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The world's premier site for Kettlebells, Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility, and Advanced Fitness Resources.
The Kettlebell is a weighted iron ball varying from 9 to 88 pounds with a handle that acts to offset the balance of the weight -- picture a bowling ball with a handle.
Full-body low-repetition workouts require participants' attention to both technique and safety while they use deliberate positioning of the Kettlebell. Offered in a group training format (limited to ten students), Andrea's Kettlebell training emphasizes proper technique, thorough and detailed instruction, which maximizes results. If you are new to KB's and haven't been to an RKC Instructor, I heartily recommend that you do so, chop-chop and forthwith.
Two years ago, my physician recommended that I try Kettlebells as a way of helping me strengthen my core to alleviate chronic back pain. Amid grunts,groans and displays of what it means to be "a man among men," of the others around us, Andrea focused our RKC certification team on safety and perfecting our form.

She has over twenty years of aerobics, weight training and fitness experience, with an additional background in classical ballet, jazz dance and Argentinean tango. She currently teaches classes in Minneapolis, Minnesota and offers a variety of workshops around the world.
Introduced to the Twin Cities by Andrea Du Cane, kettlebell training complements any fitness or sports training program.
If you have tried everything and want to boost your fitness level, this is the class for you.
After receiving my RKC certification, I continue to train with Andrea regularly to improve my conditioning and refine my technique. Her insistence on proper form and individual student attention rate her far superior to all other fitness instructors I've ever had--and at age 68, I've had quite a few.
She has trained in a number of Eastern health and martial arts disciplines including kung fu, yoga, tai chi and qigong.

She is featured in the From Russia With Tough Love video and book, and was one of the athletes featured in the TRX-Kettlebell Power DVD. It's one of the few exercise routines I don't dread, maybe because I can feel the benefits so quickly. She was interviewed and photographed for an article introducing kettlebells for Oxygen Magazine. Although I never experienced major pain in either area, both feel more flexible and "younger." A benefit I didn't expect is the nearly total disappearance of pain, numbness and tingling from shoulders to fingers in both arms which I've had for 20+ years. I worked with a different teacher for a few sessions, and he offered me a fraction of what I learn from Andrea.

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