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Danny Choy Twitter Google Plus RSSDanny Choy joined Latin Times in June 2014 as a tech, entertainment, and lifestyle reporter. Rockstar GamesWe thought the money glitch days on "GTA Online" were behind us when Rockstar Games aggressively implemented patches to put an end to the mods and even banned players that were found exploiting the money cheats. Apparently, a really nice track to make fast cash has been discovered for both the PS4 and Xbox One. What's more, players can make $250,000 every two minutes!Except it's not a glitch at all, so "GTA 5" players can chase after the money without the risk of getting banned. According to "GTA 5" tipster and YouTuber DomisLive, the $250,000 money cheat does not involve the exploitation of any glitches at all.
However, the challenge isn't without its catch: you must already have $250,000 in order to make $250,000.
If you are not in a crew, then be sure to join or create one in the Rockstar social club.Start off by hitting the start button and go on GTA Online.

You will notice that a bar on the right side of the challenge shows cash bet options that you can put down. Simply throw down the maximum bet amount and be damn sure you successfully compete the mission.In DomisLive's case, he chose a mission titled "Lol" that must be completed by 3 minutes 48 seconds.
Apparently, the particular mission was a time trial that required DomisLive to drive his vehicle through a set route before the clock runs out. Apparently, 2 minutes and 25 seconds was all DomisLive needed to complete the challenge and to win his bet.

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