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Most online fraud is CNP (card-not-present) so therea€™s huge opportunity to cut out the fraud issues that blighted Paypal in its early years and, so far, the scanning seems sophisticated enough to handle the possibility that fraudsters will attempt to fake cards to pay for free. Dwolla recently hit $1 million in daily transactions even though it only launched in December. Users can link up their existing debit and credit cards in a way that CEO and co-founder Ben Milne says is set to be the online equivalent of paying cash. Guest Author: This is a guest article from Choose, a UK consumer site that covers personal finance including full reviews of deals like Tesco Clubcard and tools to compare specific deals such as cash back credit cards. This method only analyzes which loan to pay by its interest rate, not by its term length or total amount owed. Even though the avalanche method ensures that you save the most amount of interest, the snowball method is the most popular (and more successful) of the two. Enter your email below to get new information and exclusive financial tips straight to your inbox every other week. If we continue to use the example from above to illustrate the debt snowball, you start by paying off debt on the loan with the $10,000 balance first, then the $15,000, and finally, the $20,000 loan.
When you start off putting extra money on the loan with the least amount owed, you’ll pay off the first balance faster than you would if you started with any larger balance.
Studies show people who use the snowball method are more likely to pay off their loans faster.
About the Author: Zina Kumok writes about paying off $28,000 worth of student loans in three years at Debt Free After Three.

Get your free copy of our latest resource: a compilation of financial tips from the experts to help you learn more about money so you can use your finances to live your great life. Square is for squares.A  Therea€™s been a huge spike in the number of start-ups selling cool new ways for consumers to pay online.
Just put your credit card up to a camera on a smartphones, laptops or desktops PC and it reads the information on the card in seconds.
Dwollaa€™s simple idea is just to link payments to social networking sites to allow people to pay friends and co-workers more easily than ever. It will be a race between this and NetSwipe to get consumers engaged and using the scanning technology to pay online. She is a passionate Techno-enthusiast and Internet junkie who loves to write on Online Security, Social Networking (especially Facebook), Gadgets, Smartphones, Technology and SEO.
The best way to rid yourself of debt once and for all is to stop paying the minimum and start putting extra money toward your balances. One balance is $10,000 at a 5% interest rate, another is $20,000 with 2% interest, and the last is a $15,000 with a 10% interest rate.
This will give you more momentum and a greater feeling of accomplishment than you might have otherwise. There’s no right or wrong answer when choosing between the snowball or avalanche method, as long as that process makes sense and works for you. Many are pioneering new ways to get rid of credit cards altogether and allow us to just wave our smartphones at the till (NFC supported by mobile phone providers) or login on our phones to pay with selected retailers (TabbedOut).

So here are three of our favorite new geeky ways to pay online without ditching those credit cards. Just as with entering the information by hand, cardholders need to add their three-digit CSV to complete a payment but just the scanning process significantly reduces opportunity for fraud.
By putting the highest interest rate loan as your priority, you’ll save hundreds, sometimes thousands, over the life of your loan.
Because even though personal finance is about numbers, it’s also about people and their individual personalities. And paying off debt can be like dieting: even if you only lose one pound at a time, making steps toward your end goal is the most important part. Remember, you can always change what kind of method you use if you find one isn’t working for you. Consider what kind of personality you have, how you’ve tackled money problems in the past, and give the one that sounds most appealing to you a try. In her free time, she loves to play with her dog Lyra, read Nora Ephron and plan her latest European adventure. You can also combine the two methods, by splitting the extra amount you have and putting half toward the loan with the highest interest rate and half toward the loan with the smallest balance.

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