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Well, it’s this bundle of thoughts, beliefs and feelings that completely dictates our level of success and happiness in life.
The first step in making a dramatic change in your results all begins with a change in how you see yourself. The fastest, easiest and most effective way to modify your self image… is through the daily practice of creative visualisation. Creative visualisation is a tried and tested technique used by many high achievers to mentally prepare for their profession. Alan Richardson, the Australian psychologist, conducted a fascinating experiment with basketball players. The second group were ordered to do no actual practice – only to visualise themselves making successful free throws.
Now many athletes believe (and research is backing up their belief) that this creative visualisation provides a competitive advantage. Creative visualisation, put simply is the deliberate act of dropping an image – a picture into our subconscious mind. It works because our subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.
Watch the video and let me show you how to create the things you want sooner changing your self image. FIRST– Hit one of the funky buttons below the video and post this page on your favourite social media platform (please help others and spread the word). Hey Neetha, as you know I have a couple of videos dedicated to helping you decide what you want – my goal setting videos. Visualize and Achieve is not a book about how to build and manage your business, how to manage your time, or how to invest your money. This is a book about the essential ingredients of success – attitude, thinking, visualization, the subconscious mind, and other mental and emotional ingredients. I have also included in this book exercises to sharpen the power of concentration and develop the imagination, so that you can visualize clearer mental images. The book has been written in a clear, easy to understand and down to earth manner, which takes this subject out of the fogs of mystery and the supernatural, into practical and solid reality. It is true, there are hundreds of books about creative visualization and the law of attraction.
I have read many books about creative visualization, but I always searched for the ultimate book that could give me all the required guidance, instructions and advice, presented in a practical and logical way, and which could be easily put into practice. In this book, Visualize and Achieve, I have tried to include all the required information, guidance and instructions about the power of creative visualization. If you have been reading all the Creative Visualization Lisa Nichols reviews out there you no longer have to get a full overview of what her course is about.
Lisa Nichols is considered the best rated teacher of from the movie the “The Secret” and now in her nine part ground breaking course she shares with you the key to a life of inner peace, health, and sustained.
Well the above is great how that gets you out of reading all the Creative Visualization Lisa Nichols reviews.
If you have ever been thinking about someone or something with positive thoughts for a while and then they pop up out of nowhere you have mastered visualization. In the Mindvalley Creative Visualization course (the mini course) it states that Lisa will show you will discover how to attract the experiences and success you choose.

So not only do you get a 97 dollar nine part guide free but you can also put the course to the test so you can stop reading all the Creative Visualization Lisa Nichols Reviews. Creative Visualization Meditation (free!)Posted by Andrea on November 15, 2012 to Making Dreams Real. You can’t simply bulldoze over your fears with positive thinking to get to where you want to be. But often what happens is that trying to shift into alignment with your dream only makes you very, very aware of where you are actually NOT in alignment with it. It points the way to what needs to be healed and transformed before you can have what you want. So pay attention to what thoughts and feelings come up in response to creative visualization and make note of them, this is what you need to clean up before you can take your next step towards your dream. I believe that your dream lives at the intersection of your authenticity, creativity and purpose. What if you could gracefully navigate the path to your dream using your intuition and inner gifts, instead of working your ass off, copying what you see other people doing or taking big (scary!) risks? I’ve actually accomplished and received more clarity in the 4 weeks I’ve been in the Creative Dream Circle than I have in the past 4 years going it alone. The oddly named book (revealed in the video) reminded me of this thing called a self image. If we have a self image that is linked to ourselves being overweight, or struggling, or unhappy, or poor, or single, or depressed then this is the reality that our subconscious mind creates.
Self image change work is a powerful concept and one well worth making a priority in our goal to become high achievers. The group that only visualised successful free throws experienced significant improvement almost as much as the group who actually practiced. So, put aside your doubts for a moment and give it a try, the results of the creative visualisation exercise could surprise and delight you.
It is a book about creative visualization – how to use visualization to create and attract success. It is a book that speaks about planting the seeds of success in your mind, watering them and growing them. Success, any success, big or small, requires a clear mental image, strong desire, motivation, perseverance, faith, concentration, and a right attitude.
Both concentration and imagination are essential tools for achieving success in every area, work, business, sports, writing, studying, school, the arts, relationships and everything else. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible.
After years of reading and studying I decided to write a book, a manual, which everyone can use. My goal was not just to offer inspiration and awaken motivation, something that most books do, but also to provide a wealth of practical information and techniques that produce results.
In his articles and books, he teaches about positive thinking and motivation, visualization, gaining inner strength and inner peace, achieving success, and about improving one’s life. There is now a creative visualization for manifesting free download 9 part guide that will not only show you what she teaches but how she teaches.
In the free download she will also debunk the biggest myths to becoming successful with manifesting.

Here’s how, as mentioned the guide consists of nine parts, by spending at least two to three days on each part learning it, absorbing it and putting into practice you will be able to answer the question does creative visualization work. The difficult part is when you are trying creative visualization techniques for a certain area of your life where you have beliefs that go against what you are trying to manifest.
You will also experience more self-confidence, abundance and success, as well as discover your true purpose. If you have gone through the guide I would love to hear you thoughts in the comments below. Pin Share Tweet +1 EmailCreative visualization meditation alone is NOT going to make your dream real. And that bringing your dream to life is an act of healing – both for you and for the world around you. We’ve all got one – it’s a collection of all the thoughts, beliefs and feelings we have about ourselves.
It is a book about the powers within you that can repel or attract success, depending on the way you think. Just knowing the content is not enough in many cases, know the teaching methods is also key. Some of the free creative visualization techniques she share in her guide are aligning all your subconscious resources, how to finish projects faster and easier, trigger healing within your body, how to avoid the ruts that many people have and more. Since Lisa Nichols is considered one of the best teachers around if you actually spend the time with the creative visualization workbook free pdf and put into practice what you learn and do not see your own results then you know the product is not for you.
Or you have success with manifesting your desire but other areas of your life fall apart which is all too common and that is where this guide comes into play. It teaches you about the powers of your mind, about visualization and about positive thinking.
This is my approach in all my books and in the articles that I write, which you can find at this website. If you are someone who has just been searching wonder if this really works below is a short overview of what the guide will teach you. That however does not mean it is for someone else, because creative visualization does work. In This free creative visualization workbook Lisa Nichols master visualization without stress and without hurting other areas of your life. Well, yes to question does manifesting using creative visualization work, and as far as I am concerned yes her guide is priceless, whether you are looking for creative visualization for beginners or have manifested successfully this guide will teach you things you more than likely were not aware of. Plus this course is not just geared towards a certain area you can use the techniques taught in the guide in area of your life as you see fit. Once I decide creative visualization will come in very handy… ?? Thanks as always for the share!!

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