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Enjoy the superb game of Cut the Rope in the festive season because its holiday edition has announced for you. The Brain Age Test is a free of cost Android game which is basically a simple but addicting mobile teaser that tests your brain age by evaluating your game performance. The Mind Games app offers you a great collection of games which are truly based in part on the principles of cognitive psychology in order to aid you practice different mental skills and improve it in a fun manner. The Coach Memory is the only one of its kind brain training and personal coach for your memory, attention, reaction speed, multitasking, task switching and problem solving skills that you can install to improve the mental capabilities. If you are a father or mother of a cute child and you like to improve your kid’s abilities then the Kids memory game: animals is a must have Android app for you.
This game app provides you the basic tips & tricks for the purpose of training your brain with the Brain Yoga facility in addition.
This Android game is really wonderful as it keeps you in touch with your buddies by playing but cost you nothing. As the name speaks itself, the Logo Quiz game app is based on guessing the names of the hundreds of logos from different companies. The basic goal of every player is to find out all the words hidden in the grid during the game play of this lovely Words brain improvement game.
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Mind Over Matter: My Quest to Establish a Brain Fitness Regimen4 CommentsAn interesting question was recently posed by a member of a Facebook group I’m a part of: what are the topics you CANNOT stop talking about?
I’m not sure how this current obsession got started, but I think I can trace it back to my reading of a James Altucher article on becoming an idea machine. If you are like I was a few months ago, you may be fuzzy on the exact definition of brain fitness. Though my daily brain training practices might not hold any long-term benefits for my brain fitness, I can say that I’m certainly enjoying the games; if nothing else, they provide a great diversion during late-night nursing sessions! Through an easy to navigate interface, the For Dummies titles teach players the skills to master a variety of exciting games and activities. What makes Brain Training interesting is that it breaks down the mind into six different sections: memory, reflex, math, language, logic, and spatial. Throughout the course of the game, you'll do simple mathematical calculations, partake in crossword-like mini-games, have to rely on your memory to solve flashcard-type puzzles, and more. Luckily, at the start of the game, you won't fail often because the early difficulty levels are ridiculously easy. As you go up through the challenges, Brain Training finds many ways to make seemingly easy puzzles hard. One annoying thing about Brain Training is that you can't change the difficulty level in the circuit modes.
While the game does not feature a Brain Age type scoring system, it does feature a Brain Gauge that divides an image of the brain into six different parts. The Cut the Rope game is really awesome in which your goal is to feed the hungry frog with the given candy. This test makes you able to improve and tests your short-term memory and brain age in a modish way. It is the ideal game to aid you fights against the effects of aging on your brain, or try to develop the brain functioning at any age. It is very essential for you since according to the scientist’s researches brain needs training as well as muscles so if you have the Android device, you must try this app. Basically it is the classic board game which is designed and developed for the sake of developing the memory skills of children.

When you initialize the app, you will come to know that it offers you six interesting puzzle games that will aid you to train your memory, vocabulary, numeracy, spatial ability and pattern matching in a remarkable way. By having this game in your Android Machine, you become able to watch the logos of many business bodies every day and everywhere no matter if you are on the go. This is a new classic show up at Magma Mobile which is truly based on the principle that you may already check in the crossword puzzles. If we talk about technology Android is the part and parcel of technology because this mobile phone is through Google. The post got me thinking about how my mind is my most valuable asset and how I need to begin treating it with the care and respect it deserves. One popular new method of cognitive training is engaging in a daily regimen of computerized brain training exercises that work your memory, stimulate your brain, and challenge your mental muscles. It started with FutureU: The Prep Game for SAT, and now I have a copy of Brain Training for Dummies sitting at my desk. After Brain Training tells you how human minds can actually benefit from its training in its introductory section, you'll encounter 15 different types of timed, multiple-choice, mini-games, each with 25 levels of scaling difficulty.
As previously mentioned, these are hybrid games that work different parts of the mind simultaneously. For instance, the mini-game Formula Phrases combines math and language together by asking you to perform relatively simple calculations by using spelled-out numbers; in other words, the number "4" will be spelled out "four" and so forth. Sometimes it will do this by shortening the allotted time you have, sometimes it will do this by being more demanding of the goals, and sometimes it will simply make the puzzles more complicated.
The Full Circuit puts you through a series of 15 randomly chosen mini-games, whereas the Mini Circuit cuts it down and gives you six games to play through.
That means you must play through multiple painfully easy challenges before you can move up to something more demanding.
The candy is hanged via rope and you have to be very careful while cutting it as if you did it in a wrong way, the candy will not go into the mouth of the frog and thus waste.
The Brain Age Test app offers you to calculate your mental age and draw more info out of your brain in a fun and playable mode.
This app is very helpful and if you spend even 5 minutes per day, it can be enough to not only maintain your brain in good shape but also to develop it in a cool way for which you do not have to pay special efforts. This Game contains very cute photos of animals including lion, cat, dog, etc., which are shown on memory cards. The users only need to spend a few minutes a day on this game in which you do not need to follow any timers or high scores but just diverting puzzles to check the outcomes.
The in game chat facility is also included within the app in order to stay intouch with the other players and friends. You will be amazed to know that all the levels are very challenging which have the physics based puzzle in it together with the amazing life like mechanics that will keep your interest level always high.
The Words game provides you a situation where you discover a set of words from a mixed grid of letters which will come in front of you.
Altucher reminded me of something I knew but had forgotten: that my brain, like any muscle, needs regular exercise in order to preserve its capacity for creativity.
Through my personal research into this subject, I learned that the field of cognitive training is a relatively new one. The science behind these games is non-definitive, with studies having varying findings regarding their long-term effectiveness. A recent study found that Tetris (which is similar to many brain training games) can weaken cravings for drugs, food and activities such as sex and sleeping when played just three minutes each day. In the meantime, I’ll continue to include brain exercises as part of my personal project to protect this precious commodity that is my brain. Perhaps the higher-ups are indirectly telling me that I need some educational help… So, if you're still reading this, you might be wondering if the dang thing actually works. For instance, the mini-game Lightning Links forces you to utilize your reflex and logic abilities.

In addition, all of these puzzles are timed, which adds a certain sense of urgency to the games. It starts off really easy and asks you questions like "What is 'three' plus 'four.'" However, as you progress and reach higher difficulty levels, the questions will expand and use bigger numbers to formulate longer-winded calculations. The Skill Circuit, on the other hand, lets you choose one of the six segments to hone in on. A lot of people really enjoyed Nintendo's Brain Age games on the DS because of its competitive multiplayer feature, but sadly, that is missing in Brain Training.
This Holiday Gift of this amazing game is fully equipped with the outstanding physics, devilishly tricky levels, and bright colorful visuals with a festive winter feel that will add more spice in the game play. If you are not satisfied with your performance during the test, you are able to get better your brain abilities by taking this test several times in a row. The result of all the trainings shows the history of the score which you get, a global top scores list is also available, and graph of your progress to keep the track of your performance.
This is the game for children of all ages and genders and anyone like babies, preschoolers, school children and teens love this game and learn through it as well. Along with the brain enhancement, it will also reduce your stress and wind down before bedtime and make you relax. The users are able to invite new players to play by means of Facebook & Twitter, or with random opponents matchmaking that they will discover in the game. The players have to cut through dirt and guide the fresh water, dirty water, toxic water, steam, and ooze through increasingly challenging scenarios in which every drop counts. I took up Altucher’s recommended habit of coming up with 10 ideas each day (this week I passed the 100-day mark of being an Idea Machine) and I began exploring other ways of improving my mental fitness. But despite inconclusive evidence for their claims of brain enhancement, there is no shortage of apps that offer daily exercises designed as games.
Games have also been found to reduce stress, improve motivation, and contribute to happiness. Born and raised in Southern California, I am now living life in the great state of Texas with my husband Luke and our 1-year-old son, Charlie.  Thanks for visiting my blog! Various shapes of different colors will slowly descend from the top of the screen, and you must quickly quick on items of the same shape or color before they fall off the screen.
It may ask you what "seventeen plus eighteen plus thirty-two minus twenty seven" is and give you less time to pick an answer. Speedy Shapes, a game that melds the reflex and spatial parts of your brain together starts off extremely easy and gives you plenty of time to construct shapes out of a handful of broken blocks. So if you want to go back to easier difficulty levels, you'll need to stick with the individual practice matches. Just fire it up as this is a playing a Scrabble like word game that you can play against one of your friends within no time.
If you get stuck don’t worry as the game offers you helpful clues and you will discover 5 hints for each Logo. The free version gives you more than 15 levels and you have to jump to the pro one to get the 500 amazing puzzles. I’ve personally been exploring three of these apps—Peak, Elevate, and Luminosity—and I plan to write a full review of all three once I’ve had more time with them. Doctors have even begun prescribing games such as Candy Crush to traumatic-brain injury victims.
As you rise up through the difficulty levels, that handful of pieces turns into a bucket load, and the overall construct you're trying to build gets more complicated.
With each of these programs, I’m seeing improvement in my training itself, but the verdict is still out on whether or not the skills addressed in my training will transfer to real life.

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