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If you want to sell used underwear and your used panties for money, then the first thing that you have to do is get some panties for yourself. You might be knowing that a large percentage of the buyers of the panties is constituted by men and fetish buyers. If you want your panties to be different from the other ones, then make them extra special by posting hot photos and videos. Now that you have the photos and the videos, you should visit Pantydeal and upload them on the website.

If you have used underwear then you can easy sell them online and earn handsome money in the process.
Once you get yourself a few hot and amazing panties, you are ready to flaunt them on the website. If you want to earn money selling underwear then you have to wear these panties for a few times and then sell them.
You can also strike up a conversation with the men and the other fetish buyers to whom you want to sell used underwear.

There are many men and fetish buyers who are looking to buy women’s panties and hence you too can sell them. Always keep in mind that the photos or the videos should be in very good quality so that the buyers can have a good look at them.

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