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Cartograms are a subset of infographics, limited to one type of graphic representation: maps. The first set of maps labels each and every one of the states as best and worst at something. The first map, the United States of Awesome, charts fifty things that each state of the Union is best at. The best thing that can be said about Missouri and Illinois, apparently, is that they're extremely average (8).
The United States of Shame again gets most of its data from health stats, detailing the deplorable firsts of 14 states (9).
All claims are neatly backed up by references, some of them to reliable statistics, others to less scientific straw polls. By limiting the information presented here to subjects relevant to their organisation, the makers of these two maps have produced very effective tools for communicating health and environmental concerns. According to current world news, it has been reported that there has been evidence of forced labor as well as sex trafficking in Thailand and Malaysia.
According to the report, it has been mentioned that thousands of migrants are exploited in Thailand from neighboring countries in the commercial sex industry as domestic servants and on fishing boats.
The world news headlines have also mentioned that girls as well as women in Venezuela are often promised to provide false job offers.
Livemans is a e-magazine portal, Where you will get information about Online Digital Magazine, Business Magazines, Digital News, Latest News, Internet technology etc. With import demand outstripping export growth in some of the continent’s fastest expanding economies, rising trade imbalances are putting pressure on currencies. More broadly says Razia Khan, head of Africa research at Standard Chartered Bank, widening current account deficits are the result of an investment and consumption boom, new resource exploration activity and “the scaling up of output”. A weak currency does not help those African countries with limited capacity to ramp up exports in response. Loose monetary policy in major developed economies has driven a rush of short-term funds into African markets. I don’t disagree with any of this but would point out that this is all just the tip of the iceberg and there are a lot of ways to slice this. One is that just six of Africa’s 53 countries account for two-thirds of the entirety of Africa’s $2.0 trillion economy.

Finally, Wallis’ main sticking point seems to be about trade accounts and current accounts running into deficit. The first point that strikes me is that the top 6 economies – South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Angola and Morocco – not only overwhelm Africa’s economic activity, but have been collectively increasing their share of the pie at least since 2009, which is the furthest back I’ve looked at the data so far. Second is that my “Crude oil GDP” calculation is simply an estimation of the proportion of the continent’s GDP attributable to crude exports. Regarding the currency worries, many of the remaining 34 are under some degree of active management by their respective central banks. It's not all fun and games in Illinois, especially when you look at our financial situation.
It follows from that definition that infographics are less determined by type than by purpose. On these maps, one set of quantitative information (usually surface or distance) is replaced by another (often demographic data or electoral results). It merely substitutes the names of US states with statistical information relevant to each of them (2). While that may excite few people, it will greatly interest political pollsters and anyone in need of a focus group. Eight states get worst marks for crime, from white-collar to violent (10), while four lead in road accidents (11).
In at least one case, to paraphrase Dickens, the best of stats really is the worst of stats. It has highlighted the problem of Malaysia with regards to migrants from other Asian nations who look forward to work on factories, farms and construction sites where they get trapped of their passports taken from them as well as withheld wages too.
The headline is “Currencies pressed by trade imbalances” but this really only captures a small slice of the picture.
African and international investors hedge against this by spreading risk – one factor that is driving African banks and businesses across borders. MTN, the continent’s leading telecoms provider with a presence in 21 African countries, announced that currency swings had weighed heavily on its earnings.
David Cowan, Africa economist at Citibank, says the way in which central banks defend their currencies and the margins that foreign investors earn will be one determining factor in how long the appetite endures. In descending order of nominal GDP: South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Angola and Morocco.

After taking into account that the West African franc encompasses eight countries and the Central African franc an additional six, that both francs are pegged to the euro and that the biggest oil exporters – the five countries in the table above – peg their currencies in some fashion to the US dollar, we are left with a pool of 34 countries. The following charts show current account balance and trade balance as proportions of GDP for a mix of selected African countries. To me this is neither here nor there since what sort of exchange rate regime any of these central banks has chosen tends to be a direct function of the sort of economy it’s managing. I would love to say it has something to do with democratic processes or transparency or some qualitative advancement of that nature. This substitution is non-quantitative, affecting the toponymy rather than the topography of the map. Virginia and Indiana are the states with the most birthplaces of presidents and vice-presidents, respectively. Six can be classed as economic worst cases (12), five as moral nadirs (13), two as environmental basket cases (14). It was on Friday that an annual Trafficking in Persons Report was disclosed where the four countries have been downgraded to Tier 3 by the U.S. It is also on the risk radar this year as heavy investment in oil and gas infrastructure continues, with only modest increases forecast for oil output. Quinn's recent decision to make the "temporary" income tax hike permanent, there are other sources of revenue for the state, like tourism.
State Department which happens to be the lowest possible ranking that it provides for national responses to fight modern day slavery.
These dark clouds looming over Africa, according to Wallis’ reporting, are about capital entering African economies at a pace that is both too fast and too large for many of these countries to handle. Though there are many historic and entertaining sights to see in our state, which one do you think is the most popular attraction in Illinois, and approximately how many people do you think visit per year?
The most bizarre distinctions, finally, are reserved for New Mexico (Spaceport Home), Oklahoma (Best Licence Plate) and Missouri (Bromine Production).

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