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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Garden boxes, or wooden raised beds, are ideal for most gardens, especially for growing small plots of flowers and veggies.
As spring showers evolve into summer and then into autumn storms, there is no need to worry. Those with weak or bad backs swear by wooden raised beds for the lack of bending strain their height provides. Take a look at our wide selection of railway sleepers, including heavy oak, mini, rugged-looking rustic sleepers. Please enter your delivery postcode so that we can give you accurate stock availability and prices. They provide superior drainage, inhibit soil compaction, and keep pathways weeds from creeping into your garden plots.
The sides of the beds will protect your costly garden soil from being washed away or slowly eroded out.

Try using impressive railway sleepers or other sturdy lumber to make sidewalls for your wooden raised beds.
Their rugged look and thickness can contain garden beds, line pathways, serve as steps or dividing lines for multi-level gardens, or create bold borders for decking sections.
You’ll also find an astounding selection of other wooden materials to create your own personalised wooden raised beds.
Even more key, as the benefits above won’t matter if your plants are eaten, they act as a barrier against snails and slugs, as well as other pests. Also, since wooden raised beds rest above ground level, you can begin your planting earlier in the season if you live where the soil is warmer.
Each bed is constructed with a base, comes in kit form, and can function as a simple garden for flowers or vegetables. To add an interesting dimension to your raised garden beds, use AVS’s Grange Garden Jigsaw railway sleepers. Without slatted bottoms, like planters, raised beds allow plant roots to go deeper and get more nutrients, too.

Another benefit is that wooden raised beds provide better drainage, being above ground level.
You can assemble them easily, using their unique slot-together styling to create raised beds, small retaining walls or other design elements. If you use sleepers, it might be easier on your back to consider softwood sleepers instead of the heavier hardwood ones, which weigh about 50kg each.
Get some help moving the hardwood ones, and possibly even the softwood versions, especially if making many raised garden beds.
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