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Danniella Westbrook has revealed she was once drugged and raped whilst being held captive by a group of men for three days after failing to pay drugs money. The former EastEnders star made the disturbing revelation during an interview on This Morning ahead of the release of her autobiography. She said: "I'd left EastEnders and was with a guy in a boy band and had split up with him, and it was a terrible time anyway. She continued: "I knew if I shouted out it was going to make it worse - these people are not scared of the police or anyone else. Following the attack, Danniella said: "I just went home and thought 'I'm a drug addict' if I tell anybody they'll just say it was what I deserved.
On telling her husband and her mum, she said: "Telling my husband was really really difficult - he's the closest person to me in the world and always has been and I just thought that this fantastic man who has gone through every single drama that I'd had in my life would never want to be with me and it actually wasn't like that. Brendan Frasera€™s divorce from Afton Smith only turned sour after it was finalized Divorce DebbieJust divorced! The Georgian rockers have called time on their band and we should applaud the example, says Daniela Soave.
Most of the bands we grew up with formed when we were in our late teens and split up by the time we were in our mid-twenties. Do I think that Stipe, Mike Mills and Peter Buck are going to reach for their pipe and slippers and count their royalties?  I do not.
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I was really heavily into drugs and moved away from everybody where I grew up and moved to South London. They are there to do what they've got to do and they took me to a rented flat and gave me vodka, drugs and what I thought was ecstasy, but it was rohypnol and I was there for nearly three days.
Isn’t that just a fabulous declaration: that our time is not in our teens or even our forties, but now?
I can’t imagine that Sir Mick Jagger goes out on those gruelling, year-long world tours for any other reason than the gazillions of dollars it earns him, even if Keef and Ronnie still love being so rock ’n’ roll. Ita€™s not clear who filed for divorce, but it was likely Afton and not Brendan.The divorce was formally finalized in 2009. More to the point, it’s not an idealistic, aspirational lyric by some college kid; it’s a call to action by a 51-year-old man, one of us, a reminder that there’s so much more out there and we should grab it with both hands. They’ve been doing this job for 31 years, in which time they’ve supplied a good chunk of the soundtrack of our lives: The One I Love, Losing My Religion, Man On The Moon, Everybody Hurts, The End Of The World As We Know It, What’s The Frequency, Kenneth and (even the one Stipe hates) Shiny Happy People. Stipe alone has his fingers in so many pies: art, sculpture, photography, politics, and don’t forget he already has a second successful career as a film producer. In a hard-nosed, commercial arena full of Cher Lloyds and One Directions and other twinkies, it’s sad to say farewell to a band that is relevant to our generation. Afton was to receive $900,000 in alimony per year, though we dona€™t know for how many years, and Brendan agreed to pay $300,000 in child support every year as well.6 Things to Never say During a FightThe 14 costliest celebrity divorces in Hollywood or elsewhereBy the time the couple split Brendana€™s heydays were already over. Whilst he was certainly busy enough with TV engagements and movies, he was most certainly not in the same demand as in the late 90a€™s.When the couple divorced he was worth an estimated $45 million.

But then again, the couple did have three children and Afton retired from her career.Now, we wouldna€™t be talking about this divorce, if there wasna€™t some kind of twist.
The divorce is said to have been reasonably amicable.But when the time came that Brendan realized his career was in serious trouble, he sought to have his monthly alimony payments reduced to reflect his lower income. His situation was aggravated by a back injury that he received in a freak accident at home during Hurricane Sandy.
But he is not quite out of employment just yet.When he asked for reduced alimony he claimed to be poor, which would require quite a stretch of the imagination, especially considering that he had five movies coming out in 2013.
But since then there hasna€™t been much going on.Afton hit back shortly after Brendana€™s plea made the news and claimed that he was hiding his money and more than capable to continue his payments.
Usually alimony payments are made for a set amount of years or until the ex-partner remarries. Clearly Afton hadna€™t remarried yet.We dona€™t actually know what became of Brendana€™s request.
Afton quite nastily said that the alimony could only be reduced once Brendan earned less than $3 million a year and that hadna€™t been the case yet.
We can be pretty certain, however, that he didna€™t make $3 million this year.Hopefully for Brendan he wona€™t have to pay alimony much longer.

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