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While it may seem obvious that business coaching and life coaching are different, its important to understand both the differences AND similarities if you want to get a fix on what your client really needs.
Even as a business coach, you still have a responsibility to a client to understand ALL the factors that go into making his business successful or not. As either a business coach or a life coach, you are involved with your client AND his or her business. The difference between the two is this: a business coach approaches the problem primarily as getting the business straight so as to positively affect the life of the client.
What’s interesting about business coaching is that you will likely apply both life coaching skills and business coaching skills.
New Vibe Training is committed to offering informative, relevant, and motivational books and other products that are intended to enlighten, educate, empower, and inspire you to lead a more productive and enjoyable life, both personally and professionally.
Foundations for Coach Leadership is a two-day requisite for the ICF Coach Certification Course provided by New Vibe Training. Do I have to take the Foundations for Coach Leadership (FFCL) course before I enroll in the ICF Certified Professional Coach Training (CORE) course? This course will provide the knowledge and tools that can be used to empower yourself and those around you. Since 2002, Carl Casanova and New Vibe Training in Portland, Oregon have been preparing tomorrow’s leaders with the interpersonal communication skills necessary for success. As an ICF approved Certified Professional Coach Training Program (CORE), New Vibe Training graduates will be eligible to pursue their ACC, PCC, or MCC credentials following completion of our ACSTH program.
We tailor our courses to the needs of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders through flexible scheduling and moderate class sizes, which maximize learning.
Contact New Vibe Training today for more information about our life coaching courses and more in Portland, Oregon. NLP, Business Training, Winner's Edge Programme and Use Your Head … Personal Transformation Trainings. Our trainings in luxurious surroundings, provide the perfect learning environment and a learning experience not to be forgotten. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a study of excellence and how to produce specific results consistently. By applying the latest technologies at our disposal (NLP, Creating Your Future® Coaching Techniques, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching) our world class coaches help and guide individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their potential by removing the impediments to their success.

This dual focus may sound difficult, but think about this: when you help your client to succeed, you will inevitably benefit the business as well.
The life coach, on the other hand, approaches the same problem from the standpoint of getting the CLIENT straight so that the business will also prosper.
In other words, you will be working on the personal goals of your client as well as affecting the overall success of the business.
Students receive 24 ICF accredited coach specific training hours (ACSTH) which will be applied to the CORE course for a total of 126 hours. Due to course scheduling and timing, it may be in your favor to begin the CORE and take the Foundations for Coach Leadership course sometime during the six months you are in the CORE. Scheduling is usually every couple of months for two full days, Saturday & Suday, 9 am – 6 pm. We design our life coach training certification programs to cultivate the strengths and goals of our students, while maintaining a balance within their personal and professional lives. Our multi-disciplinary scope uses various fields to strengthen skills in corporate development, family life, anger management, and couples communication. On offer is world class ABNLP certified intensive 4-in-1 Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification trainings by world class trainers, who are highly qualified, experienced and accredited, will help you and guide you in your personal and professional transformation. I have met many people who seem to think that business coaching is some kind of remedial activity or therapy for their business. As a life coach, naturally you will need strong business coaching skills to bring about this transformation. Our trainings are international (UK wide, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong).
Learn the strategies, attitudes, beliefs and values of a winner, that will get you to the top of your 'game', at 'peak performance'.
In fact, they tell me that they would even be embarrassed to admit to somebody that they had a business coach.
Equipping you to advance your life purpose for decisive change at New Vibe Training.  Our coach training courses are a perfect fit for anyone searching for more out of life both in their careers and relationships. We may keep waiting for that “perfect” time in our life when we’ll take risks and take charge of our lives. Are you ready to take the opportunity, both in your personal and professional life to achieve your potential and beyond?

Learn the strategies, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs of winners.The portfolio of courses offering NLP Certification, Business Training, Winner’s Edge Training, Use Your Head … Personal Transformation Training and MyBreakthro Coaching provide avenues for you to acquire this know-how today and achieve your dreams. The person believes that they will be able to charge more money for the services they offer if they have a Prince2 training qualification. So, remember, business coaching is not for the fainthearted, it’s for people who are already achievers and want more out of their business and their life. They may have been sent to take the course by their superior, or they might say that they are planning to resign from their current position and having a project management qualification will help them find a new job. Business coaching works best for those who are already achievers and who are keen to go to the next level. Other times, the person has taken the class before a long time ago but are interested in revisiting the information.
Business coaching acts like a catalyst which helps you to focus and to do more than you could if you were working alone. I have some exciting programmes which frequently net increased profits of over 60% for my clients. You are probably skilled at your product and service and the delivery of that service, but most business owners I meet pay little attention, or much less attention to the actual running of the business, the operational side. People find they make more profit, get more customers and can spend more time, not tied to their business, with their family or their pursuits. It’s extremely helpful to trainers if you have a very well defined goal for the training course. The main takeaway here is that the qualification process isn’t just a process for the trainee. This information will assist you by knowing what skills you’re supposed to get out of the course and help you stay focused on the correct aspects of the training. The easy answer comes from what you said in the above section for what you need to get out of the training course. You may also like:Free Salesforce Training That Would Lead End User AdoptionThere are a lot of free salesforce training being offered that would help achieve end user adoption.

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