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I received a question from a reader who is considering setting up a blog as an alternative to writing for revenue share sites. Multi-niche blogs can get too scattered if you're starting from scratch and if the niches aren't related. Your best bet is to choose one niche to start with -- something that won't lose your interest, and something you can monetize effectively.
You absolutely do not have to include the word "articles" in the domain name for your new blog. It's important to understand that many bloggers who set out to make money with their blogs never do (or they earn very little). When you focus on a niche audience, you can spend more time identifying their needs and problems.
If you decide it's not the right option for you after all, freelance blogging might be a good middle ground. Get answers to your writing questions. Register now to join the FREE All Indie Writers community for freelance writers, indie authors, and blogger.
Jenn has over 15 years experience writing for others, over 11 years experience in blogging, and 9 years experience in indie e-book publishing.
Subscribe to the All Indie Writers newsletter to get personal updates from Jenn in your inbox. When I started my blog, I trudged up a steep learning curve when it came to the tech side of things. Coming up with blog content is straight forward for me, (we are writers after all), but I have had to do a trouble-shooting when it comes to maintaining the coding side of things. I now know more about computers and web design than I had ever planned on learning in my life time… ?? !
Not only that, but everything thinks you can make heaps of cash by adding affiliate links and using AdSense. It’s absolutely a business, and bloggers need to go in expecting to treat it like one if their goal is to make money. For example, while e-books have done well for me over the years on my writing blogs, my small business blog has always earned well from ad revenue (Adsense, affiliate ads, and private ad sales), even when it was just a wee baby blog. I have been blogging since 2012 (not long from now though) and I blog in the make money niche. Bottom line, Joe should start with setting his blog and not expect any quick money from it.
That said, if you’re going to manually promote those kinds of offers, you would do even better to promote your own products. So let’s take a look at exactly what they mean, and cover a few methods that are often promoted in these products.
In an ideal world, sure, taking surveys and getting paid for your opinion could be a chill way to spend your evenings and boost your income, even if just a little bit. Then, when all is said and done, you have to battle with minimum withdrawals, currency exchange rates, and possibly processing fees. This is another popular one – the idea that companies want an army of advertisers and can pay large mounts of money for link that you post. Also, you only get paid for each link that remains active, so there’s often a long waiting period to prevent fraud and check for link removal. Worst of all, posting links in places where they shouldn’t be is annoying, and probably considered spam. This is probably the only method of making money without a website that has some legitimacy to it. CPA basically means that companies will pay you to ride out into the wild west of the internet and bring back customers to them. This is a highly competitive industry, and most people that do well are the ones that PAY for traffic.
It takes some serious strategizing, training, and tenacity to be able to figure this stuff out.
Technically you could do it for free, but to do that, you’d need a website and some SEO or SEM training! One of the most popular things out of recent months is the idea that you can make money simply by uploading YouTube videos. You could do commentary on curated videos, but to get a popular channel you’ll need to be creative, energetic, and lots of time to grow your brand. Another sketchy way to make money from YouTube vids (most other platforms don’t allow this) is to advertise products and post affiliate links in the video description. One of the worst products I’ve seen on how to do this was Emergency Affilaite Cash Storm. I started my own business on the internet in 2010 because I wanted to start every day with a relaxing cup of coffee instead of going to a regular 9-5 job.
Can You Really Make Money Trading Forex?Views: 10473 Forex or Foreign exchange is one of the hottest investment products out there and many online will have stumbled across adverts promoting over-the-counter Forex products.
Large sites can seemingly cover everything because they have hundreds, if not thousands, of people creating new content for them. It makes the site seem more generic whereas successful blogs tend to focus on building a brand.
You want a brand that will last, regardless of what Google's views are on keyword-rich domains in the next several months to years. This can be a topic you can cover with professional expertise, it could be a hobby, or it could even be something you want to learn about while you blog. That means you can monetize the blog through e-book or product sales that solve those problems. When you narrow down your niche, you can also narrow down the scope of your marketing plan. Then worry about the branding by choosing your domain name, creating a logo, and choosing your blog design.

You get paid outright for your content, so you don't risk waiting months to years to reach blogging income goals.
That works great for bigger blog, but from what I’ve seen, you really need more than that.
But get a feel for how they might do in your niche (the Adwords Keyword Planner can be a big help).
Ads are not a great place for a new blogger to start, at least until they get traffic rolling in. If I were starting over right now as a fresh-faced blogger with no audience or network to help launch new sites, I would make sure I had a product ready to sell immediately and let the blog kick off by supporting that and building your authority status. In fact, making a website is the #1 fear of anyone looking to start an internet based business.
Although this method technically does work, getting paid for opinion surveys just doesn’t seem worth the time or effort to me.
I covered getting paid to post links in depth in another article, but I’ll summarize here. Unfortunately, as you might have guessed already, it’s not that simple to figure out. These customer don’t have to buy anything, but they need to take some kind of action.
This usually involves paying for training or mentorship, or having a decent sized budget to figure things out for yourself.
Some places allow this, some not, meaning you’re going to have to invest some time for research in addition to your advertising budget. Products like TubeLaunch and Tube Cash Code impress you with millionaires who built their businesses without ever having owned a website. As usual with these types of advertising methods, you need to know more of the story before you decide that this is going to be your ticket to financial freedom. With One More Cup of Coffee I hope to help other people learn online business and achieve their own goals. We find ourselves yet again asking the question that we ask each year - can you still make money blogging in this year? But many ask a perfectly legitimate question, can you really make money trading the foreign exchange markets from the comfort of your home? I think most people do a lot of work on these sites and get paid little for their many hours or work writing articles and commenting on other people's articles.
Google also supposedly doesn't give exact match domains as much weight anymore just because of the keywords in the domain names. That said, even earning a modest (but reliable) amount from a blog can take time and a lot of hard work. There's little point in creating something to sell if 90+ percent of your readers don't care about it. Don't waste time marketing to completely different audiences until you've figured out how to monetize your first. Focus on creating high quality content that solves your readers' problems or answers their questions. It involves a lot of audience research, a lot of writing and editing, a lot of networking, and a lot of marketing.
That isn't an easy path either, but it might be a more direct option for reaching your goals.
Now that you know what’s going to make the money, are you willing to put the extra time and effort into writing that eBook or designing the eCourse? And it’s this fear that drives people to believe that there is some way to turn a profit, without needing to know any code, and without having to pay anyone to build the site for you. You rarely make more than minimum wage, and sometimes you are only paid in gift cards or prizes instead of actual cash. Some places like Swagbucks have a decent reputation online, but they do more than just opinion stuff, and have a variety of other ways to earn credits you can exchange for money. Taking surveys, submitting an email address, trying a free sample, or entering to win a free iPad are some typical CPA offers.
It’s really easy to end up spending way more than you get paid, and failure rate in CPA is high. A question that, no doubt, will prickle the interest of many a bloggers, especially new ones or those aspiring to become one. You will find many resources and websites online which will answer this question in the affirmative and make bold claims regarding the amazing returns you can make from trading Forex, however it is not quite as simple as this. And much of that comes down to your strategy, your niche specialty, and the plan you come up with to monetize your blog. Pretty much any blog revenue stream revolves around readers -- eyes on ads, people to buy products, readers to convert into paying members, etc. Then figure out how to get that information in front of them (blog commenting, social networking, guest posts, advertising, etc.).
But even without the private ad sales or much fresh content, it still brings in enough every month that I could use that money alone to support all of my other sites (the server, the domains — of which I have many, plenty of premium tools, and contractors when I used to hire developers, designers, and ongoing contributors to some of the sites on a regular basis). People get paid today to produce content in almost every niche and no one is ready to buy mediocrity. Also, because of the fervor surrounding the topic of CPA, internet gurus are more than willing to sell you a training course with lofty promises of making millions without a website and without actually selling something.
All of this is going to cost money and time, and well, it would be faster to just learn how to build a website. There’s also a pretty good chance your video will get flagged and taken down for false advertising. Once your site is creating find the giant green button to start on the left side of your screen your affiliate marketing training. I started my first online business in 2010 promoting computer software and now I help newbies start their own businesses.

So, can you really make money blogging in 2014?It seems like only yesterday that I last wrote on a topic like this, even though it's been almost an year now.
Answering this question is not as simple as it may at first seem, of course there are a number of retail traders who are very successful. I have heard more than one horror story of spending 45 minutes or more on a survey, then having the website or web page crash.
Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!
But the more important question is whether an average Joe with little trading knowledge or experience can expect to make money from trading.There is no good data in regards to what percentage of retail foreign exchange traders in fact turn a profit. If you'd like to explore other blog revenue streams, you can start by reading my post on the topic, Make Money Blogging: 20 Blog Revenue Streams. There have been suggestions that maybe only 10-25% of retail foreign exchange traders turn a profit which demonstrates just how difficult it can be to make money trading. Even if you only reach 50 readers, you can still convert a few into buyers and earn affiliate revenue. Payout for online surveys is rarely more than $2-$3 dollars per hour, and probably much less if you count all the dead ends you’ll run in to along the way. Firstly, many new traders who are attracted to trading see Forex as something akin to a get rich scheme which will see them making huge returns without much effort. This is completely the wrong conception of Forex trading, in my personal experience trading the markets with real money at stake is one of the most demanding and stressful things you can do. So you can expect this one to be a major player, if not a game changer, yet.The major emphasis now is on "conversational" search terms - queries which more closely resemble questions asked in real life. A second factor which leads to many new traders ultimately losing is that many newbie and even some relatively experienced traders lack the relevant education to really understand trading.
While this should not much effect bloggers who are currently publishing, it could, however, mean that beginners need to get more work done. Many traders who start out may learn a bit about technical analysis or buy a trading system, without properly understanding how to use the system or the technical analysis they have learned. Technical analysis is a very nuanced and interpreting whether indicators are giving you could buy or sell signals can be quite difficult. That increases the complexity of content that can be created - not a big problem for established bloggers, but definitely a mountain to climb for starters.Keywords dataGoogle made the move to make all organic searches secure starting September 23rd last year. At my blog I attempt to guide traders through some of the basic of technical analysis with the aim to helping people avoid making mistakes. This means we've lost the ability to get keyword data for users arriving to our websites from Google search.
The third major reason why I believe so many fail at Forex trading is that a certain temperament is needed to successfully trade the markets.One must be level headed, able to deal with considerable stress and be able to deal with the considerable highs and lows that traders have to deal with.
This impacts publishers in many ways, including losing a valuable tool for understanding what the intent of customers that come to their site, for conversion optimization, and much more. This might suggest that PageRank could be going away, since Google itself no longer puts much emphasis on it. But it does mean that since PageRank is now updated after a long time, new blogs will have to wait a long time before they get a PageRank, and get out of the "zero" zone, which is a huge disadvantage. He has been writing about over-the-counter trading for the past two years. Do you like this post? A major reason is given below.MalpracticesSpeaking of disadvantages, starters now run a greater risk of being targeted by plagiarism, spam, malicious activity, and other illegal activities. You may also like:What's Your Reason To Learn Forex TradingWhy it is important to learn Forex trading? For example, a lot of people copy and paste content from this blog (smarttechnologyhub) to their own.
Now of course, MB has a reputable standing (thanks to our beloved readers like you), so this plagiarism does not really effect us.But what about a blog that started a week ago? Even if they are creating their own, original content, they run the risk of getting penalized for plagiarism.
Although Google's algorithms are smart, and they can detect plagiarism, they do sometimes miss their mark. You never know when someone might be stalking you, observing, waiting for a wrong move - not uncommon for a starter.Tonnes of competitionWell, that's not surprising.
We're already past the era of digitalization, and almost everybody has had their share of online experience to decide what they want to do henceforth. Of course saying "everyone" is a massive generalization, but not a very in-accurate one.The competition is high - too high, and the payout is low - too low. And if you feel confident that you can work hard and overcome the odds, then we welcome you wholeheartedly! We need more brave people like you!Is it worth it?Speaking of competition, the advertisement rates today are much lower than they used to be.
If you want to survive you need to have the full toolbox, and without a single component, you're a dead.
To rise to equal footing with the others from the start, you need to offer something unique.
The rewards can be worth it if you set your goal to reach the top, and focus only on your goal. If you start thinking about the rewards, you'll get distracted, often frustrated, and you'll never get to the top.So, what do you think?

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