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By the end of 2015, Kickstarter had launched 274,900 projects, of which 98,500 had successfully reached their fundraising goal.
Weiyangx: At the 2nd Annual World Internet Conference (WIC), you showed up as the representative of crowdfunding and gave a speech about how this innovative fund-raising method has changed normal people’s lives.
I think in terms of our connection to the idea, we really didn’t have an interest point around it, like we don’t come straight to the idea of crowdfunding.
And I think the bond about us is always about empowering people like us, whether you want to produce a film, a piece of poetry or a video game. Charles Adler: There is a lot around the subject of sniffing out of the credibility of the campaign.
First, for any of those well-known celebrities that have run campaigns, in any of these scenarios, the projects they are funding for is much like any projects of yours or mine. Weiyangx: Kickstarter has recently debuted the “Spotlight” showcase, a customizable presentation page for marketing, educational or commercial purpose. Weiyangx: We have noticed that Kickstarter didn’t get as much seed or VC funding as other fintech unicorns. Charles Adler: I think the funny thing about this question is that we don’t need to take more money because we are a sustainable business.
And in reflection, I think there is more power to the ability of the company to grow in that way than having to rely on venture capital. Charles Adler: I think the intention behind this public benefit corporation shift, the easiest way we would think, is that if this mechanism had existed back in 2009 when we started, we would have done it. So an example of that is annually we give 5% of our profits to non-profits, either around equality or arts.
The article above was previously published on the WeiyangX site and is republished on Crowdfund Insider as part of an exclusive content-sharing agreement.
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How would you like to be able to read cards better than any “professional” you meet, including most tarot authors? The biggest obstacle we have in helping you learn the tarot once and for all is proving that we can do it better than anyone else in the world. If you decide to stay past four weeks, the course is ten dollars a week ($43.74 once a month) for the next nine months. All tarot basics, traditional and various alternate card meanings, different ways to look at each card, every exercise in both books, the new games, WHY we learn this and HOW to use this information to make you a tarot superstar.
Weekly audio lessons: Every week Dusty Will spends an hour with a small group of students going over what we all learned that week.
Study groups and study buddies: After you have been here—and actively studying—for at two months you will be eligible for inclusion into our (free) study group program. Quizzes and tests! We have quiz and testing software we are developing for you that will be instituted soon. The easiest way to accomplish this is to purchase inexpensive timers that will control different electronics and lights in your home. There are however some intruders who, for one reason or another will ignore caution in order to make a quick score.
Always make sure your windows are locked, including second story windows — repair or replace any locking hardware that is loose or broken. If you keep a spare key outside, make sure it is not kept in an obvious location — under your welcome mat, a fake rock or flower pot are simply too easy to guess. If your budget allows and you’re going to hire a company to provide home security, read everything in the contract before you sign it. It’s always wise to consult with experts when it comes to crime prevention and one organization that provides free, expert advise that should not be overlooked is your local police. The project initiator submits an application and project description to Kickstarter and launches the campaign if permitted. Adler shared with Weiyangx,  the original intention, the operation mechanism and future plan of his innovative platform. So when you were at Kickstarter, is there any specific mechanism that you employ to help people evaluate the credibility of the projects? And the next thought in the back of the mind is, “Can this person pull it off?” Or is this the person that I want to support?
To the best of their credibility, the creator estimates when they intend to deliver their product to people.

Some big corporations or celebrities have also started to use Kickstarter for crowdfunding. It fits outside the spectrum of normal mass produced projects, whether it’s a film or product or a book. They are finding backers that they wouldn’t have otherwise.  The project matters because it has to be unique and has to fit within the scope of Kickstarter.
We are growing very well, and we are a very healthy system based on the business model that hasn’t changed since our launch (we take 5% of every very successful campaign).
Most of the thinking and documentation into the shift of a public benefit corporations was really about incorporating that into the structure of the company, the mission behind the company and surmounting that into the company’s future.
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Potential intruders could get a good idea of when you will be away by monitoring what you share on social networks. There may be hidden expenses involved if you terminate service before the contract term is up, and there may be added equipment fees.
Many metropolitan police departments have a variety of home security programs available, like home inspections and property identification methods that will help you take effective action to adequately protect your home. 10,101,800 people have been contributors on the Kickstarter platform, of which 3,135,900 were repeat backers. The initial idea for the platform came from the guy Perry Chen, whose personal experience in 2001 got him thinking about the idea of pre-funding for event.
So we went from the initial idea of Perry, and easily extrapolated it out and to generalized the problems with our friends. I think the motivation is much the same: this is a site project or personal project that may not have a mass market appeal. But ultimately it is about community building, it is about celebrating the idea and the translation of the idea or the projects. I think what it actually enables is the reflection of people who are actually running the campaign. WeiyangX is part of the Fintech Lab, founded in 2012, and part of Tsinghua University’s PBC School of Finance. Over a relaxed pace of ten months we take you from absolute beginner to knowing real secrets of REAL professional tarot readers that 90% of the readers in the world will never know.
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They are in and out in a matter of minutes but in that time they usually do a lot of damage. Though skylights bring light into your home and look nice, they are also a very common way for burglars to get into your home.
You can put a piece of dowel (an old broom handle works great) cut to fit over the door track. It’s best to know about these fees in advance so that you can avoid them when possible. I think it was as simple as that, which was how we create a platform that empowers people to support each other in realizing their dreams. On the aspect of casting the shadow on being the opposite, we’ve actually seen a blog post about it.
Any entrepreneur needs to do this, and they should be: I need to achieve that next step, I need to be profitable, I need to expand, I’m willing to give this much equity in the company to do that move. Ten bucks a week (after a $1 for the first month trial period) gets you the best teaching in the world. The four weeks are twenty five cents each. You can enroll, kick the tires, take ALL of the video, audio, and written lessons we have and see for yourself how we teach, and how we can help you. If you can’t make it live to these trainings, everything will be recorded and you can watch them over and over—at your convenience. These are bonuses to the course, and available on the basis of student participation level. We hope you will join us and change your life: don’t just read cards, read the future—then then write it! After clicking the button above there should be a few PayPal screens and then you will be automatically logged in (if all goes well).
Like all your other windows, be certain that the skylights in your home can be locked securely. It was a couple of years ago, a project created by celebrities or otherwise, having attracted so many people that it actually was driving traffic and pledges to some other projects. Ultimately, with the organic speed of growth for the platform, we have been fortunate to not have to push harder than we wanted to. Fintech Lab is the first and top research entity dedicated to leading best practices, promoting interdisciplinary innovation, and encouraging entrepreneurship in the field of internet finance through scientific research and innovative project incubation.
To that end I have recorded this course live, at a relaxed pace of one lesson a week with LOTS of study time and practice. Also an anti-lift kit is available at most hardware stores for a couple of dollars and is an easy do-it-yourself installation. Furthermore, it was for the community to get a sense of expectation of when they will get the thing. One of the behaviors we have seen is if you go on to back the second project on the platform, the majority of people do so in 20 minutes to go back to back the first.
That was something difficult for people of pre-spotlight phrase to direct people to what they have previously raised funding for. And that’s a lot of the motivation that went into it, in terms of establishing and protecting a public sense of our mission.
You are welcome in our family, and you are welcome to make your voice heard or study quietly, whenever you like.
The two small metal plates are screwed into the space above the sliding door and prevent the door from being lifted and removed from outside.
But there is really a fun spirit in this company that we got to see so many amazing ideas passing through, some that you just cannot help but back people who were putting their soul out into the world. Just thinking of the mass people that back the large-scale million dollar campaigns, it just means by percentage, people are finding some other campaigns. So I think Spotlight is just a very simple mechanism of post-funding for anybody running a campaign to direct people to where they want to go, whether that be their website, their facebook, twitter account or whatever that would be. I think that fits well in the ecology of Kickstarter without getting overly involved with every project.
We recognized that our focus is truly about community, almost feeling like a public service or institution. And we didn’t want to, and don’t want to, contort potential economics for the detriment of community.

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