bless the room and ask for Divine guidance and love to infuse our experience. We asked for Divine guidance that our words and actions inspire the participants and create a magical experience for them and for us. All this would be in the hope of creating that spark in a child’s life by teaching them it is okay to love themselves, in fact it is necessary! While the paintings were drying, our idea was to go around in a circle and ask each kid to recite an affirmation from the pages we brought.
Their affirmation paintings were among some of the most creative and heartwarming we have seen.
One that ignites that spark, that lets them know that they can love themselves first and that everything will fall into place afterwards. We trust that spirit is working through us and we are there to serve these children and adults. In his goodbye letter, Jeff wrote that it wasn’t the depression that felt the worst, it was the hopelessness. I had no idea back then that I’d be sharing art workshops to build hope, I just knew that I wanted to prevent this from happening to others.
Sometimes as we get older we develop stigmas about it, and believe that we aren’t creative.
I have been going through lists of beauty, fashion, organic beauty and etc blogs just to see how girls are handling all the blogging. I usually hesitate from commenting (I should stop, because interaction is the best way to learn), but this time I feel I have to let you know that you are amazing!!!!

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