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BUXP is one of the largest revenue sharing networks of its kind, providing excellent earning opportunities for our affiliates. I experimented many websites that offer money for viewing ads and found internet users all over the world are using many PTC (Paid To Click) websites for long time, satisfactorily.
This pair of graphs visualizes the distribution of earnings among the five highest-paid athletes by sport. Tennis is the only sport that has women listed in the top five (Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams). Proportionally, baseball and football have the least income from endorsements; tennis and golf have the most. The summation shows that the top football players have the highest salaries, but when including endorsements, the basketball players are the top earners.

Other than earning from ad,s it also includes free games, quiz contests, free SMS and many other free updated stuffs. Also earn from other oppurtunities like Billboard Jackpot where 50 dollars given to winner monthly. To earn more from PTC websites you should spend time to click ads everyday in those websites. Both make the vast majority of their money from endorsements, which is not surprising, as tennis and golf are not salaried sports – earnings based on performance come from success in tournaments.
With the exception of Flacco (fottball), the five lowest ratios were all baseball players (Hernandez, Rodriguez, Santana, and Mauer). For past years he developed his career as Software Engineer working in multiple technologies.

The lower graph bins the earnings of the top five athletes from each sport, showing which sports have the highest income based on top salaries, as well as which sports are most heavily invested in by endorsers. You should work at least one or two months with such PTC websites to start earning good amount.
To learn more, visit my LinkedIn page.This blog is a product of my passion for data visualization. He write about technology, blogging, internet marketing, online business and forex trading in multiple blogs he own.

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