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That’s why I strongly recommend investing in a laptop carrying case or a backpack with a padded laptop sleeve. Yes, I say laptop carrying cases and backpacks are ‘investments’ for a reason: they’re an investment in the longevity of your laptop.
Most people clean their laptop’s software on a regular basis by clearing out old files and disabling unnecessary programs. To prevent this from happening, buy a canister of compressed air and clean out the air ducts on your laptop.
You should also wipe down your laptop keyboard with antiseptic, laptop-friendly wipes (to make your own wipes, spray a bit of solution onto a soft cloth, turn your laptop off, then wipe down the keyboard). There are literally thousands of different ways to speed up your operating system and optimize system performance.
These updates are an easy and effective way to improve system performance – especially if you’re running the latest PC games. Some states have sales tax holidays, which is a temporary reduction or elimination of tax, right around back to school time.
Leading up to back to school, check all the Sunday inserts in your newspaper for specials on clothing, sporting goods, school supplies and other back-to-school products. Reviewing all the weekly deals allows you to comparison shop to find the best deals in your area. Once you’ve figured out what to get where, jot it down on a piece of paper and attach the necessary coupons so you have everything you need in one place. Before hitting the department stores to find back-to-school clothes for the kiddos, try to organize a clothing swap with friends or your neighbors.

At the end of the swap, you can donate whatever is left to a local consignment or thrift store. Just like after any major holiday, many common kids school supplies (notebooks, binders, pens, highlighters, etc.) are extremely cheap after the back to school rush.
Unfortunately, the way some people treat their laptops is a surefire way to drive it to an early death.
If you throw your laptop into any old backpack or briefcase and let it rattle around, then you’re probably going to damage it over time – especially if you spend a lot of time on-the-road.
These carrying options significantly reduce the likelihood that your laptop will be broken or stolen while moving around.
A good $100 backpack purchased today can prevent you from spending $1000 on a brand new laptop a year from now. Now think of how many times you’ve eaten at your laptop or used your laptop with dirty fingers. In many cases, video card driver updates are designed specifically to solve performance problems when running new PC games. For that reason, there’s going to be a point where you need to make a choice: upgrade your laptop or buy a new one. Laptop upgrades involve ordering special types of RAM and slotting it into your laptop’s case. If you do need to buy a new laptop after four or five years of ownership, be proud of yourself: most people don’t make laptops last anywhere near that long. If you don’t subscribe to the paper, ask a neighbor or local coffee shop if you can have theirs after they’re done with it.

AND, if you want to get the kids involved (and give them a great lesson in saving money) encourage them to start couponing! They can be a great place to find trendy, brand-name clothing in decent condition for less than retail. Set some specific ground rules for the swap (items should be cleaned and in good condition, free of holes, stains, etc.) and designate a specific number of pieces everyone should bring. Even if you’re particularly careful about using your laptop with clean fingers, there’s sure to be dust and hair buildup over time, and all of that buildup can lead to major performance problems, slowdowns, and overheating. Yes, even if you’ve followed all of the above tips, you’re still going to run into a performance wall after about 4 to 5 years of laptop ownership. In most states, August 2 to August 4 marks tax-free weekend. Check out all 2014 State Sales Tax Holidays to see if there’s one near you. If all goes well, you’ll walk out with some “new” clothes for the year that only cost you a few outgrown pieces!
On MacBooks, it’s impossible to upgrade RAM without sending several hundred dollars (and your laptop) to Apple for an upgrade. Don’t forget, each state has their own tax policies so be sure to visit your state’s Department of Revenue website to see which items qualify.

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