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That matched the tone for Facebook’s second quarter, which was just fine — not blockbuster by Facebook standards, and not bad either. Part of that is because investors’ biggest complaints about Facebook – that it was late to mobile and that it’s no longer cool with teenagers – now have simple answers.
On the earnings call, analysts asked how broadly Instagram will open to advertisers and whether those ads target different consumers. Facebook’s answer to analysts eager to see revenue from its big acquisitions has not changed from quarter to quarter. For now, the best official word we’ll get from Zuckerberg is a sloppy wet kiss to Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom.
The internet world does not stop improving and innovating features on how its use can be maximized.
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The company earned $4.2 billion in revenue last quarter, a 39% increase over the year prior. Yet Facebook’s stock has been pretty much invincible, thanks to healthy profit margins and steady growth in users, engagement, and revenue. The company makes an astounding 76% of its revenue from mobile today, and Instagram, with 300 million users, is in no danger of losing its cool. Facebook has been running ads on Instagram since last year, but has yet to deliver any figures such as how much ad revenue Instagram earns. They asked whether Instagram users are more willing or less willing than Facebook users to interact with ads. Emarketer predicts Instagram will bring in $595 million in ad revenue this year, which is no drop in the bucket relative to Facebook’s $12.4 billion last year. The jobs offered can be done at a place of your choice including working inside your bedroom. Fortune cookies are easy to make and you can create interesting fortunes that are sure to wow your dinner guests.
Since Instagram was Facebook’s first big acquisition of a standalone product, it sets the tone for the way its subsequent deals for Oculus VR and WhatsApp might eventually monetize.

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