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If you're a Filipino looking for ways to earn legit money online well you've come to the right place.
One must find topics that can spark the interest of the readers it can either be tutorials , Trivia's , Personal opinions, current news and many others more. If you’re someone without a regular 9-5 job, you may be looking to make some money from home. But how does one go about finding legitimate work that isn’t a scam (and isn’t a door-to-door vacuum sales position)? If you’re looking for an at-home job because money’s a little tight, why not try one of these easy and totally do-able ideas for saving more than $700 each month, too?
For those with a flair for languages, consider independent contract work for interpretation services. You may want to assemble a resume for this one, as your services could even glean attention from those in the medical field, as well. If your Spanish is a little rusty or you’d like to begin learning German, try using one of these low-cost learning resources to get a jump-start on your language course.
Websites love to have user feedback, and sites like UserTesting will pay you $10 to visit a website or app, complete a series of tasks, and submit a little feedback.
Purging is the name of the game in 2016, so while you’re simplifying, why not make a few bucks in the process?
If your goal in 2016 is to declutter your home, check out our guide to organizing your home — starting with those messy Christmas decorations! Clean, uncluttered homes that are within walking distance to entertainment, food, and public transportation are in high demand.
For those who love the joyful sounds of children, consider opening your home to kids while parents are at work.

Protect yourself and the kids you care for by childproofing your home and being ready for parents requesting background checks. Does your child need a little help in a certain subject, or maybe you’re apprehensive about going back to school as an adult? If you really brainstorm how to help others and make a little cash, you may come up with something brilliant. If so, you might be cautious about all of the work from home opportunities out there for fear they may be scams. Build up your profile just like filling up your resume then find and apply for a job that suits you if the client finds you fit for the job then you can instantly start working just from the comforts of your home. You can easily start selling different kinds of items just by posting them through social media outlets like facebook, twitter, instagram , google plus and many others. The sky is the limit through this method of making money online who knows you might create the next amazon. I’ve done the digging for you to find 10 legit ways to make money at home, so all you have to do is pick your favorite, get to work, and let the dough come rolling in! Bilingual call centers, blogs, news stations, and more have great use for translating their message into languages other than English.
Hosting online sales and parties for a variety of products is fun for many folks, and if it’s something you’d purchase anyway, you could get a steep discount. Fiverr is a resource for people to get professional logo and graphic design work starting at $5 per job. Selling items on local Facebook garage sale sites is pretty easy, but if you have high-end clothing and shoes that you’re ready to retire, consider an app like Poshmark, where users list their name brand items and get cash in exchange. Not a great option for everyone, but it’s a way to make some extra cash for those who are interested in doing it well.

Finding good childcare can be tough for employed parents, so be sure to offer well-rounded care and healthy snacks and everyone will be happy! Be sure to check state laws regarding in-home child care to find out whether or not you need a license and what health and safety standards you need to meet. Offering laundry drop-off service, dinner service (hey, if you’re cooking already, why not?) snow shoveling or lawn mowing, letter writing, etc., there are lots of ways to earn money while you’re home! And while plenty of those do exist, you will find that there are a lot of legitimate ways to make money at home as well. You can find work on Odesk and Elance for medical transciptionist virtual assistant encoders programmers clerical work graphic artists to name a few. The difference with this method from method number 2 is you could sell pre-owned items that you probably don't or won't use anymore.
Check out the Direct Selling Association for information about any potential company you’re considering investing in. Cars, mowers, bikes, appliances, whatever your skillset is, hone it in and word of mouth will do the rest. Clients can be all over the world like countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia just to name a few.
Create as many or as few of each item as you please, just be sure to take some great photos (or hire someone to do that part).

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