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When you can earn some serious dollar to watch from YouTube videos and it might be just be the funniest money making EVER. It sadly that it is not as easy as clapping your fingers and the money transfer into your bank account like miracle, making money from out of YouTube to watch videos is still a relatively simple concept also.
The peoples who make Video can earn money from advertising via the web site’s partner programmer, by regular up loaders with the big audience rating. When an advertiser pays money based on per clicks.  Therefore, if a certain keyword has a $5 and someone clicks on that define ad link, it will charge that advertiser $4 dollar. You need to make a unique username for memorable and steer clear from numbers and random characters.
Create more social networking site accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and advertise for yourself. If any of your videos contain copyrighted content music that you did not make, content from movies, etc. Most Indians and other South Asian people wait for at least 6 months and more to get their Adsense account approved. Briefly, YouTube can be a supportive platform for your online earning when you are building your blog and earn or even without a blog. I suspect that many channels will setup a seperate, commerrcial free, paid channel and beef up the length of commercials on the main channel. As you can see, the button will be colored red for standard users and green for paid users.
You can add the YouTube subscribe button on your website using a small piece of code from the official YouTube subscribe button page. You may not offer or promote prizes or rewards of any kind in exchange for clicking on a YouTube Subscribe button.
Pinterest badge A pinterest social plugin for blogs to show latest pins and follower count. About Author   Rajkumar is an Electronic Geek, Partime Blogger & Founder of Techraju from India.

These text ads pop up in the lower part of the screen during the video, and can show up as a square banner ad on the right side or bottom of your YouTube channel.
Wait some time to think about what you can do well and whether you think you can make a video of it.
However, do you know you if you apply Adsense via YouTube or Blogger it becomes relatively easy. It shows actual ads on your YouTube channel, and you earn money when a viewer clicks on the ad This is the easiest way that other YouTube’s are making money.
You just need to do is pick the right product, create a video around it and put the link in the description.
In addition, once your blog is all set to go, you can put the video tutorials of your blog posts and comment on YouTube to earn some extra dollar. That way you can have the free version with longer commercials or the paid version with no commercials.
They have the most users, video upload options, promotion options and the lowest cost of video hosting.
Your reader's can now subscribe to your YouTube channel right from your blog or website making it just like Facebook like or twitter follow button.
Default shows only the button with subscriber count where as the full option will show your profile picture and channel name as well.
Partners must be agreed to YouTube allowing relevant adverts to be placed with alongside on the server, and even within, their videos earn money based on a combination of views and clicks (how many people click on the video feature ad). Who would pay you to show their name or quick ad at the initial or at the end of the video?
You earn per sale, and usually the payout about Affiliate marketing for your videos in this post. It can also benefit you by getting visitors who are not using Google as primary search engine and your site is beyond their reach until now.
In fact, I would probably stop watching a channel altogether rather than pay a subscription fee for their service.

Google has spent so much time fighting it they haven’t been able to properly monetize it. YouTubers complain, videos are mislabeled not adult, and worst of all: the porn publishers are always trying to lead people off YouTube.
This is the biggest change in the porn industry since PayPal and I suspect over the next year the millions of porn sites on the internet will be moving a good portion of their content to YouTube.
But a problem is if you reduce the video quality, you did not able to watch videos with clarity. Nevertheless, you can always add your blog or website to this account; once you think you fulfill all criteria to get an approved site. Some of peoples also use native advertising to market their product, and it is indeed one great way to make more money from YouTube.
I spent my youth (pre-DVR) watching commercial supported TV and I still will watch a commercial from time to time if it catches my attention, asterisks & all. Since they cater to the full range of people they fight, very hard, every day to prevent pornographic results from showing up in their standard search tools. Now we can look forward to even more suggestive ads and messages asking us to come to their YouTube channel.
Some times YouTube videos are take long time for loading, Because the reasons may be Slow net connection, High Quality videos, etc., For solving this problem i have some tricks, it can help you to watch youtube videos without buffering. If you cannot access porn videos without paying subscription fees there are almost no complaints.
If you don’t have to leave YouTube to access their paid content, Google investors are happy.

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