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Becky Robbins has over 30 years of management and business experience areas of coaching focus and expertise: executive leadership, communication, business growth and development.
Becky has trained and coached over 15,000 people around the world and has a passion for their success. Her clients include the top executives of Sterling Bank of Texas, EDS, Lagos State Government in Nigeria, ConocoPhillips, Western Geco (a division of Schlumberger), Camden Metals USA, Raymond James, Merrill Lynch, Allegiance Bank, First City Monument Bank in Nigeria and Telrad Communications in Israel.
So, I think that I’m going to take a couple of days to write this piece because it is too important to half ass. No single person on this planet has taught me more about perseverance, determination and focus to succeed more so than Tony Robbins. The principles of success that I learned from Tony quickly saturated my life, and what I learned simply came down to one word: action. Taking action has been the catalyst to every successful experience, endeavour and goal in my life. Tony fueled my fire to keep moving forward, to keep searching for the cause of my illness, and to never give up. I think that we are all searching for ways to remain focused and determined to arrive at our final destination of healing, happiness and fulfillment. During moments of fear, worry, depression, sadness and concern, our physical posture changes. But you can change the way you feel (your state), simply by changing your physical posture. Standing up tall, pulling your shoulders back, sticking your chest out and raising your chin so that your head is tilting slightly back puts your body into a confident stance. On my worst days, when I was feeling extremely exhausted and worried about my health, I would use this technique. Taking action is the key to attaining success because action is the only thing that will ignite progress. Every day, on a couple scraps of paper, I write down one or two things that I’m grateful for, and I fold these pieces of paper and place them into my gratitude jar. The practice of keeping a gratitude jar has also given me a way of providing my brain with evidence that there are so many more wonderful things that happen — far more positive experiences than soul sucking negative ones.

It’s easier to see the evidence right there in front of you, rather than trying to remember that something lovely actually happened.
October 2, 2013  by  Julie Rowlands Alison, Thank you for these great tips, I have been a Tony Robbins devotee for years, and it is wonderful to have your post as a reminder and sometimes when life gets tricky it is easy to slip back into negative draining habits, depending on who is around you! I too was diagnosed with CFS many years ago and only recently discovered I have Lyme, I am in Australia.
She has consulted for over 200 companies, including firms in the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, the Caribbean and Africa.
Tony Robbins has been such a force of nature in my life that I cannot possibly articulate what he has done for me in the few moments that I have to write today.
And, each day, I have to make a decision to stay in a zone of certainty that I will get better and I will return to my life.
But we were talking about how to Awaken the Giant Within — a practice that I have used ever since to accomplish every goal that I have ever had. So, I thought I would share with you the lessons that I’ve learned and that have helped me to stay on the road to recovery. We start to droop and to cross our arms in front of our body, as if trying to hug the fear away. The new stance, which is cognitively associated with power and authority then changes your state from negative to positive. In fact, since I knew that posture affected my state of mind, I did every thing in my power to always get out of bed and get dressed. I also suffer from chronic illness and sometimes it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing inspires me more than to hear from others who are taking action to reclaim their health. I have to tell you at this point in my illness you have definitely influenced my healing more than anyone. She works with C-suite level executives and business owners, often producing award-winning results.
And, during the last 7-years his teachings have been a major source of strength for me as I reclaim my health after totally losing it to Lyme Disease.

I know that I have to stay in the realm of certainty because that is the only thing that will propel me forward — Tony taught me that. I needed constant reminders that if I wanted to move forward and heal, I needed to take action and to stay in a mindset of certainty. Your brain needs to know that you are accomplishing something and moving forward toward your desire or goal. I’m looking forward to December 31st, when I get to shake out my jars and re-read all of the wonderful things that have happened this year.
I have tried to change my idea to run away from more problems but i cant help my bad thinking and feeling and i also suffer from fear. Becky designed and leads a mentor-principal certification program for the Houston Independent School District where 40 principals mentor the other 100. You need to train yourself to be in a state of certainty that your present circumstance is better than it seems. If you remain stagnant, you prevent yourself from observing evidence of progress toward your goal — and your brain translates that lack of evidence as failure. I have a dream board and also write down manifestations and do visualizations of where I want to be; and really believe it.
Becky has consulted within a wide range of industries since 1987, including information technology, finance, energy and power, mining, communications, healthcare, and education. But throughout the day, I would stand up and assume a confident posture just to help myself fight against the fear and panic that was brewing inside me. Reaching out, like you just did, is a wonderful first step to move forward into a life that is filled with more gratitude and positivity.
Eckhart Tolle has really helped my healing process as well as picking up tips from my kinesiologist friends. Becky relies on her tough compassion to uncover hidden issues, which is essential to causing success.

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