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IT’S OKAY TO AGREE ON DISAGREEING BUT YOU BEING A TEACHER IN ALL, I THOUGHT YOU WOULD KNOW THAT. She is Obamas right hand man so she is actually already in the white house and already knows what’s going on with every thing! I sure hope so because if an authoritarian (Trump) becomes President, I can picture the end of democracy in America, and it’s not a pretty picture.
If Hillary can’t manage to protect her marriage and keep her own husband which is one person at loyal standard how can she protect America which is billions of people or more?
She would be a disgrace to this country after all that she HASN’T DONE over the past 30 years. Id rather have someone who is right there and has been there for years, not just some new guy who don’t know even the half of what’s to come if they become president! That’s all every one wants to do is pick at people and find all their flaws instead of looking at the real problem that’s going on! Hilary Clinton knows what’s going on first hand cause she’s with the president in the white house as we speak!

It don’t matter who becomes president it’s the political partys that runs the government anyway! If the descriptions of some of them don’t sound exactly like Trump I’ll eat my hat! Then we all know how bad her record was as Secretary of State with the Benghazi situation and the unprotected private server with all the emails, etc. I’m always happy to have an intelligent debate where I might learn or teach something, but you clearly only want to attack and ridicule me for believing something different than what you believe. Besides, running a glorified construction company doesn’t qualify him to run a nation. Hmmmmm someone who already knows what’s really going on or vote for someone who has no real idea how to run it only say what they can do for us! And I KNOW it’s rude to personally attack someone just for having a different opinion than me!

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