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The premise of Family Feud is that contestants must guess popular answers given by 100 people in response to survey questions. When watching Family Feud, it’s a safe bet that you can guess the number one answer with 33% accuracy before you even hear the question.
The Feud’s producers must not have thought much of wrestling fans, though, as they kicked off TNA week with a question that made the aforementioned items seem downright subtle in comparison. Astonishingly, the resident experts known as the Knockouts (Love, Velvet Sky, Lacey von Erich, Tara, and Christie Hemme) were unable to field an answer given by the survey respondents, thus awarding the points to the male wrestlers. Like clockwork, the next question revolved around testicles, asking contestants to name something a squirrel does with his nuts. After two episodes, both teams had managed to nearly win the Fast Money round with 200 points, only to just fail to get over. The guys had an unfair advantage here, as having a direct view of the Knockouts across the room was itself a visual cue.
The TNA stars were three shows in, and they still had yet to win the $20,000 on any of the episodes. At this point, I should mention the Family Feud title belt on display on the center podium.
After their fifth consecutive day on the Feud, the wrestlers and Knockouts had managed to win the Fast Money round exactly zero times.
The two teams of Total Nonstop Action were, however, granted $10,000 each in pity money, which would help them pay the costs of airfare, life-saving surgeries, and whatever else their TNA contracts didn’t cover.
That still wouldn’t cover the embarrassment of consistently losing even after five days of practice, though.
A wrestling fan ever since the days of Wrestlemania IX, Art graduated from college in the same building where Art Donovan called King of the Ring 1994.
Ooh boy, I wanted to watch this when it was originally on, but TNA failed to inform me about it.

Booker T and company on the first Weakest Link was one of my favorite post Attitude Era memories ever. Lawler was accused of raping a 15 or 16 year old girl a week or two before the PPV, and was removed from television until WM X. TNA needs to immediately put out a dvd of these “Family Feud” episodes right now, dammit!!
On another note when did WWE wrestlers appear on “Family Feud”, and was more than one appearance? The WWF with Bobby Heenan, Sherri Martel, The Mountie, Jimmy Hart and Brian Knobbs appeared on the Ray Combs feud the week after Wrestlemania VIII. Come on stop picking on lacey she not that dumb unlike some divas i seen cough cameron cough. Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. In the past, they have hosted shows featuring performers from the WWF, WCW, GLOW, and even the WBF. Was TNA bribing its fans with airfare to LA and a week-long hotel stay just to show up for Impact tapings? Surprisingly, Bischoff and Hogan didn’t immediately replace the players with the Nasty Boys and Jimmy Hart. To make up the difference in revenue, TNA had to schedule another year’s worth of pay-per-views. I’m not sure if that was another of those extraneous championships TNA was making around the time, akin to the International Title and the Knockouts Tag Team Title. He currently runs the "How Much Does This Guy Weigh?" blog, where he reviews New Generation-Era Monday Night Raws and Hasbro WWF figures. Team WWF consisted of Bobby Heenan, Brian Knobbs, Sensational Sherri, The Mountie and Jimmy Hart.

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Play as the leader of a family and give the answers of survey questions posed to 100 people. Astonishingly, Matt Morgan beat Angelina Love to the buzzer and got the male team (Morgan, Mick Foley, Mr. The guys managed to steal from the Knockouts (much like TNA management with their miniscule payouts for female wrestlers) and take the points.
It was good to see that nine years after Dusty Rhodes and his trusty burro Silver Dollar, donkey-related puns were as amusing as ever. If TNA needed to show a nationwide audience that they were out of touch with what Americans think, they could have just stuck with having Orlando Jordan squirt himself with lotion on Impact. The customizable player avatar with unique hairstyles, clothing and accessories is really nice.
In 2010, Family Feud decided to devote an entire week to TNA Wrestling, which is several orders of magnitude longer than any wrestling fan did during the ill-fated Monday Night War that year. Anyway, most of the show’s humor is derived from people giving the obvious risque answers to questions, then having Steve Harvey pretend to be shocked and chagrined and wonder if the show will get pulled of the air. In the multiplayer mode, you can challenge your family and friends head-to-head or complete against the computer. You can select full customizable player avatar with hairstyles, clothing, accessories and more. It also includes predictive text input, auto spell checker, authentic stages, theme music and bonus items as you progress.

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