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So with MyYearBook, you can easily register your self, just you need to submit your name, location, date of birth, email address, and password. Early last week, ROBLOX launched Game Passes, which give game developers a simple, new way to leverage an old trick – charging players for access to premium abilities and content – and further profit off their creations. This is similar to the premium gear that’s offered in many modern, massively multiplayer games. This game pass affords purchasers access to administrator commands in PokeBlox, a game by cosmonova1.
The Fort Borealis Premium Access pass is a more affordable alternative to some of Fort Borealis’ VIP t-shirts, but it’s still the most expensive of the top three passes. This Game Pass gives purchasers access to a special area, with a helipad and the choice of one of three helicopters, and bonus points for rescues in Survive a Traincrash or be Rescued. While browsing existing Game Passes, we noticed that some might see additional success by offering a more detailed description of the perks. For more information about Game Passes and how to create one of your own, see our blog post about their launch. Game Passes are easy but Alot of people don’t know how to make the Script associated to it. We all know that Skylanders Giants, the video game, is one of the hottest gifts of the season. MyYearBook was launched by Spring Break in the year 2005 and created by David, Catherine, Dusty, and Geoff Cook. You can play Match to find your secret admirer and play various type of games and win lunch money.

We’ve seen hundreds of developers add Game Passes to their games, and some have proven very successful, for very different reasons. What’s interesting about the top three most profitable Game Passes is that they use varying price structures and incentives to turn a profit. While it’s only 75 Robux, it has sold enough to generate TheGamer101 more than a quarter million Robux. Some games make special gear available even to unpaid members, but for an extremely high in-game price. While it has sold less in terms of volume than the Crimson Katana Game Pass, at roughly five times the price it has still generated more than 100,000 Robux. It lets purchasers access gun-coloring abilities and gives a 25% experience and aurem (the in-game currency) boost. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, for example, often hosts double-experience weekends to lure in former players and hook current players, and keep everyone moving up in their successful player-rank system. It stands out among the crowd because it offers really unique, compelling and useful benefits for a fair price. Instead of saying little more than “admin commands,” let potential buyers know what those admin commands are and what interesting powers they give owners.
You can learn more about integrating Game Passes into your game using this ROBLOX Wiki article. The cheaper game passes got the most buys, and the more expensive game passes got fewer buys.
While I admit that BCers are getting more and more content, leaving those who can’t pay for it feeling left out, I can understand it from an economic stand point.

On myYearBook site there is one most interesting thing is given that is Match application which permits people to secretly admire to other people who are registered on the site. The pass unlocks a highly powerful (and otherwise impossible to obtain) Crimson Katana sword in Sword Fighting Tournament. This requires they spend a lot of time playing the game and earning the money needed to buy the prized item.
A little honest promotion could go a long way toward a more popular and profitable Game Pass.
For my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide feature today, I am reviewing and giving away a set of Mega Bloks Skylanders Crusher’s Pirate Quest bricks. If two people are secretly admire each other then a match is made and both persons are informed of the shared interest. Their second requested gifts for Christmas are legos and Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants bricks. If you are like me and used to think that Mega Bloks were giant bricks made for toddlers only, we were wrong. Not all stores are carrying these yet, but select ToysRUs stores and Targets should have some of the sets.

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