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One of the best things about having a smartphone or tablet is that you have thousands of games available to you. One thing to note is that when researching games, many of them require an active data connection. The endless runner genre started with Canabalt, where you play as a man running across the roof tops of a crumbling city. If you’ve been wanting a great real-time strategy game, then look no further than DomiNations. While there are sports games on Android, you wouldn’t think that fishing would translate well. Instead of offering an Android port of Peggle, Electronic Arts and PopCap decided to add microtransactions into this mobile version. If you played Bejeweled or any type of match-three game, then you know what Candy Crush Saga is. When PopCap transitioned PvZ 2 into a free-to-play game, there was a lot of worry it would be pay-to-win. Warcraft is one of the classic real time strategy series and morphed into World of Warcraft, one of the biggest MMORPGs.
A simple premise, funky and cute graphics, plus animals disco dancing make Disco Zoo an imaginative, fun game for Android.
A mobile game with a quirky theme, lots of gameplay, and a heaping of adorableness is the right recipe for addiction, and Disco Zoo has got them all, in spades. There are also odd random things that crop up during play that earn you extra coins or Discobux— the city's major may declare it Zoo Day, and you'll receiving 250 Discobux, for example. The latest version has new features, including a Launch Pad for space rescues and new hats and balls for your animals' playtime. As I mentioned, the one downside of this game is that it can take quite some time to level up. Disco Zoo is the latest game by game developers Nimblebit who also created Tiny Tower, and Pocket Trains to name two.
There are a few cheats and tricks to Disco Zoo that will help you expand your zoo as quickly as possible. When your zoo starts to grow it’s a bit annoying to have to scroll through to wake up your animals. AppCheaters is your source for mobile gaming cheats, walkthrough answer guides, and mobile news. With a name like "Disco Zoo," you can probably tell that Tiny Tower developer NimbleBit isn't taking its latest game entirely seriously. Disco Zoo is a mix of Kairosoft-style pixelated property management (slightly modified to fit the free-to-play model), and, strangely, minesweeper. The game is sort of cathartic - the animal hunts themselves are slow-paced and frustrating thanks to the artificial limits put in place by the coin system, and your zoo doesn't only earn money automatically like most management games.
If this kind of casual management game is your jam, I'd suggest checking out Kairosoft's titles, which tend to come with a free demos. I find in these pay or wait games that a lot of the time when you get access to enough in-game currency where you no longer have to wait you discover that beneath whatever charming or nostalgic coat of paint they put on it is a game that isn't very much fun to actually play now that you're free to. I was part of the original beta iOS--this game DOES have timers but if you check it 2-3 times a day you can actually pretty much beat it in a week or two without IAP. Probably not, I would look seriously at other options, specifically those with headphone jacks. Microsoft Translator And Google Translate Compared: Is There A New Challenger In The House? Several days later I discovered that the other iPhone users in the room were all playing the same game and actively competing with me! Following a few early morning hangovers, I played and managed to flex my superior tappy-tap-tap-tappy skills and come up trumps… brilliant. Disco zoo is a great example of a game you could imagine making – something not too far from the realms of possibility.
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LATEST VIDEOS The 8 best Star Wars games on mobile iPad 100 best mobile games ever iPad See all the characters unlocked! While the style of Canabalt has been copied thousands of times, Jetpack Joyride does something a little different. Big Huge Games previously worked on Rise of Nations and have successfully brought the core gameplay mechanics of RTS PC games to mobile. Somehow Com2US made a fishing game that doesn’t force you into waiting and gives you an easy-to-understand tutorial to get started. While free to play, you’ll have to wait after you exhaust your lives or pay real money to buy credits.

Does Not Commute is a puzzle game where you try and stop cars from crashing into each other. With a sequential level system, you have to collect a specific number of colored dots or sink anchors to progress. Into the Dead is different because it’s a first person endless running game where you have to dodge zombies.
Fortunately the core gameplay is still there and in-app purchases boost your skills rather than reinforce them to beat levels. Unlike other racing games, you have a very small time limit to get from one checkpoint to the next. Taking the same inspiration as its console sibling, you have to traverse levels on a motorcycle by manipulating your speed and weight.
You capture animals by solving simple puzzles and then build habitats for them in your zoo to earn money. Once you have enough money, you can add other aircraft to your hangar to go to different parts of the world.
Like Tiny Tower, this is one of those games you need to leave running on your phone if you want to level up quickly.
I never did, because you can level up if you keep the game running in the background a lot. When animals go missing, tap the search button in the top right corner to go looking for them. Whether you're looking to escape a dungeon or crush that piece of candy - we have the answers. All intellectual property, trademarks, and copyrighted material is property of their respective developers.
Your sojourns to the wild via hot air balloon are played out on a grid with a limited number of moves available. You'll also need to manually tap on coins as they appear on-screen to add them to your coffers.
Both of those games are free, but don't require you to purchase the IAPs or need a constant connection. It's not an amazing game or anything but helps me kill a few minutes when I'm waiting on customers or something at work.
Where is the fun in a game that is based on a model where you must wait an increasing amount of time to do each action? Animals in your zoo earn money funding rescue missions and new vehicles, allowing you collect a wider range of animal specimens. They achieved over a million downloads within a week and I must say its a really polished and fun game.
Your new password will then be emailed to you.You can change this pass at any time on the "edit profile" page when logged in.
You create and advance your nation over different ages like the Bronze Age to the Space Age. With the help of various Greek gods, you match three or more tiles to attack your enemies or to gain experience for your gods who have different powers.
Depending on the level, there may be obstacles that you have to work around and that’s one of the fun parts of the game. When it comes to gameplay, basically all you’re doing is tapping the screen over and over. Even though the game is about open combat, you’ll need constant communication and teamwork. Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is a strategy card game where you battle with characters and abilities from the Warcraft universe. If you want to earn a lot of money quickly, you can have a disco party where every person and animal in your zoo dances and drop coins. When moving through different levels, you can earn power ups like one that give you extra balls per throw.
The premise is simple, but the funky graphics, whimsical animals (including mythological creatures), and no requirement to make in-app purchases to level up makes Disco Zoo a fun, imaginative game despite an occasional hard crash on my phone.
The maker of the game, NimbleBit, LLC also sells another game of pixilated cuteness called Tiny Tower.
Puffy sheep and tiny unicorns make noises like "Squee!" and "Coo!" Of course, you can always turn off the sound effects if you get cuteness overload. You can buy an OutHopper and search the Outback for Koalas, Kangaroos, and Tiddaliks, for example.
It's not much of a battery drain, but I did experience a few hard crashes, when unlocking my phone from hibernation mode. This will not only wake up all your animals at once, but it will also double your earnings for the time of the disco.

In Disco Zoo, you "rescue" animals under questionable circumstances, then display them in marginally unsafe conditions to farm money out of gawking patrons. Find all the "parts" to an animal (kind of like Battleship) before your moves run out, and you can add it to your zoo, earning more money for more excursions. Combine this with the usual dual currency level grind of the in-app purchase world, and it becomes a slow drag (at least for me).
I've rescued all of the animals so far and am working on getting my diamond level trophies for the statue gardens. Developers Corner Launch King of Booze: Drinking Game looks to be your ideal weekend companion Developers Corner Launch The Lost Treasure Island Project One Games Company News Four games that need to make their way onto smartphones Developers Corner General Can videogame violence actually make the world a safer place? There are familiar mechanics like resource gathering, research, and army building, and you can play the single player campaign or attack other players online.
The challenge starts when cars split off from the group and you have to rapidly switch lanes. Even though supplies cost money, you’ll make more than enough to get through the game without paying with real money. Its saving grace is that the gameplay is classic Peggle and feels natural even with new types of power-ups and level design. You can combine tiles together to create stronger attacks to defeat monsters, some of whom have regenerating health.
Even though TwoDots is free to play, you never really feel the necessity to pay for anything unless you just can’t wait for your lives to replenish. The main challenge is that you have to eat to live because your health is constantly draining.
Sometimes you’re holding the screen, but the purpose of Bitcoin Billionire is to mine for virtual bitcoins.
Trials Frontier offers in-app purchases, but they’re not required unless you plan on marathoning through the game. You collect or purchase cards to build strong card decks to challenge other players over the internet. You throw a disco party using Discobux (the more Discobux you spend, the longer the disco party lasts).
Of course, you only have a set amount of taps before the search ends so you have to figure out as you play which pattern on the grid reveals the most of whatever animal you're looking for.
There are eight different types of aircraft (as well as one car) you can buy as your zoo grows, including a time machine to rescue animals from the Jurassic era.
As you collect animals to fill the free range humane animal coops, you’ll also get the change to throw Disco parties and watch your animals and park guests party down! There are a few ways to earn Disco Bux for free, and we’ll explain how in the next tip. Get enough animals and you can throw a disco party, temporarily upping your earnings in a sort of lightning round. Happylatte General Dream: Hidden Adventure: a beautiful hidden objects game for iPad Renatus Launch Doctor Strange Pinball Table Coming in December 2013 Zen Studios Update Squirrely Update Is Live Eminence Apps LATEST NEWS Pokemon GO receives its first country-wide ban as Iran voices security concerns iPad Pokemon GO bugs and legendary Pokemon - what have Niantic been up to?
Mediocre is amazing at physics-based games and this is another example of its ability to create fun physics puzzle games.
It’s a simple game to learn but as you progress through levels, its difficulty and need for strategy become apparent.
You can buy new vehicles using the money you earned that unlock new regions to find more animals. The more you play, the better you get at figuring out patterns to tap out on the grid to find animals.
It's more reasonable then some other games we've reviewed such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (for iPhone) which our reviewer said has "horrific" pricing.
The developers need to clean up the occasional crashes from suspension mode, but other than that, you can tell a lot of thought and imagination, went into its making.
One issue is that the video ads in Hungry Shark are insanely annoying and can’t be skipped.
At first glance it seems kind of dumb, but you’ll quickly get addicted to finding new animals and earning money for your zoo. They only exist in Disco Zoo as tiny, wandering zoo visitors who make random bubble-thought comments like "They are so fluffy!" in front of the sheep exhibit, or "Mmmm!" in front of the pigs (sorry, vegetarians!). So memorize the animal patterns and you’ll quickly learn where each animal is hiding.

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