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Reminder: You can still grab The Positive Affirmations for Life program with more than 4 hours of audio affirmations for 7 life situations that impact your happiness and success the most including the extended morning affirmation tracks.
Or you can grabA more than 300 of them for personal daily use on your mobile device in The Positive Affirmations for Life guided audio program. The reason you want to do this before you start your day is because your mind is just waking up, and it is about to set the tone of your day. What you do those first 5-10 minutes can determine your mood, your energy and your happiness the rest of the morning, and even the whole day. But you have to first let go of your self-limiting beliefs first, my dear, to embrace affirmations and to enjoy the results. The key is to building this as a habit and make it totally natural and part of your routine.
Melly and Joe, glad the affirmations are jiving with both of you – the challenge is on then! If that one alone were most of our initial thoughts upon waking up, we would find life going our way much more. Hello Rajiv, I am honored to have you visit this space – tell me, what topics in the future would help you?
I know what you mean – we need to repeat repeat and repeat some more until it becomes second nature. Hi Farnoosh, I started my affirmations when I read Louise’s book and what a difference it has made.
Hello Stephen, sorry for late reply – I had to migrate my website and had some down time but back online now. Hi Iana, sorry for late reply here, my blog was migrating to a new site, and thank you so much for your words. I am going to do this it will be a positve way to start the day thank you Will start tomorrow. I have just discovered affirmations while looking for self help ways to deal with my depression. It has been replaced with love, and confidence, and the knowledge that I KNOW how to offset it and relieve it if I ever feel it again. Affirmations are short, simple yet powerful statements that help to assert something to be true in your subconscious mind (sort of like making your sub-conscious thoughts, conscious). Although the affirmations had a positive effect on me I learned one thing: To me these affirmations are pretty personal.
I love all of these, and I’ve just said all of them aloud and it really does make you feel so much better.
This is such a wonderful post, reading all this sort of uplifted my spirits instantly, I have never tried this.
I am a huge lover and believer in positive affirmations, it’s why I love meditation so much.
Beautiful and meaningful positive affirmations from Everyday Affirmations to inspire you every day. You can create your own, my dear, depending on the circumstances you want to apply the affirmation for.

They give you the tools to handle things with ease and gentleness because you have already affirmed that you are ready for them.
Affirmations, when done right, can bring peace and quiet and clarity to the most stressed mind and the most anxious heart.
You can repeat each one 3 times and move on to the next affirmation or you can say all 8 once and then repeat that process 3 times.
I have been on an anti-anxiety medication for the last 6 months [nothing has changed; only exercise and meditation is helping, plus daily visits to your blog].
I found myself here at your morning affirmations and recognize them as just the step I need.
I got out of bed and did the affirmations on the sofa after taking meds and Advil because the cold’s worsened my RA flare and getting up and moving was necessary.
I decided to start with bedtime affirmations and I slept soundly instead of waking up every other anxious for the new day. I plan to write these affirmations in a special note book with my favourite pen, every morning. Please use them daily though – give it a week to 10 days and see if you notice a difference. I found it while searching for positive affirmations and this has all I need from morning til night.
The program was wonderful; I learned many coping skills which I use along with things that I have found for myself.
I will let go of the fear that something more is going to happen with my health and believe that I am well, no matter what is going on with my health. I start them this morning… I will keep you updated The synchronicity happening in my life now is showing me i am on the right path.
I have a lot of anxiety in the morning and today I felt so much better after repeating this. For the last couple of years, positive affirmations have been a big part of my daily routine. Research proves that affirmations actually change brain on a cellular level- our thoughts have a direct connection to our level of health. Use these affirmations (or create your own) by writing them down or speaking them out loud for a few minutes each morning.
On mornings when I don’t incorporate affirmations into my routine, the remainder of the day seems to go quite rocky.
But just going back to bed when my daughter wakes up and hear her say I luff you mummy, instantly puts in a super happy mood. But, I would love to do better about starting my day out with a positive affirmation, kind of stick it in there with my morning routine so I become used to it.
It’s incredible what you can do when you start changing the way you think and talk to yourself. Your mind is poised for success and happiness and your body will follow your mind and together, you can face any kind of day. And it takes 90 seconds – yes, I timed this by saying each affirmation 3 times – and if it can change the course of your day and make you happy and help you make good choices and great decisions, are you up for the challenge?

Recently, I stopped taking the medication because I don’t wish to be dependent on drugs.
Sometimes it’s too easy to let the negative chatterbox take over especially in the morning. I think I’ve been using these affirmations for at least four or five days and can definitely feel a positive change within myself! In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Your morning routine can have a huge impact on how your day unfolds- my mind used to start engaging in negative self-talk the minute I’d open my eyes, so for me, creating a routine where I start my day with a positive attitude, is very important. Every morning, as I get up early, I write in my gratitude journal, I use my affirmations and start every single day on a happy, positive note. Affirmations can empower you, they make you aware of your thoughts and they’ll make you want to surround yourself with things you love.
When I say my morning in bed affirmations place one hand on sacral chakra (navel area) other on heart centre and send love to self. I am changing diets this month, adding more delicious Mediterranean food, and limited processed foods. If I always think about how amazing he is, focus on the positive things and praise him for them – my husband is so perfect in my eyes! Here’s to more power for people like Louise & you who help others heal themselves!
My thoughts are overwhelmingly positive and at the very least they are neutral or not negative. I also find it way way too easy to get drawn into negative thoughts, particularly when I first wake up for some reason. There’s no better way to get your life on a positive track and align yourself with your own power and possibility.
I am trying your meditation methods, and hope that I don’t have to take those meds again. My calendar is attached to my phone, so I’ll get reminders to do this early in the morning before my brain gets filled with too many busy thoughts.
Well, there are actually lots of ways to do this, but affirmations are a particularly quick and effective method! Women, especially, have a hard time saying positive things about themselves, and letting go of guilt when we forgive others so easily.
Thank you for putting yourself out there to help other people because you helped me make a huge change in my life!!

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