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When you first start off in Madden NFL 16, you will need to know a few consistent running plays.
With the millions of dollars that NFL players make every season, apparently disappearing as soon as they retire, players have taken it upon themselves to earn a little money on the side.

With giant brands like Adidas and Subway attracting the 2011 Heisman, he’s been eating better and training harder while recovering from ACL surgery. The creator of many controversial radio commercials for his Hyundai and Mitsubishi dealerships, former New York Giants offensive lineman Brad Benson retired in 1987. THE best endorser in NFL history, Manning owns 21 Papa John’s and has stamped his name on Buicks, Gatorade and Direct TV.
Two time Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway hasn’t entirely moved on from his football days. After eating Jimmy John’s his freshman year at Purdue, Super Bowl champion Drew Brees brought the midwest chain to the Big Easy.
Despite being the name of EA’s football franchise for the past 25 years, Madden has also been part of memorable commercials selling Budweiser, Miller Lite, Ace Hardware and Tinactin. After leading the Cowboys to their first two Super Bowls (VI and XII), Staubach expanded his real estate company. The first player to make more than $3 million a season, Joe Montana partnered with a Northern California vineyard.
The only player to win the regular season MVP three times in a row, it was a crazy few years of endorsements including Wrangler Jeans, Nike, and Sears.

Between State Farm and Pizza Hut, Aaron Rodgers has some pretty entertaining commercials out there for a few big brands. After a Super Bowl victory and a year off for surgery, he’s back for more Oreos and crime fighting. Well as long as Cam Newton is bringing in side money to the Carolina Panthers he might as well take his NCAA championship all the way to L’Oreal.
Drafted by the Eagles, he was injured during his rookie training camp and never got any time professionally on the field. 83 Degreez Renovations and Designs, but also an event planning and design company Posh Designs with his wife. Luckily other more NFL worthy endorsements like Under Armor, SmartWater, Visa and Movado have helped the three time Super Bowl champion live up to his earning potential. It’s $27 to play, way easier than wearing UGGs, and you have to join by Sunday by game time.

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