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Update - Sure, you might be getting the PlayStation 4 and you might be wondering if you will get a version of the new Grand Theft Auto game.
We just found out that you will need to have 8GB available on your Playstation 3 to install Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar said the game is coming Spring 2013, but now it's been pushed back to September 2013. A few interesting aspects of GTA V that are known so far: We can tell you that romance will not be a part of this new game. If you're wondering about rewards and how you can spend your money in GTA V, reports indicate that it's going to allow for more things to buy.
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To harpoon Whales, look for their icons on the World Map and then sail to that location to begin the harpooning event. Here is a quick list of what you need to know, including how to use that handy DualShock 4 touchpad. Yes, I'm suggesting the next generation Playstation will be the console which gets the latest GTA game. Other Grand Theft Auto games allowed for substantial character customization for things including the size of your character. We've learned a few more details about other friends that will be in the game that you will be interacting with during the game.
Not sure if this is like a reality show, but Jimmy is a pot smoking 20-year-old kid who is also slightly whiny and lazy. Dan Houser has confirmed that there won't be any buying of property like in previous Grand Theft Auto games.
They didn't rule it out and the more you see how massive this game is, you realize Rockstar has huge plans and keeping this game on the old generation systems is highly illogical.

Is it possible we were right all along in saying it's going to be GTA V PS4 and not GTA V PS3?
It's spring 2013 and Rockstar has said nothing about the next GTA game being a launch title for the Playstation 4, but it simply has to be. What's more realistic is that they can't disclose the next gen version or the PC version because they don't want to derail pre orders and record sales. I am suggesting that Rockstar is waiting for the next generation Xbox announcement which is coming in May 2013 before they unveil GTA V as being a launch title for the next generation consoles. According to a recent Rockstar interview, it was a matter of being overly complex especially considering that there are 3 different protagonists in the game. According to Houser they did listen to the community complaints about there not being enough things to buy at the end of GTA 4. Personally I'm old school and I'm not excited about the idea of gameplay being based on Move controls. Unlike its much bigger brethren, the White Whale, the humpback whales are not as difficult to hunt.
If people know about a next gen or PS4 version they might either cancel their current pre order or they will simply wait for that release. A game of the magnitude of Grand Theft Auto 5 is NOT going to be released for a gaming console that is being retired.
Sure, have those available but please don't change the Grand Theft Auto 5 game engine to accomodate it. So you are going to have to wait until September 17th in my opinion before you get details on the new PlayStation 4 version. Sounds great and gives even more incentive to rip people off and pull off bigger and better heists! Because a game like Battlefield 4 is able to bring your PS3 stats to the PS4 version, I would expect that your earnings, possessions and stats in Grand Theft Auto 5 will be capable of porting over to the next generation console seamlessly.

Pretty much anywhere in the world now you can pre order GTA V, but perhaps it's not worth it unless you're getting some sort of perk. If they don't allow you to bring all that you earned in the PS3 version, that would be sad for the PS4 release.
I'm sure when Rockstar realized their release date delays, a plan kicked into place that allowed them to start developing the game for the new PS4 and new Xbox consoles.
The PS4 hasn't been officially announced and I personally don't see Rockstar only have 8 months before a new console Playstation is unveiled. Because the city of Los Santos is vast, there is going to be an incredible driving aspect to Grand Theft Auto V according to Rockstar. The reality is, as of late 2012, it appears that the PS3 has a couple more years of life left in it.
There is a long list of vehicles and will allow you to zip from area to area in Los Santos. Obviously with the Grand Theft Auto series being one of the biggest on the planet, the game is being developed. So the question for us is, sure GTA 5 is on the PS3, but will the news around a PS4 disrupt our experience with this game? Unlike the other whales in the game, killer whales actually behave more like the sharks and are actually faster and harder to kill.

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