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Over the last year, as part of the new enterprise services that IBM has been pushing om its reinvention, Watson has become less of a "Jeopardy"-winning gimmick and more of a tool.
What are the chances, then, of creating a natural-language machine learning system on the order of Watson, albeit with open source components?
The biggest name brand of the bunch, DARPA's DeepDive project isn't meant to emulate Watson's plain-language query system, but rather Watson's ability to improve its decision-making over time with human guidance. Developed principally by Christopher Re, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, the project is open source (Apache 2.0). Unstructured Information Management (UIMA) is a standard for performing analysis on textual content. Apache UIMA as it stands is a long way from being a full machine learning solution; it's only one -- albeit an important -- part of the whole that IBM created. OpenCog "aims to provide research scientists and software developers with a common platform to build and share artificial intelligence programs." Open-sourced under the GNU Affero license, the project's ambition is to fuel nothing less than what its creators call "generally intelligent" systems, artificial intelligence that has broad, humanlike understandings of the world instead of domain-centered specialtiesA  (such as being very good at chess but nothing else).
As the name might imply, OAQA's mission is "open advancement in the engineering of question answering systems -- language software systems that provide direct answers to questions posed in natural language." Sound like one of Watson's aims?
The one major drawback to each project, as you can guess, is that they're not offered in nearly as refined or polished a package as Watson.
Plus, Watson's services have already been pre-trained with a curated body of real-worldA data. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
According to the research, which was based on an analysis of Department Of Defense casualty records from between 2005 and 2009, as many as one in nine American troops suffered a spinal injury during these two wars. Obviously, the impact of spinal injuries on our servicemen and servicewomen is devastating, and more research needs to be done on why these injuries seem to have increased in these two zones. According to military personnel, the rate of spinal injuries in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts is as much as 10 times higher, than the number of spinal injuries that were sustained in the Vietnam War. According to new research, patients who have suffered a spinal cord injury are at a risk of cardiovascular disease that is nearly 3 times as high as for the general population. According to the research which was conducted in Canada, scientists found a 2.72 fold increased risk for heart disease, among persons who had suffered a spinal cord injury. The researchers also noted that there has been a decline in the number of other potentially fatal conditions that are typically associated with spinal cord injury.
Researchers found in their study that having a spinal cord injury can magnify the role of certain cardiovascular risk factors including high blood pressure, physical inactivity, chronic inflammation and problems of glycemic control. Other statistics by the National Spinal-Cord Injury Statistical Centre indicate that hypertensive disorders and ischemic heart disease account for the third leading cause of fatality in patients who have suffered from a spinal cord injury.

Spinal injury lawyers find that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injury in the United States. A new study indicates to spinal injury lawyers that when a person suffers a spinal cord injury, there is damage to the spine much sooner than earlier believed. Further research into spinal injury is throwing new insight on these catastrophic life-altering injuries.  A new study indicates to spinal injury lawyers that when a person suffers a spinal cord injury, there is damage to the spine much sooner than earlier believed.
According to the research which was published recently in The Lancet Neurology, damage to tissues begins as quickly as within 40 days after the injury.  That is much sooner than earlier believed. This research is very significant because until now, researchers believed that it took years for tissue changes to occur in the spinal cord area around the injury.  The finding that tissue damage sets in much quicker could provide more clues about the devastating nature of these injuries. According to the results of a new experiment that were revealed recently, researchers have made progress in enabling a woman who suffered from paralysis of both arms and legs, to move her arm using brain-machine technology. The technology was revealed recently at the annual conference of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons in New Orleans.  According to the researchers, the technology is based on a brain- machine interface which takes signals from the brain, and transmits the signal to the arm to enable movement. Spinal injury lawyers have found that such brain- machine interface technologies are being widely used as part of prosthetics development, in order to enable people who have suffered paralysis of their arms and legs to move these limbs.  The technology is likely to benefit not just persons who have lost limbs, but also those who have lost the use of their arms due to paralysis after suffering a spinal cord injury or head and neck injuries. When the researchers connected the terminals to the computer, they found that when the woman thought of moving her arm, it fired a signal in the woman’s brain, allowing movement in her arm.
Over a period of time, the woman was able to not just perform simple physical movements, like moving her arm, but was also able to pick up and grasp objects, rotate her arm and wrist, and even feed herself chocolate.
New research suggests to spinal injury lawyers that stem cell therapy combined with physical therapy can help reverse spinal injury, enabling patients who have suffered paralysis as a result of these injuries to experience movement and sensation in their paralyzed limbs. The patients were evaluated regularly over 14 months to determine if there was any change or improvement in their sensory and motor functions.  The researchers identified improvements using the American Spinal Injury Association Impairment Scale. The researchers have confirmed that there were very few side effects when the patients were treated with stem cells.  Moreover, they also found a substantial improvement in the patients who received the stem cell therapy in addition to the physical therapy. Most spinal injuries are the result of slip and fall accidents or involvement in an auto accident or motorcycle accident.  Spinal injuries can be devastating, because there is no complete cure for these injuries. According to the results of a new study that was published recently in the journal Current Biology, brain nerve stimulation can possibly encourage hand movements in persons who have suffered paralysis of the hand as a result of a spinal injury.
To some degree, this has already happened -- in part because Watson itself was built in top of existing open source work, and others have been developing similar systems in parallel to Watson. According to EE Times, the main goal of DeepDive is to create an automated system for classifying unstructured data -- in one example case, categorizing articles in technical journals. Watson used an implementation of UIMA, but you don't have to go through Watson to use UIMA. If you don't want to use the bare bones, you can pick up one of its derivative projects, such as YodaQA, which leverages UIMA for its processing and uses Wikipedia as a primary data source.

Yup, especially since the OAQA was jointly initiated by IBM and Carnegie Mellon University. Whereas Watson is designed to be used immediately in a business context, these are raw toolkits that require heavy lifting.
With these systems, you'll have to supply the data sources, which may prove to be a far bigger project than the programming itself. According to new research, these wars also resulted in more numbers of spinal injuries involving veterans, compared to earlier wars. In fact according to the analysis, spinal injuries were involved in approximately 11 percent of the nearly 7,900 troops, who are believed to have been injured in these two combat zones. Approximately 75% of all spinal injuries involving veterans in these two combat zones were the result of explosions.
According to the analysis, approximately 3% of soldiers who suffered spinal injuries died as a result of their injuries, even after receiving medical care.
The research was conducted by researchers at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. These are all cardiovascular risk factors even in the general population, but the effect of these factors is amplified when a person has also suffered a spinal cord injury.
Fall accidents, assaults, gun violence and workplace accidents can also contribute to these catastrophic injuries. Those planning to make use of DeepDive should be familiar with SQL and Python, but the system is already capable of extracting data from a wide variety of conventional sources, such as Web pages or PDF documents. In fact, IBM's UIMA architecture was open-sourced and is being maintained by the Apache Foundation.
Like Apache UIMA, OAQA implements the UIMA framework, but don't think of it as a ready-to-use solution; it's a toolkit. That number does not include the number of veterans who died before they received medical care.
The researchers also found that the risk of suffering a stroke among patients, who have suffered a spinal cord injury, was nearly 4 times higher among these patients. However, as the severity of these side-effects has declined, cardiovascular disease has taken over and emerged as the number one cause of fatality among persons with spinal-cord injury.
It features support for multiple programming languages, with updates added periodically (most recently in October 2014).

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