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In the fast pace of our work and personal lives our attention is easily scattered and our mind cluttered with endless distractions.
Video: Buddhist Teachings on Ngondro, The Foundation Practices with Venerable Zasep RinpocheVideo What the Teachers SayOur third Buddha Weekly teachings video introduces the first three outer preliminaries of Foundation Practices in Vajrayana Buddhism. What the Teachers Say About Doggie Dharma: Did Buddha Teach That Dogs and Cats Have Buddha Nature?
Buddha Weekly Online Magazine, published since 2007, takes a topical approach to modern Buddhist feature writing — topics of interest to modern Buddhists, from the multiple points-of-view of many teachers of different traditions. Most of our contributors are interested in how science compliments and reinforces Buddhist concepts.
About Lori DescheneLori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha and Recreate Your Life Story, an online course that helps you let go of the past and live a life you love.
DisclaimerThis site is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. It impacted my ability to express emotions, because I’d decided that being strong meant holding them in.
I managed to make it to the age of twenty-nine without having my heart broken; in fact, I was only five months away from thirty when it happened.
I shared more of myself with her than anyone ever before, but I was never truly comfortable. They included things like not dwelling on the negative, loving myself, being confident, and being less critical of myself. Whenever I feel my thoughts become negative, I look at my hand and remember that it doesn’t have to be that way. I also shed a tear while reading this story as I am facing a difficult time in my life and it made me realize that yes we can choose how we feel. I went through a horrible break-up last year and I went through every emotion in the process. I remember a couple of weeks ago I was really broken over my mom’s recent suicide, and just fell apart completely.
Thank you for sharing this painful story, and how you have been able to transform your pain into insight and a reminder that you have survived something from the past, and that this is now…you have found a bit of silver lining in a huge thundercloud! James, I tremendously relate to some of the exact feelings you described after my recent breakup.
It all makes sense because it was such a sad time when my dad died and unfortunately I didn’t grieve at that time. So now I have to be kind to myself and learn to nurture myself and to accept that feeling sad is ok.
Training in mindfulness gives us the power to overcome disturbing thoughts and to stay focused on what brings peace of mind and happiness.
People from all walks of life have used Buddhist techniques to ‘relax’ and ‘de-stress’, despite neither being practising Buddhists nor indeed understanding much (if anything) about Buddhism itself.

We take Dharma topics, often the Buddha's own words, and look how modern science might support ancient truths. To strengthen your relationships, get her new book, Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges. The content on Tiny Buddha is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. I’d always considered her “the one that got away.” We began dating and things were great for a while. It strikes me today how many people blame anyone else from Governments to banks for their own actions and choices and the consequences that follow. Not because it makes me sad but because it makes me happy to see someone take control of his destiny after so many years of struggle. This week I was diagnosed with my 3rd benign tumor (I had two previous ones 15 years ago) and I am trying to focus on my meditation, yoga and holistic lifestyle choices to help me become stronger both physically and mentally. Thank you for this James, and for sharing your life, and yourself, with all of us out there in the interwebs.
It is a lesson learned from a difficult situation but one that I’ve gratefully embraced. My father died when I was a little girl and from that moment on I had to become a brave little girl as I didn’t want to cause more upset for my mother. My boyfriend finished with me last week and I too am writing a journal which is really useful.
As I go down the river I pass many obstacles but I won’t turn round and try and cling on to those. I too lost my father when he was at the young age of 54 and I never looked into healing the wounds until the age of 30, after I too lost a relationship.
In What Other Ways is Vajrayana Buddhist Deity Practice More Science than Religion?Deities, Vajrayana, What the Buddhist Teachers SayDeity Yoga in Tibetan Buddhism is very often misunderstood. What to Do About Euthanasia?Buddhist Living, Buddhist Practices, Dharma, What the Buddhist Teachers SayI saw a sparkling moment of real Doggie Dharma last weekend. I remember my mom’s screams causing many of our neighbors to come over to see what had happened.
It felt like they were escaping; like I was letting go of this deep sadness I’ve carried for so long. I can feel that i related to your story and having that emptiness inside that has held you back with lack of confindince all these years until i realized that i ultimately it was my choice to feel the way i was feeling. I thank you for sharing your experience with us, because we all get side tracked sometimes and then allow the negative to over power us. Past topics have included: meditation for healing, the evidence for rebirth, how to understand emptiness, and why "compassion" should be put on the scientific map.
Once I felt in control my life turnaround for the good and life has been amazing ever since.

This concept is so powerful and so exciting because I think that to fully live like this is incredibly empowering.
We need people like u to come to remind us that we can remove the negative thinking from our vocabulary and focus on the positive. When I am in a relationship now I still feel it is my role to make others ok and therefore I hide my true emotions. Every night, before I go to sleep, I write 200-300 words of how my day passed and I go to sleep. Berlin is one of my favorite cities and I am a bit jealous of her because I had to admit that I was afraid. Relax between sessions in the comfortable setting of the World Peace Temple, Cafe, and Gardens. My kind teacher, Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, smiled as they lifted the pup for a blessing after the teachings.
At times I have been a little hard on myself for feeling that, but I just try to breathe and realize it’s okay to feel that. I also believe very strongly in what Lachlan commented below , “Even things that seem to be terribly unfortunate often hold tremendous gifts when we learn to see them. Years ago I befriended the local morgue pathologist who then allowed me to learn about the human body through his work and autopsies.
We get to choose what affects us, what destroys us, what brings us joy, what we need, how we communicate, what choices we make, what behavior we exhibit. Not just because it was what I needed, but because it’s what my mom would have truly wanted as well.
And even given the fact that there is so much out of our control (tragic deaths of loved ones, loss of jobs and homes and spouses, etc), we choose how we manage those experiences, and what we learn from each of them.
I am currently in the healing stage at the age of 31 and I can relate to everything you said in your blog.
Negativity is a quality of our focus or our interpretation of things; no the things themselves.
It takes a large amount of energy to live your life by remembering the power of choice and taking the hard route.
There is no spiritual growth without the suffering – we need to feel because we are human. If nothing else, the expanded awareness and consciousness we attain from having overcome the pain. I used to think suffering was a bad thing but it is in fact the opposite; it is good and it allows us to understand and process our feelings so that we can learn and grow from it.

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