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In this post I’m going to show you how I made one simple change to one of my affiliate websites and was able to make 1000 dollars fast.
In this example, I’m talking about an affiliate site that I’d had for almost a year, and one that was already getting around 10,000 clicks per month, a respectable number for a young site.
The site was a travel site, and my main promotion at the time was for cruises, with affiliate commissions ranging from $25-50 per sale, so a moderate level of commission. I also had already begun to build up an email list, and had around 9,000 subscribers, thanks to a few techniques I learned at Wealthy Affiliate. I ran an email about a special cruise offer, which allowed them to purchase a cruise now at a discount and choose their specific dates later. In the first group, I had an email linking them to the offer page on my website, with links in the first line and in the second to last line of the email. I rewrote the subject line and first few lines of the email, and moved the link to the offer from the first line of text to the 2nd.
This simple change quadrupled the number of people that clicked through to my website, and tripled the number of sales! With a similar sized list, around 4,500 emails, I had 41 sales, which represents a little less than 1% conversion rate! If ever anyone said it’s not possible to make good money with an affiliate site, think again!
I have mentioned previously that I suffered particularly badly from it when I began online in April 2010.
And judging by your emails and feedback I know that many of you have been, or are currently, experiencing exactly the same thing. Often, the first thing people do when they want to make money on the internet is to search in Google.
If at this point you are thinking this all sounds a bit familiar then don’t worry because you are far from alone – I have personally experienced the exact the same problem! So next time you see a sales page for a product that promises a gazillion dollars by next Wednesday, or some other ridiculous claim, simply ignore it and calmly move on. He believed that everyone has something to offer and therefore one of the greatest things you can do to advance your own success is to listen.
Of course, here in the internet marketing community the only trouble is that it is very difficult to separate the good stuff from the hype and know who to trust.
While everyone wants (and needs) to make money, on the whole bloggers are there more for the community, providing free useful advice and sharing their own real experiences in making money online.
Personally, I follow people like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Glen Allsopp of Viperchill and Ed Dale of The Challenge. This piece of advice is not mine but was suggested by Joseph Archibald in my recent interview with him. Of course, this is not perfect because people are busy and emails do get missed occasionally.
The other point I’d make here is to aim to follow around 5 marketers or bloggers as a maximum. The bottom line is that you can learn everything about making money online and internet marketing but you won’t achieve any success until you actually get stuck in and take action.

I think that “Inaction” and “Analysis Paralysis” are symptoms of the same thing which is “Information Overload” and dealing with that as the root cause helps immensely.
Basic time management may sound boring but it’s an essential tool and the real starting point. I believe that no solution fits all and the best way to deal with overload of information is to create your own systems for dealing with it.
The way to do that is to record what I do and then test and refine it so that it improves constantly.
Keeping a record of successes and failures can produce a ready made product for sale at a later date too, so this isn’t wasted effort.
You offer some great tips and I think recording your successes and failures is a really great idea. But the other big challenge is using say Clickbank and finding a product that fits all or most of the criterai. A well known personal trainer, when asked about momentum and motivation, advised that momentum comes from motion. We can also be over critical of our own efforts, seeking perfection at the expense of action. Success can be the best motivator but we should recognise that every step forward is a success. I dejunked 56GB of worthless products that would not open or could have been better written by a child. Have you ever bought a product and the been inundated with emails from people you don’t even know? With the exclusive partnership with FC Barcelona and its Camp Nou Stadium, Konami hopes that this trend of licensing is just the beginning for PES.
Where the first Showcase event takes place, near the mid-point of the map's right side, you can find a Bucket List Challenge. Earning skill points can typically take quite a while, but you can shorten the process significantly. If you’re just getting started, click here to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing or click here to access a free training.
These are people who had already visited my website and voluntarily signed up for my list, so I knew they were a targeted group of people.
In my early days I followed an awful lot more than this and looking back there is no doubt that this massively contributed to my own information overload problem! Not necessarily massive amounts and certainly less than most people would do in a full-time or even part time job. Stop thinking about your ultimate goals and start enjoying the process: Have fun learning about how to find a hot niche, creating your first website, how to drive traffic and so on.
Information overload is so easy because we start by being inquisitive and get on various lists and sadly not everyone removes you when asked.
I have to say that because I work full time I have found it really hard to actually start, partly also because of Information Overload as above.
I have spent hours searching and using all the advice but something always seems to stop me moving on – maybe keywords, maybe Gravity or maybe just too competitive.

It is so hard to actually get started but my own experience tells me that this is really the hardest step. Lay out what you have to do and in what order,if you can,take your time,then do your list in that order until completed.Ask for help when you need it. My own background is quite analytical and there is no doubt in my mind that this has slowed my online progress a little. You may be tempted to save money for upgrades for better vehicles, but the immediate benefit for an upgrade on the car you're currently using is too good to ignore. Use the assists at first to familiarize yourself with the game (unless you're super confident in the beginning), and then begin to turn them off to earn more cash. Eventually you'll participate in online races and other competitions in which rewinding results in penalties. If you are playing with a friend, he or she can then find you and beat your time to score an easy 50,000 CR. However, just as these tips have helped other people (myself included) there is a great chance they can help you too. I am now very diligent and only open from about 5 marketers – and you can see you are one! So I have decided to get almost anything up and running within 10 days even if it means making mistakes it at least gets going.
Often the most successful people are the ones who don’t think too much and just get stuck in straight away. I know that sound very basic,but I am basic,and most things are,My idea is to eventually outsource,I know thats a whole new challenge,but thats my aim, automate and outsource. Head out of the hangar and turn left to follow the sidewalk, ramming objects as quickly as possible to build up a wreckage combo. From the airport, you can find the second area by traveling south until you reach a dry river bed.
Drive just over 30MPH so that your speed is noted by the camera, then have your friend just barely exceed it so that he or she earns a reward.
Take it to the long stretch on the east end of the highway that runs between Nice and the Horizon festival. Near the end, perform another 180-degree turn and follow the sidewalk again, all the way past the end of the road.
Once you are in position, drive northwest along the highway at maximum speed, weaving between traffic and building up multipliers. Continue swapping back and forth and each time, one or the other of you can gain an additional reward, making it easy to quickly build up all sorts of resources.
As you pass through the tunnel and the divider goes away, burn out or use the emergency brake and turn around so that you are now driving in the opposite direction. Once you have mastered it, you can repeatedly perform this technique for easy skill points.

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