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Original Smencils – Sheets of newspaper are tightly rolled around the #2 graphite writing cores until pencils of typical thickness are formed. Many dedicated fundraisers believe an iron-clad, rational case for support  will be rewarded with funding. It’s partly about merit – “if I work hard enough to build this case…” And it’s partly about associating rationality and intelligence. We see it as a fantastic way to show Emilia how much we love her and completely embrace all the things that make her perfectly unique.

You are welcome to come and walk with us and participate in this fun, family event or you can just be one of her beloved fans :) Of course donations are appreciated too.
It is also the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts.Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to join our team or donate too! We are located in the wonderful state of Georgia the "Peach State!" We service Schools, school groups, Churches, Youth groups and sports teams nationwide! It allows friends and family members that live out of state or the area to participate in the fundraiser!
Next, they’re soaked with  gourmet liquid scents (made by an award winning fragrance company).

We are always looking for new and exciting products to help you keep your fundraising efforts profitable. Once they’re dry, we attach the erasers and apply the stickers around them that identify which scent was infused into each Smencil.
Hide!) and opportunity without first having to sift through logical arguments for and against taking action.

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