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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the effectiveness of brain training games like Lumosity. I’ve been continuing to use the Lumosity iPhone app as well as the Lumosity website games to train my brain.
So the real question is, how are the brain training Lumosity games actually helping me in real life? I’ve also noticed a slight improvement in my focus, especially in brainstorming and project work. Finally, my memory in terms of recalling facts from reading or conversations has improved as well.
Jack and Jill is a Play school, preschool, after school care, day care and activity world for children.
At Jack and jill we have an excellent infrastructure with spacious, well ventilated, air-conditioned rooms with a germ free flooring. Our team consists of highly energetic and passionate people who believe that every child deserves to be happy. JACK AND JILL summer camp program is the perfect way to fill the summer break, after a long school routine and before the beginning of the next academic session. The main idea behind the program is that children should get exposure to lots of activities and new talents during their summer break so that their time is well utilized and they feel refreshed and ready for the next academic session.
Air conditioned rooms – your children can beat the heat and don’t have to sweat this summer. People who learn a musical instrument or sing have larger brains—5 percent larger than non-musicians. Playing a musical instrument refines the development of the brain in a way that cannot be done by any other activity. People who are involved with music lessons have greater coordination, concentration and better memory skills. The Upper Room is a global ministry dedicated to supporting the spiritual formation of Christians seeking to know and experience God more fully.

At the time, I’d be using the Lumosity iPhone app on a daily basis to see if I could measure a noticeable difference in the key areas that the Lumosity games are supposed to improve.
Growing up, whenever I heard music—either in nature or on the stereo—I always stopped to listen.
As I studied different ways to help Brandon learn, I discovered that he, like so many children, loved and responded to music. These areas are important to speech and language, reading, reading comprehension, math, and brain organization. When we listen to specific pieces of classical music, the electromagnetic frequency of the brain changes and when this happens—learning, memory, and retention of information increases. Marching to music wakes up the brain, organizes the brain, and gets the brain working on all four cylinders. It is what enables us to recognize a piece of music and motivates us to tap our feet to the beat of the music. For example, “Miss Mary Mack” is great, or I love the sing-song rhythms found in “The Alphabet Operetta” by Mindy Manley Little. The benefits are too numerous to mention here, but those of you who read to your kids daily know what I talking about. He and his classmates go to a concert where each child is given a balloon to hold so they can feel the vibrations of the music coming through the balloon. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
From its beginnings as a daily devotional guide, The Upper Room has grown to include publications, programs, prayer support and other resources to help believers of all ages and denominations move to a deeper level of faith and service. Some of the Lumosity games actually stress me out a little bit so that helps for waking me up.
It helps children focus and helps them to “stick to their tasks.” In our family, we made it into a game. Singing or chanting spelling words or math facts to a repetitive rhythm helps kids learn and commit this information to memory.

As your kids get order, try the strong rhythms found in rap music—eliminate the lyrics and using the repetitive rhythms, clap out, beat out (with rhythm instruments), or sing out multiplication tables, spelling words, history facts, etc.
When our boys were growing up I read many books that incorporated music, (think “Lentil” by Robert McCloskey) but I also tied other subjects to the book such as science, social studies, language arts, history, etc.
Kindermusik or “Let’s Play Music” are both excellent programs and offer lessons starting around 18 months of age.
The boys woke up to marching music and whenever they moved—they marched—into the bathroom, making their beds, getting dressed, putting their schoolwork together and then downstairs to eat breakfast. Not only does it make the book come alive in many ways, it is a creative way to stimulate your child’s critical thinking skills. Let them experience how to feel a vibration through kazoos, percussions instruments, or balloons, (hold the balloon next to a speaker with music playing). I was convinced that parts of his brain, rather than malfunctioning, were in need of the kind of exercise that one gets from studying a musical instrument.  It was true—music became the catalyst for him to learn and process information.
Use the rhythm and incorporate spelling words, math facts, or even geography or history facts into the song as a fun and effective way to teach these subjects. You can also stretch a rubber band between your teeth and while strumming it feel the vibrations on your lips. As a mother of five boys and author of Good Music Brighter Children, I want to share with you why music is so important to learning and some ideas on how to incorporate music into your child’s schooling experience. Have your children watch the excerpt from Jurassic Park when the children see the water moving in the glass caused by the movements of the dinosaurs (another vibration).
Getting your kids involved in music is not just about building a bigger, better brain—it is also about the friendships they will make and the values they will learn in the process.

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