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Pick a participation format that gets the audience involved by giving everyone a possible chance to be a contestant, such as being a door prize winner.
Vicki Blaze from PTO Ideas provides some great insights in the article below about raising funds with a Game Show Night.
You may want to play two or three different games throughout the evening and have a different host for each, but plan to keep the event to no more than two hours long. Include a mix of academic and fun questions and competition ideas submitted by both students and teachers.
Although your committee volunteers are the ones to make up the game rules and questions, the game show host is the person responsible for announcing the rules of the game to the audience and contestants and for keeping the game running smoothly and continuously. Begin advertising 4 to 6 weeks in advance by distributing flyer’s to parents of all local schools and hanging flyers in visible locations at the school.
In addition to ticket sales, sponsors are a key element in reaching your fund raising goal.
As with any event that has generated an audience, complement your event by selling soda, water, candy, pizza, or raffle tickets. And finally, send thank you notes to sponsors and let your committee members know how much you appreciate their hard work.
Vicki Blaze is the publisher of PTO Ideas, the site dedicated to helping schools build better parent-teacher organizations. Add Excitement To Your Fundraising Event – The best way to raise more money at your fundraising event is to add more fun and excitement.
Auction Consignment Items – Auction consignment items are the best way to double or even triple your auction results. Festival Fundraising Ideas – 101 festival ideas plus the top 12 fundraising ideas for raising money at your event. 101 Fundraising Auction Donations Sources – An extensive list of sources for fundraising auction donations from companies with links to online donation request information for each business.
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The image was also used to paint the president as pandering and out-of-touch with the law-abiding gun owners of America. You’ve heard me talk about how to save money and that it is very important to teach your little ones on how to handle money; I think children should learn the importance about money at an early age and they will be able to follow that importance throughout their life. This kit is geared towards helping the little ones learn how to handle money; it is geared for ages 3 through 12 and I still think my Teen would be perfectly fine using this technique.
This worksheet will keep your little one on track and focused on a goal; not only will it teach them to save money, but also help them be patient and work hard towards their goal.

Besides the two worksheets there are also the 3 envelopes, they are un and colorful and close with a Velcro button, making it easy to divide your money into SAVE, SPEND, GIVE. In the kit included are also three magnets that you can put anywhere you like so your little one will be reminded of the the main idea of this Financial Peace Set, SAVE, SPEND and GIVE; also included is a coin change purse, that is too cute and a great idea to keep all that change that the little one will be earning now. The instructional Manual is very simple and very good demonstrated on how the Financial Peace Jr. What a wonderful kit; we are super excited to start all three of our munchkins on the Financial Peace University through the summer and hope they will learn some great money skills that they can follow for a lifetime.
This kit is truly wonderful, it is a tool, use it and be your little ones guide; only you can teach your little one how to handle their budget, start early and it is just like second nature once you let them go into the big world.
I was provided with the product listed above for our honest review, all opinions are 100% our own and no other compensation was nor will be received. About Melanie RobertsFlorida Blogger, German Descendant, Travel Addicted, Recipe Developer, Pet Enthusiast, Mom of Three.
Choose a classic game show like Family Feud or The Price Is Right and use it as the centerpiece for a fun fundraising event.
Here are some tips to plan an evening where people can laugh out loud with their friends, family, teachers, and principal.
At least one of the games should be one where the contestants are randomly chosen from the audience. Since the goal is to have as many audience members as possible, the lower the ticket price, the more likely you will fill the auditorium. You’ll want to obtain corporate sponsorships to offset the cost of the prizes, custodial fees, hall fee, food and beverage costs, ticket printing costs, and advertising costs. A letter can also be written to your local newspaper, along with photos, thanking everyone for a successful fund raiser. An easy way to do that is to add some dramatic flair with raffles and prize drawings that grab everyone’s interest.
A festival fundraiser is a great way to raise funds because events with a fun focal point make it easier to attract a large audience. These fundraising auction donation sources provide items ranging from $25 gift cards all the way up to cruise ship vacations.
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I like that; there are always consequences in life, let your little ones learn that every thing they do will have a consequence, whether it be a good one or a punishment, but every action has a response. Please contact me with information about your product to evaluate and I'll let you know if it is appropriate for my blog and readers.

All of these game shows have a few things in common – contestants, a host, prizes, challenges, anticipation, and humor.
This will sell tickets and keep the audience interested and entertained at the anticipation of being chosen. Encourage every student to purchase a ticket, encourage parents to purchase tickets themselves and to sell to family and friends, and set up sale tables at student pick-up and drop-off locations, in the cafeteria during lunch hours, and at school sponsored events. Tickets can be sold in advance, but you can count on most of the tickets being sold at the door on the day of the event. Recognize the sponsor’s generous donation at your fund raising event by publishing their name in promotional material. Consider gift certificates to local restaurants, grocery stores, toy stores, or movie theaters, pre-paid phone cards, or even a free car wash by a group of students. Festivals also keep people involved longer than most other fundraising events, so they also help you to raise more money per attendee than other event ideas. We had taken this picture on the internet that we feel would be probably the most representative images for dragon designs tattoos. We had taken this image from the net that we think would be probably the most representative pictures for tattoos ideas for sisters.
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You can’t live without it and if you have more debt than your income you are having a tough time as well; so why not teach your little ones some importance about Do’s and don’ts about money and hopefully they will go into the right direction later on. I’m your everyday average working mom, wife and friend that likes to share recipes, DIY tips, techy things and anything from crafts to home remodel. For instance, in a Family Feud style game, have two teams of five players each compete against each other. A high school aged student may be able to handle this role, but for middle and elementary school, we recommend an adult. Avoid a gym or cafeteria as the noise levels will detract from the event if the audience cannot hear the conversations on stage.
Since it is more fun to laugh with the people you know, plan to sell tickets to students, friends, family and school staff. I’m a Brand Ambassador, recipe creator and love to share things both from the US and my home Country Germany.
If you have 3 rounds of play, then 6 different teams can play – that’s 30 people!

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