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The beginning of summer is a great time to treat yourself to a mini makeover and the easiest way to give yourself a whole new look is by changing your hairstyle. When looking for inspiration to take your hair from last year’s 'do to fabulously chic, where better to go than to the Hollywood stars who have the world’s best stylists at their fingertips?
In 2015, they haven’t disappointed - some going shorter, others lighter, some keeping it bright, while some have dabbled in pastel shades. Why not gather some inspiration for your next hairdresser’s appointment by taking a look at 10 of Hollywood’s most dramatic hair makeovers of 2015. Above: Blink and you may have missed Kim Kardashian’s blonde moment, just in time for Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015. My show premieres on September 6th and then refreshes with each new episode following Top Model every week.
I am Kelly Cutrone, NY Times bestselling author, ANTM judge cycles 18,19,20 and 21 (4 long years kids), host of The Kelly Cutrone Project on CW Seed.
Do you have any off-screen interactions with the ANTM models that affect how you judge them and who you want to let go from the show? Probably not, and there's an old joke in the TV industry - the bitch on TV is the nice one in real life, and the nice one on TV is a bitch in real life. I think ANTM has been good about promoting unique beauty but many of the girls are still very thin.
I'm really proud of so many accomplishments throughout my career - but I think my favorite project is personally working with homeless people in my neighborhood. Well, I think when things go really really bad - life is going to have its way with you no matter who you are - and when things get really really bad, that's the time to stand up and keep going, and to push, not to fall down or run away. The first week that we were shooting, I knew it was not something that I didn't want to do. Thank you, and I hope you like the Kelly Cutrone project as well as some of the other things I am working on. Are you harder on some of the cast of ANTM because you like them and want them to succeed, or do they just rub you the wrong way? However, if my daughter is getting ready for school - I will let her know "Hmm, I don't think that look is really appropriate for school" and she will say "Mom, that's what you do on CW TV!
But I did learn more from People's Revolution than my own parents, or any school I ever went to.
ANYWHO, my question is: how do you get over the creative hurdle of feeling like what you're creating has already been done?
The truth is, there are concepts that are constantly being repeated in this world, since the beginning of time, but it doesn't seem like any of us have mastered them. Uh, probably because I spent the first 6 or 7 years of working in PR having to cry and going outside. How do you feel about models and the "size 0" attitude that seems to sweep the entire world?
The truth of the matter is, if there's stuff about yourself that you don't like, change it. My daughter turned me onto Dance Moms about 2 weeks ago, I'd never seen it until 2 weeks ago. I have a weekend house, I have a farm, that i bought thanks to my little time on The Hills. Wait, no, I said "Excuse me, stop giving her such a hard time." And then I ended up knowing all the people who they knew in Brazil, so I played with fire for a few minutes. If you and the other judges from your seasons were locked into a death-match, gladiator style, who would come out on top? You seem to always wear black and wear little to no makeup, how does this go over in the industry? Well, the best meal I've ever eaten would be meatballs at my grandmother's house, like pasta and meatballs. Social media has been playing a pretty essential role in brand marketing and audience engagement across every industry-- in what ways do you think social media and digital marketing have changed the way the fashion industry and PR work?
Well digital media and social media are eliminating the middle man - in the old days, you had to go through the editors. Hi Kelly, your books are helping me get through high school sane so I really appreciate that. And go to a really good communications school, like Syracuse, a great school for communications.
What do you think of this result?Jason Barney: I’d like to take a wide view of this opening and identify something that happened earlier in the summer. She maintained the look for just under a month, before returning to her signature dark locks. It's where we entertain, relax in the evenings, watch TV, and do countless other activities each day.
Shop Your Home: Instead of going to the store, stroll through your house and “borrow” items from other rooms. Re-arrange Furniture: Get acquainted with a different part of your space by moving around your furniture. DIY something: Aside from the good feeling you get from making something with your hands, DIY projects are inexpensive ways to decorate. Find Beauty in the Everyday: Take a look around for regular items that have special visual appeal. I mean, we see them, you know, on challenges only, and we don't even really get any updates on what's happening in the house, you know. I just wrote 2, and the second chapter of my second book is called "If you're not getting fucked by midnight, go home." I think that's worth the price of the book right there.

I have a whole thing that i do with helping them out and talking to them and giving them hugs.
I don't wake up thinking "Oh hey, I think I'm going to pick on some 20 year olds today" as a 48 year old woman and a mother.
Does this cause for an otherwise great model to be voted out on a single bad week regardless of their potential?
Many times I don't find a size zero girl amazing, I find her really shockingly thin or small, and I think that beauty comes in all different forms.
And then I would come over to the store and tell her we needed to become vegan, we became vegan for a while. And I like to work with young people with whom I can help impact their lifestyle - like, my assistant, now - this girl is so smart and so sweet and so open, and I think she's 24 ,25- and she's working at a charity retail store in NYC, and I'm like "fuck that shit, i want her to work with me, she deserves to have this really great life." A lot of my assistants have gone on to do really major things, and I can honestly tell you that I love her and it's been my pleasure to work with her. Obviously you are well known now but did you feel the pressure to get all done up in your earlier days? I just can't see more girl in a fake Herve Leger dress in a plastic leather jacket with some ankle boots with some sort of ringlet perm. Ellle Magazine and Fashionista just picked him as one of their top designers of Fashion Week, so I'm really excited to be working with him - he's a Getty as in Getty Oil or Getty museum, he's 20 years old, and he's Super talented and really kind, and it's been awesome to watch his collection grow.
As someone who works in pr, what do you think is the number one best quality to succeed in the industry?
I'm applying for university right now and I'm torn between wanting a future in PR and working in the technology industry (I know they're completely different but I'm just really into the idea of both). But it sounds like your parents - I would have to really speak to you more, but if I have to psychically go off the cuff, i would say don't listen to your parents at all. Yet when we get sick of our surroundings and need something different, it's tough to make big changes in the context of our busy lives and small budgets. Or, take a look at what’s lingering in your closet or storage that might feel new again in the light of day. See if one of your friends or neighbors will divide up one of their plants and give it to you, then find a vessel around the house for your new organic friend. Whether it is your collection of boots (above), or an old kimono, displaying them in a conscious way elevates both your objects and the room. Can you believe The CW Seed chose to launch The Kelly Cutrone Project in the middle of NY Fashion Week?!?
We only see them when we are doing challenges, like we see them at photoshoots, and they are actually really discouraged from trying to chat up the judges, as you can imagine. I think that it is inappropriate for people to look to the fashion industry to do that solely. I've had so much success in my job, and I don't want to call my project my child or my work, so I think anytime that I see something charitable that really really shifts my heart, that's what I feel is success, personally. Some people do ridiculous things that are annoying on the show, like this season already, Ben hitting on Tyra, or some kooky stuff, like the girl who mewed like a cat for 20 minutes in her audition, yea, that's annoying - do I really care if she can take a good picture after that? I've been watching you on ANTM for the three cycles you've been present and I must say you've grown on me!
I have a production company called The FCC with Kate Forte, who ran Oprah's film company for 18 years, called Harpo. We did shop a show out, years ago, called "The Fashion District", that i wasn't on, and I did that with Studio Lambert, and we had been talking to E! You're a huge inspiration to me and define "badass." Thanks for being unapologetically yourself. There are times when I feel like I have nothing to say, and that sucks, when it's a day I'm being paid to be professional speaker in front of 400people. Because I don't want to sit there for the next 2 weeks telling them what they are doing wrong. We have a really cool menswear line we are putting up, I just got an email that the editor-in-chief of GQ is coming to the show, called Grungy Gentlemen.
My parents really want me to apply for computer science as they see it as more 'academic', but I don't want to close any doors so I'm considering applying for Communications. And I know it sounds harsh, but if you are going to communicate and be in digital communications, you don't need a computer science degree. How to look after your baby's skin View all More Recent Articles Your relationship after baby: How to make it work How to cope with an unplanned pregnancy Get fit with your kids!
A stack of books adds needed color, or is a nice space-filler when you don't want to buy pricier accessories. And I hope to see all of you on the corner of every street, so we can be disruptors instead of disruptive.
But I do see a lot of the kids after the show ends, and a lot of them make their way by People's Revolution, and sometimes I put them in shows - actually, remember Phil? And another chapter - "It's not a breakdown, it's a break through" - I wish that someone had told me THAT when I was 20 years old! I didn't like it, and I really felt I had been given a title of "executive producer" but that my production partners did not taking that seriously, so my voice had no power - so when I told people "I take my daughter trick or treating in Salem every year, how much fun would that be to see?" and instead they hired a straight guy to be our show runner from California - who hires a straight guy from Cali to be a show runner for a fashion show in NyC?
SO you have to go get your dry cleaning, and you have these 3 straight guys wearing Dickies saying "She's going to get her dry cleaning" and then they run backwards like you're Cheryl Tiegs at a Sports Illustrated shoot, it's ridiculous, somebody should make a reality show about the people who are actually shooting them. I fully appreciate the confident empowerment and hope that more women begin to own their success!
You know, I really wanted to create a tribal atmosphere that was wildly entrepreneurial and full of consciousness and creativity. You wake up and you think "OMG, I'm boring and i have nothing to say, and everything has already been said before." SO I think that's indifference and monotony as normal. There are plenty of people who are amazing to look at who are super beautiful, and then there are plenty of people who are easy to look at who are not beautiful at all, they open their mouth or they have an attitude or they are cruel, and they look hideous suddenly.

I have 10 goats, some chickens, horses, donkeys, an amazing flower garden, and I like to go there and just read and cook and go to farmer's markets and hang out with my friends. The fact that I am breathing shows I am balanced, but other than that, I'm not a balanced person.
I mean, I'm not their customers, but ULTA - I have had to say they have done a great job getting young people on the internet to order their makeup.
10 Tips on how to work out while having fun Breastfeeding in public - taboo or natural? Have you ever jumped over a bleacher to interview Jared Leto with 26 models lining up backstage? He's going to be in one of our men's shows with Grungy Gentlemen this season, it's on thursday night, and I went by to look at the casting cards and there was little Phil.
And you know, a lot of times people say, well what does Kelly know about fashion or why is she on the show? Yes, and if they're good, I give them a good score, because at the end of the day, we are judging those photos. I think we need to stop worrying about what other people are doing and start focusing on manifesting on ourselves, I mean, really, if people stopped talking shit about everybody in this industry and really said - what do I have to do to change MYSELF in this picture? And Paco Rabanne, whom I represented for years, once told me "Kelly, you can tell a lot about a society by what the women are wearing. I also have some huskies and we are buying dog sleds and we are getting ready to rip it up this winter in Putnam County, this winter girls! And you realize as you get older that there's a time when you realize no one will care that you work in fashion or what you do, and I can at least say "hey, I spent 4 years in LA!" and I think the other thing that people sometimes forget about with these shows is that there are so many young people in the world and the only encouragement they will have to follow their dreams will be from shows like ANTM or The Hills - people are not just watching TV to be entertained, they are watching to be educated- so I don't know about you, but I don't want to go have medical surgery from someone who never did the surgery - so it's like, for so many of these people they don't have the money to go to college or their parents don't believe in them - my parents didn't believe in ME, and when I told them I was moving to NY, they were like "haha! I've produced thousands of fashion shows for everyone from Thierry Muglier to Rag & Bone to Vivienne Westwood - I mean, a ton, so I'm there to be the voice of reason, and of course - I think in some ways we're a lot nicer on the panel than we would be in real life. And at the end of the day, we have to see if a person's personality and emotional makeup is going to lend itself to success in that industry - like, there's not one professional football coach who will take a football player who doesn't like to run - like if they don't like to run, they won't be a professional ball player. But if you're at IBM in a cubicle with 100 people, and your boss sends you a mean email, it's probably not the best thing to break down into tears in front of 100 people. When their hair is short, and their dresses are short, the society is happy, joyous, and free. If you're a model in real life and there are 50 girls or guys at a casting, and people come in and look at you, and there are 3 people they are interested in, and they say "Nice to meet you thanks" - is that more helpful than someone saying "Your angles in this photoshop are really off, you need to work on that." In my world, the person who gives advice is more helpful, a nicer one than the person who just said "Thanks for coming by." Of course, part of it is a personal - does Simon Cowell wake up in the morning and yell at people for Cheerios? For some reason, everyone says "fashion is responsible for skinny models." I don't believe that myself.
It generated a lot of money for my family and was a great way of meeting young people all over the world. I think what's next - I really want to get a talk show going on a network, for young people that talks about real things, not ridiculous stuff, like "Is your grandmother a hoarder?" Like who cares?
And it was also a combination of my book company knowing that was one of my mottoes, so they suggested it as a title for the book.
When their hair is long, and their clothes are crazy, they are confused and sad." And if you really think about it, we've been involved in some sort of warfare for the last decade, and that's had a horrible effect on emerging young talent and their ability to sell clothes in the United States.
I bought like 36 solar lanterns, but now my 8 acre lawn looks like a Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney! When I'm on the judges panel, I'm looking forward to seeing the videos of people who make comments - there was one couple that made popsicles every time they made comments. So what makes me happy about being on this show is because i wear all black, because i wear no makeup, because i speak my mind - no matter how small, for the kids who are watching that show, thinking if Kelly Cutrone can work int he fashion industry, then I can do. So I believe if consumers wanted to see - like, who decided that Barney the Dinosaur was going to be a million-dollar industry?
Not to mention the fact that the corporate giants like H&M and Zara and Forever 21 are doing a phenomenal job of producing forward and trend-driven pieces a la fast fashion at a fraction of the price.
Somehow, consumers were like "Barney's amazing" or "Elmo's amazing." I don't believe consumers want to see fuller-figured girls in ads. Mary Lambert is a good friend of mine, and she's the girl who did the Macklemore song "Same Love" - she texted me last night at 1 am saying "I just got to NY and lost my luggage, do you have anything I can wear?" and I said "From my fashion show wardrobe? So when a new format called technology which allows brands to handle their own advertising and go direct to consumer - there are a lot of wounded "middle women" on the sidelines trying to figure out fashion's next wave. Tyra might just go into a carb-sugar binge with her headband and choke him, and J might win with a pair of stilettos cutting through her headband-chokehold. Because if they did they would refuse to buy the things they are seeing, and want to buy a different product. I'll ask the producers, but it's sometimes I'll go back and say that I thought they were great, or it was really nice to meet them, but I do sometimes. If people really want to see a change, they have to speak up on a daily basis to see that change. And have I learned a lot about business and has it been a better teacher than my own mother?
And they have to do their wrap afterwards, so they don't want anyone to talk to them until after they do their wrap up, so then I'll wait around to say goodbye. And I think that models who are suffering from an eating disorder, it is as sad to look at them as the person who is suffering from obesity or who is smoking outside their office or person who is drinking too much at the bar - everybody is suffering from something pretty much. So we have to first of all fix ourselves and then start to help others (said the philosopher in the middle of an ANTM interview). Because I'm going to have to die and I"m going to have to reincarnate back on this planet and I want to come back to a planet where people are living the LIFE, not living the LIE.

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