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2.) Surveys – online surveys vary in their value but it can be a simple way to earn gift cards and cash while watching TV or waiting for appointments and things. 3.) Mystery shopping can pay really well sometimes and give you great opportunities once you get through doing some smaller shops. 5.) Child minding – family day care requires a lot more than just school hours, but you might be able to baby sit for friends and family during school hours. 7.) Ironing is popular with most ironing ladies getting booked out very quickly once they start. 11.) Write Kindle eBooks – if you like to write and have some stories, write them and format them for Kindle.
12.) Buy and resell items such as Tupperware, homewares, kids clothing, books or collectibles.
13.) Online there are a variety of ways to make money – blogging which requires commitment and something to say can be great.

15.) Party plan can be trickier because many people want their parties at night, but it is possible to do it during school hours, you just might not get as many parties or attendees. 16.) Gardening – you can make money from your garden by potting plants, growing flowers to sell or seedlings. Download games, Play arcade games, action games, adventure games, sports games, puzzle games.
You can sign up with sites such as Odesk, Freelancer, Elance or check out ProBlogger’s jobs board and look at About to see if they need guides. Often you will start with groceries, retail shops and fast food, but once you prove you are good you can get paid more to take cars for a test drive, go on flights around the country and even have free accommodation, theme park entry and more. It is up to you what you charge and you will need to find a way to market them, but it can be a nice side income. If you are crafty or talented you could make and sell on those handmade sites, or even create your own business and do it via your own website and social media such as Facebook.

My wife is a genius when it comes to making blankets, so thank you for the recommendation of etsy.
Some will train you up and get you your necessary qualifications, others just need you for companionship or simple cleaning. I have a couple of lenses such as ways to find money on the street and 50 garage sale tips.

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