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Our cross browser, cross API, mobile ready, HTML5, interactive map and authoring platform might be just what you need for you next mapping project. Our basic service is completely free and allows you to create custom maps, widgets, and images. Additionally, you can easily measure distances and create widgets for your website or blog. Congo (called Congo Free State if it is a puppet) is a unique country in Victoria 2 in many ways.
In addition it is surrounded by the country you just played as, which is most likely a Great power due to the great amounts of prestige from colonizing.

Institutions: eg Schools, Government Departments and Registered Charities can be invoiced for purchases.
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It is one of the only two countries which do not start independent or as a part of a country, the other country being Southern Rhodesia.
When all of Congo is colonized, an event will eventually happen and the owner can choose between giving Congo its cores or losing 10000 pounds and a lot of prestige.
It starts as cores in central Africa activated by the decision, The Congo Conference, which only Great Britain can activate.

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