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Just so you can put all your efforts into studies, we have compiled 10 more ways for you to make money online.
Making homemade recipes along with instructions on how to make them.Cleanliness is VERY important, especially when preparing food for others. If someone gets sick from the food you prepare, word spreads fast, and you’d find yourself with zero customers, lots of trouble, or worse!
Affiliate MarketingIf you have a good fan following on your website or blog, you can make money online using affiliate marketing where you need to just promote some services, products, and companies.
Sign up to Affiliate Window which is a famous affiliate network, go through all the offers listed there to choose which matches the blog you write, grab the embedding link and share it instantly.
Recycle Your Mobile Phone To Make Money OnlineMobile Cash Mate is a website that lets people earn money through recycling old mobile phones. If you too have a few mobile phones lying around in your house for no use, you can showcase it on the site to get a fair price out of something which would be a part of trash soon enough.13. Click WorkerThe concept of Click Worker is based on the internet crowd sourcing where business people display different tasks they want to get completed quickly. The tasks may vary, but the most common ones include data entry, form filling, and web research.

Make Money Online By Claiming Back TaxMany students work in their holidays or part-time to earn some extra money. Many countries do not cut tax money from the salaries of young individuals who are students. If you think you have overpaid the tax that you shouldn’t have, you can always claim it back and make money online.15. Cash Back While ShoppingQuidco is one of the websites that pay you the commission they would earn otherwise. There is a list of exclusives and retailers that can make money online for you by just signing in and shopping.16.
Part Time Student Jobs To Make Money OnlineA part-time job is sometimes difficult to tag along, especially for students. Therefore, there are sites such as Student Gems that help students find jobs and make money online.
You can also check the local classified page, student job portals in your campus or freelancing websites. This will not only make money online for you but will also provide you means to fill the experience section in your CV.17.

Try FiverrFiverr has become the world’s largest marketplace to sell your gigs and make money online easily.
The jobs include freelance writing, short video clips, web development, social media posting and what not. Music ReviewingIf music is your passions and lifeline, do not hesitate to make money out of it. Slice The Pie has been booming since its birth where the reviews of latest music releases and others can be found easily. You can start from low, but once people start loving your reviews, you can add up the pile of bucks.19. Take Part In CompetitionsThe world of internet is saturated with the competitions related to almost all walks of life. If you are a freelance writer, you can search about the free competitions on the internet to make money online.

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