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We get to see the return of Hildibrand, the Alexander: Midas raid and its loot, the Stone, Sky, Sea mannequin challenge, the gnath beast tribe quests and the mount they will provide, and the Eikonic gear that will be gained with Allagan Tomestones of Lore, inspired by the Eikons (which is the other definition of primals) as the name suggests. So much new content and im still only on ARR trying to get zodiac weapons and gavent even completed main quest… So much grinding.

GC Seals : Hunting Log and FATES, if you are level 50, then join a fate party in Northern Thanalan and the FATES will fly by. Making Gil : Fates again, Selling Materia you get by converting your old spiritbonded weapons and also doing dungeons and selling the loot you get.

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