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Easy Ways To Make Money OnlineFreelance writing: Freelance writing is something that many people who know how to write a proper sentence have turned to. He threw away or donated all of his mismatched, holey, stretched-out socks and bought a new set of socks that were all the same brand and style so the sock-matching process is quick and easy. Ever since I wrote the post about how we paid off our mortgage, I’ve gotten lots of questions about the nitty-gritty of budgeting. My geeky little husband made an elaborate spreadsheet that showed our mortgage amount month-to-month, and you could play with it by seeing how quickly you paid it off if you added an extra $100 to the payment each month, or an extra $200 once… it was totally motivating!
Maybe you need to stick a paper thermometer to your fridge like the old telethons used to see how far you’ve gone, or some other visual way to track your progress. Did you still get each other birthday and Christmas gifts or was it more like…happy birthday, here’s your new couch, rug, amazing entry table, etc?
Yes, a little bit, but both of us are more into the idea of doing things together than getting gifts.
If you ended up with an extra $15 (or any dollar amount) at the end of the month did you automatically agree to throw it at the mortgage or did you pick and choose when? Every dollar was attached to a category, so if there was extra money, we knew we’d underspent on groceries or entertainment, so we rewarded ourselves by just spending it!
I’m a big fan of the debt snowball method, where you pay off all your debts from smallest to largest. This post was sponsored by Dave Ramsey’s ELP program, but all opinions are my own, as always!
Thank you ever so much for sharing these wonderful tips and pointing the lost (me) in the right direction. I always love reading about how other people manage budgets (particularly when they do them well) but then you go and throw in a giveaway to win money and I’m a goner! We are not doing the Dave Ramsey class but have followed him a little while paying off our debt.
First off, thank you so much for inspiring others by just being real: about yourself, your faith, your values, and your awesome sense of decor & creating beautiful things! We used the miscellaneous category for gifts, and we actually never spent anything on toiletries because we were doing some extreme couponing at the drug stores and you can get all that stuff for free. Oh, also, since I currently work as a sub for the school district, I don’t get paid a regular amount. I was so excited when I opened up your blog this morning and I saw that you were talking about Dave Ramsey!!
Most of the times you can find jobs at content mills that do not require you to be and English major or anything. We basically paid ourselves first, and used what was left after that for the other categories.
It took us about 3 months of trial and error to settle on the right amounts for each category. But if you keep getting back up, you’ll be spending $20 to replace all your socks before you know it.
When it came to Christmas, we each had a small budget to spend on the other one, and it was a challenge to see who could stretch their budget the furthest.

I had a smart phone through my job, but Andy didn’t get one until very recently when he started needing it for his job. We had some student loans that we paid off before we bought our house, so we knocked those out first. Dave Ramsey has trusted professionals to help you start planning for retirement, maximizing your savings for the kids’ college fund, and buying a home you love and can afford. I too, purchased a blue leather purse (great minds think alike) two years ago and still love, love, love it! It’s so fun to be able to go out to eat much more often now, and not have things be SO DANG TIGHT all the time. We try not to eat all the processed stuff and we buy all the dirty dozen fruits & veggies organic.
I always love the behind-the-scenes type posts about your real (non-blog) life:) My husband also just splurged on new socks and undershirts (but only when he saw 40% off)! We are currently on baby step 5, however…we have no kids yet to save up for college for, so we are thinking of doing a switcharoo and working on the house until we have a future college kid to start saving for! Your splurge is so precious (hehe!) You always inspire me to do a little extra thinking about our budget and how we can be a little better with our $$! We will pay $300 on one last medical bill this month and $138.17 next month and then we will be debt free except our student loans! Does the grocery shopper get the grocery money, the mortgage payer get the mortgage money, etc. Content mills are not somewhere where you will want to work at forever but they are a place to build your internet resume. Since we’d already defined our goals, we knew what was not important to us and we allocated less money to those categories.
If I had $100 to spend on him, I would go to ebay and spend it all on a gift card for somewhere like sears or home depot and get a gift card to those stores for ~$115, then combine that with a coupon and a really good sale to buy him a tool or electronics item that originally cost around $175. One year we watched cruise prices for six months in advance and got a four-night cruise for about $300 total. We’d split an entree at a restaurant (and still always feel full!) and drink water when we were out.
We used a digital antenna and online streaming for tv shows and movies, and never had a gym membership. It makes the whole process seem more attainable because you just go one step at a time, and eventually you’ll eat the whole elephant. We have had our house paid off for 8 years now but yet we changed our lifestyle so much to get out of debt that it still shocks me that I can pay cash for a splurge.
We were couponing really hard during that time, like extreme couponing, and it was very, very tight. I think my boyfriend would do the same thing haha If I won the $30,000, I’d pay off my car and credit cards and put the remainder of the money towards our mortgage! This may not work for some but it gives me peace of mind that I’m not carrying so much cash around and I can still use an envelope system. There was no extra room in that budget at all, and we did it with a lot of extreme couponing.

We split all our extra money between paying off the mortgage and fixing up the house, but I know that might not work for some people. We are taking a nice vacation (already saved and paid for except for gas), getting our dog fixed, saving to replace my husband’s truck with one that has a backseat (in the final stages now to foster-to-adopt), re budgeting a few things, and then we will get back to those pesky student loans! Usually I was the grocery shopper, so I took the majority of the grocery money and left Andy a little bit just in case he had to eat out without me or something, but that’s the general idea.
But we kept with it and corrected as we went, and eventually we got the categories and the amounts right. Other times we’d save up my hotel points from work and drive to Savannah, Georgia, or go visit friends in another state.
I lived on nothing, had several side jobs tutoring and doing freelance web work — I was able to pay my debts off in about 3 years (ended up paying something like $15k total back omg), and the snowball was definitely the answer — we always need small wins, fast Thank you for spreading the word!! It’s crazy to think that we’ll have everything paid off (except the house) before 30!
We went several years in a row without spending a single cent on toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, etc, because of couponing. But, the truth of the matter is surveys are something that can be legit if you go through the right companies.
We found ways to go out to eat for about $15, and went to the dollar movie theater or came up with creative date nights to make the $70 budget last all month. It would never work for a regular monthly budget, but doing the percentages is awesome for extra income like this! You will find that many survey companies will award you with points that can be cashed out for gifts, gift cards or even money which is usually awarded by PayPal or check. Usually, you will just have to watch ads, play games, or check out offers you are interested in and you will be paid. However, just like surveys this is not something that is going to make you rich but it is a great way for you to have some extra money. This means that every time you make a purchase that you need and at a store that you normally shop at you will receive cash back.
Not to mention the fact that there are so many businesses – you’d be surprised – that do not have websites.Overall, making money online is something that can be done and can even pay more than a nine to five job most of the time. Once you get your name out on the web you will find that you will never long for work and you will also be getting paid to do something that is not only easy but something that you actually enjoy. Some people have now turned to the task of finding work online yet this can sometimes be a tough task if you do not know where to look. Below, you can find some not only easy ways to make money online but also ways to make money online legally as well.

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