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With the British climate being predictably wet for much of the year and the cost of living in the UK forever on the increase, it’s perhaps little surprise that more and more people are taking the plunge and relocating to sunnier climes. But before doing so, it’s important to factor in all the pros and cons of a new life overseas.
Us Brits are far from work-shy, with many of us admitting to checking emails late at night and working at weekends, so it’s little wonder that many people are tempted to make the down-time enjoyed while holidaying abroad a day-to-day reality.
Add to this the fact that you generally get a lot more property for your money abroad and it is little wonder that so many people are tempted to pack up and make the move overseas.
Whilst upping sticks and leaving your UK roots isn’t for everyone, those with no family ties or career commitments are more likely to be risk takers in this respect.
From parents seeking a better way of life for their family and young professionals looking to advance their career, through to students hoping to gain work and life experience in a different culture, moving abroad has never seemed so appealing.
In terms of the most popular re-location destinations, Australia offers the lure of the complete change in lifestyle, the warmer weather and the good job prospects for those with a skill to offer. Before putting down permanent roots though, it is a good idea to visit your preferred destination at length, even renting a property for a time before relocating, to get to know the culture and the community. In order to avoid becoming too homesick when you do relocate, it’s also worth bearing in mind some of things that we take for granted in the UK, but may well miss once a move abroad is complete. For those that do have their heart set on a move abroad, it’s important to ensure that you’re as prepared as far in advance as possible on a practical level, in order to make the move a success. Before the packing, shipping and unpacking begins, planning for the move should start months in advance, with estimates from removal companies sought the moment the de-cluttering begins. Remember; choose a removal firm that has a dedicated International department if possible, as they will have experience and knowledge of moving to various countries around the world and will be able to facilitate a move by helping with visas, advising on international storage options and finding a suitable shipping service.
Making sure a move abroad gets off to the best start means ensuring that all your belongings are packed appropriately, whether it’s your best china, your treasured artwork or your beloved pet.
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A vast majority of employers in the current job market seem to be heavily inclined towards candidates whose resumes feature degrees from foreign universities. In the pursuit of better prospects, students end up deriving a host of additional advantages while studying abroad.
The biggest advantage of studying abroad is the immense long-term financial gains associated with it. Statistics suggest that individuals who have earned a degree abroad are hired within a year of completing graduation, whereas only 49% of their peers land up with jobs within the given timespan. In recent years, we’ve seen budget clothing shop Uni-Qlo and lifestyle retailer Muji open shops overseas and go up-scale. In Japan, Uni-qlo is a ubiquitous sight, with bright, modern and colourful shops dotted all over the country in convenient locations. Muji, a Japanese lifestyle retailer, is also similarly regarded as a company which offers high quality but reasonably priced products, ranging from stationery to clothes, designed with a Zen-like minimalist simplicity.
Interestingly enough, prices have been kept relatively unchanged from their Japanese counterparts. While entrenched feelings towards brands may be difficult to change in local markets, expanding overseas gives companies a chance to start with a clean slate.

You’ve taken the time to build your business from the ground up, and things are rolling along nicely. International transport can be more difficult and stressful than most people realize, especially for those who are looking to ship an entire business worth of equipment to another country.
People get the impression that vacation or leisure travelling is equivalent to spending more money. Browse the internet and search for forums or reputable blogs or websites regarding finding work to your country destination or look for the list of companies you think you will be applying for part time or seasonal work. Advertise yourself online and be an English or your native language tutor to a local or apply to English school openings.
Just like in the Philippines, there are schools that are looking for part-time foreign language speakers and teachers since bilingual speakers are in demand in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies. If you are planning to stay for a month, you can get to work as a scuba diver, a camping tour guide and work on theme parks. Restaurants especially the high end and premier ones want to hire foreign waiters or bartenders for their restaurant to look unique and more sophisticated. If you have the writing, admin, marketing and IT skills, you can apply on online job openings and work remotely through joining Elance, Odesk, Fiverr and many popular online jobs marketplace.
Our own research in 2012 revealed that almost a third of the UK public would consider relocating abroad, whether to escape the rising cost of living, in search of a warmer, drier climate or simply to enjoy an improved work-life balance. Other cultures tend to enjoy more family time and receive better pay for the time that they are at work. But a new life abroad isn’t just for those who are looking to find new work, with members of the older generation also increasingly keen to move overseas in order to be closer to their children and to make the most of their golden years after retirement.
The USA is also particularly popular among those looking to enhance their careers, whilst New Zealand is often in the top four destinations to relocate to, due to the quieter lifestyle it offers. Visiting a country for a brief holiday often means it is seen through rose-tinted glasses and is a far cry from what it would be like to actually live there. Things that you may not hold in high regard currently could become big issues once it’s difficult to turn back and simply fly ‘home’ for the weekend. Aside from adjusting to a hotter climate, overcoming feelings of isolation from loved ones back in the UK and missing good old British TV, there are logistical challenges to be overcome too, before any move can take place. Doing this as early as possible will not only give you a clear idea of how much transporting belongings will cost, it will all ensure the smoothest move possible when the big day arrives. Choose a removal firm that has a dedicated packing team which is trained in export packing for containerised shipping services to ensure all your belongings reach their new home in the same condition they left your old home. Once you are registered, we look forward to introducing you to Online Banking, including the exciting enhancements we're working on now. This is primarily because studying abroad is inextricably linked with the development of key skills such as – highly broadened perspectives, flexibility, tolerance, independent thinking and leadership.
Increased employability, attractive pay packages and excellent return on investment are the most crucial factors behind opting for abroad education. Multiple studies conducted in the past have revealed that the starting salaries of individuals who have received education abroad, are 25% higher than the salaries of those who do not possess a foreign degree. 90% of students with abroad education are likely to get hired within a period of six months, and that too with significantly higher starting salaries!
Instead of being greeted with the same indifference the Japanese have developed when Uni-qlo or Muji stores were opened, people in the region have excitedly flocked to shop there, both becoming a style of their own and joining the ranks of the trendy and hip. Because it is expensive in Asia, these two brands are viewed as luxury products only available to the middle classes and up – an irony not missed out by Muji, considering its original philosophy of reasonable prices.

Japan is a developed country with a generally favourable impression among people in Asia, with a reputation for developing cool and high quality luxury products.
It’s a unique opportunity for companies to move to a more premium segment of the market while still selling the same products. It may take a little while to get off the ground, too, which is why researching your new market ahead of time is so thoroughly important. What they did not know is a person can earn money while travelling abroad and enjoying his or her adventure. In South Korea, there is a big demand for English teachers because many students want to learn English for business purposes. You may also work during your destination countrya€™s vacation seasons like working in a hotel as an interpreter, working on an arts workshop, etc. Complete your online profile like completing a resume, search for ways to make a great proposal, apply to jobs and then, congratulations you got your first client.
If you have written many blog entries, you can apply for Google Adsense or Nuffnang so you can earn revenue by blog views or ad clicks. Finding jobs does not mean you will get yourself stuck in one place, it means earning money to make yourself travel longer. Their quality of life is enhanced further by the longer daylight hours, making travelling to and from work in the dark a thing of the past.
Finally, Canada, with its higher wages, is another country that is proving popular with Brits seeking the finer things in life. One common complaint we often hear amongst expats is the limited amount of TV channels they now have access to.
Therefore, more and more students feel strongly motivated to transcend boundaries for giving a concrete shape to their career aspirations. On an average, the students who have studied abroad earn $7,000 more than their counterparts, every single year. For most Japanese, it might offer value for money, but it certainly doesn’t represent the latest in styles.
Uni-qlo and Muji’s positive reception have been beneficiaries of such an image, providing companies with a head start in positive perception. It’s a situation that more people find themselves in each year as the world becomes ever more interconnected, and the logistics of making such a transition are indeed getting easier to deal with. The fact is, though, people move their businesses overseas all the time, and it’s not as much of a headache as you might think.
Finding temporary work overseas is not really hard and you can always find these type of jobs everywhere. Aside from meeting people of different nationalities and gaining networks by interacting with peers and colleagues, you are making your bank account grow more and at the same time you will be able to travel more in different places. And believe it or not, the seasonal changes we experience in the UK are often missed by those who later have difficulty acclimatising to year-round heat and sunshine. So you can easily figure out the stark difference in their total earnings over the decades of employment, in spite of being in the same profession. Sometimes social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn can be helpful in scenarios such as this, and properly using them will allow you to get to know those who are already in your field of work.

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