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Do you want to read a book on real estate that is based on real world practical application and not just theory?  That is to the point and easy to understand?
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Lead Tracking SheetsThis workbook of spreadsheets helps you to track all your marketing from your own website and SEO to purchasing leads, sending mailers, bandit signs, or any other method of advertising you utilize. Enter your email address to subscribe to my Private Money Blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Infrastructure sector fuels the economic growth of a country and an emerging country like India needs the Infrastructure sector to play a pivotal role by increasing the productivity of labor and capital, reducing the costs of production and raising profitability, production, income and employment.
Project Feasibility: Infrastructure projects are characterized by huge capital requirements and long payback periods. Economic Viability: The project should include a study on the economic viability of the project which ensures that the project’s expected net present value is positive considering a factor of safety.
Creditworthiness: The amount of debt a project can raise and the cost at which this debt is raised is hugely influenced by its creditworthiness.
Project Risk Identification and Mitigation: Lenders will not agree to fund projects unless they are convinced that the project will be a successful one and a viable going concern. As mentioned earlier, Infrastructure projects require huge capital investments and have a long payback period which means that the investors have to remain invested for a long period of time. The Eleventh five year plan estimates that private investment needs to constitute 30% of the total investments into infrastructure in India. The risks inherent in the infrastructure projects make it imperative that the required funds could not be raised through equity alone.
Unfortunately, there is currently a lack of good quality information about private lending, which is why I wrote a book about it. No matter your exit strategy – flipping, buy and rent, owner finance – private money can help you create lasting wealth.
For example, let’s say your PML will loan you one million dollars to buy rental properties, but they want some equity. Attracting private money involves much more than telling someone that you can give him or her a certain return on a safe investment in real estate. Whether you plan to flip or buy-and-hold rentals, you need to know the questions to ask about the properties you look at. Whether you have a full-time job or income from your current real estate business, use that to your advantage when talking to potential PMLs.
High-wealth PMLs are those that you believe have the funds to invest one million dollars with you.
It is a good idea to have a presentation manual that you can show or email to prospective PMLs that discusses you, your business, and how you structure your loans.
High-wealth PMLs have a good understanding of those topics as they work to preserve their estate. Private Money Lenders working with real estate investors are a rare instance where two individuals in different stages of life can help each other achieve their goals in an incredible way, bringing forth a profitable business and personal relationship. John is also the author of Attracting Private Money Lenders & 17 Vital Keys To Creating Wealth While Building A Profitable Real Estate Investment Business. The Delhi government has issued orders to seal a total of 77 budget hotels located near IGI airport. GERMANY: Offshore developer Windreich has opened the door to investment by private individuals in its Global Tech 1 offshore wind project, currently under construction in the North Sea. How do governments establish successful long-term public-private partnerships (PPPs) in emerging PPP markets? President Obama delivers remarks from the wharf near the PortMiami tunnel project in Miami, Florida on March 29, 2013. MIAMI - President Obama on Friday unveiled a series of proposals aimed at enticing private investments for public infrastructure projects, which he says will create new jobs, facilitate economic growth, and help modernize America's roads, rails and bridges.Mr. He says it's one of the most important ways the country can create jobs and improve the economy in the long run. The port where Obama spoke is undergoing $2 billion in upgrades paid for with government and private money. Lenders need to have utmost confidence in the project’s success for them to commit large funds for long periods.

Proper study of the economic viability requires a very good understanding of the cost and demand drivers and quantifying them.
Creditworthiness should be improved by pledges from the sponsors and third parties benefitting from the project. It is impossible for a project to have a proven track record before it is completed and has operated successfully for a certain amount of time. Most of the infrastructure projects today are project financed by creating a legally independent project company financed with nonrecourse debt (and equity) for the purpose of financing investment in a single-purpose capital asset. For this to happen, the government needs to make it clear to the investors that there is no inherent conflict between regulation and development.
So capital has to be raised through debt as well which means that the development of bond markets is very important. More recently, private money has become familiar in almost all real estate investor circles. Private money is not institutional money, hard money, or money from a lender that is in the business of lending money.
Perhaps you would find it favorable to pay your PML a 7% note rate and give them 50% of the equity above purchase price and make ready costs. It’s more about you and how you conduct your business, structuring what you do in a way that is inviting to others. Property analysis is extremely important to PMLs, and you should have a way to analyze every deal from multiple exit strategies so that you are comparing each deal as similarly as possible.
The more you know, the better you can communicate, and the better you can com- municate, the more money you can raise. Producing income shows the stability of your business and is a testimony to your expertise. We also sent closure notices to five of these hotels for grave violation of environmental norms.
An order to cut these hotels' water and power connections has also been issuedOfficials from DPCC on Friday sealed around 27 hotels for violating the norms laid down by the committee, after which large numbers of people staged a protest against the decision.a€?After getting directions from the National Green Tribunal (NGT), the DPCC checked the documents of all 77 hotels and found that the hotels were operating without license from the municipal corporation and Delhi Police,a€? said Environment Minister Asim Ahmed Khan. In the top right-hand corner of an individual comment, you will see 'flag as inappropriate'. How do they ensure that the public partner has the right information, on the right projects, for the right partners, at the right time? Obama, speaking at the Port of Miami in Florida, outlined a program of bonds and other measures to encourage such spending on roads, bridges and ports. A proper feasibility analysis could go a long way in enhancing the confidence of the project’s sponsors. The contractual agreement between the various stakeholders should ensure debt repayment and servicing to provide adequate security to support the project’s financing arrangements. They should ensure that the project does not get delayed for want of approvals and clearances from the government bodies unless such clearances are not allowed as per the laws and regulations. It is becoming increasingly clear that government alone cannot fund the infrastructure projects entirely and private investment needs to play a vital role. The government needs to relax the various regulations concerned with investments in infrastructure and also provide financial incentives such as tax holidays to attract the investors towards infrastructure projects. The need of the hour is long term bonds which could be raised for a tenure matching that of the project.
Private money lenders (PMLs) are individuals that have the funds available to invest in any vehicle they see fit, and they often find that vehicle to be you and your real estate portfolio. In return, you would collect a management fee to manage the properties and also benefit from all the earned equity from principle payments as well as 50% equity above purchase price and make ready costs. PMLs want to do business with someone that they trust, have confidence in, believe in, and enjoy working with.
It’s up to you to know the property values in your area and understand how to pull accurate comparable sales and leased properties.
People and property management skills are important, as is keeping all that you are doing as organized as possible.
There are plenty of real estate topics to choose from on Amazon, you can go to seminars, attend investor club meetings, and even view webinars from your home office.
PMLs want to work with someone that is working hard to build their business and willing to do what it takes to succeed, even when it requires a great deal of discipline or restraint.

When starting out, the quickest way to produce income in your real estate investment business is to start wholesaling. In your pursuit of high-wealth PMLs, you will find others with smaller sums that want to invest and you should be happy to oblige. Tell them how great real estate is going for you and how you have individuals loaning you money and earning them 10%. You should also take the time to understand estate planning, tax implications, and finance. They are often humble and conservative, past their years of working long hours, and enjoy putting their money to work for them. Also, the hotels did not have pollution-checking devices.A a€?They also did not have pollution- checking devices and thereafter, government issued a closure direction for them,a€? Khan said. Though we received some queries from public sectors companies like ONGC and NHPC, no project has materialised yet. This book guides the reader through the life of a PPP and provides a realistic overview of the necessary steps to successfully engage and manage such a partnership from the early stages. Feasibility analysis should include technical feasibility analysis to see that the processes involved are optimized, all environmental factors have been considered and future expansion plans are accommodated. Some of the important risks that need to be identified and mitigated for are completion risk, technological risk, economic risk, financial risk, raw material risk, currency risk, political risk, environmental risk and force majeure risk.
Political rivalry between parties should not be allowed to come in the way of success of such projects.
But the large funds, long payback period, uncertainty about the future cash flows and various other risks mentioned earlier puts off private investors away from infrastructure projects.
The government has taken several steps in this direction such as allowing 100% FDI in most of Infrastructure sector projects and making investments in infrastructure bonds as tax free. But, Indian bond market is nearly nonexistent and the government needs to develop the market where such long term bonds could be traded. Not only does this provide you with income, but it will help you to become familiar with the market and values, which all makes you more attractive to PMLs. Small sums can come in handy to use as second liens when you are financing your first lien with a bank.
It presents a framework that highlights the requirements, options, and challenges that governments are likely to face when embarking into PPPs, and explains how to address them so that a sound PPP program can be implemented and the benefits for both partners--public and private--can fully materialize. Social impact of the project needs to be carefully studied and all parties concerned should be taken into confidence before embarking on the project. An example is the Dabhol Power Project which got caught in the political swamp when the Congress Party lost control of the Maharashtra State Government in March 1995 elections. It needs to take several other measures to make Infrastructure sector attractive to private investors such as relaxing statutory reserve requirements for banks to raise long term bonds, giving income tax incentives, providing directed credit to Infrastructure projects, giving negative license fee in case the social benefits are high but private investors are unwilling to come in due to low rate of return and attracting foreign equity. This book draws on experiences from both mature and developing PPP markets across the world, and case studies illustrate the key messages throughout. India has seen many projects getting delayed or not getting completing at all since the social impact was not taken into consideration. Policies and regulations regarding infrastructure projects should be formulated in clear terms removing all ambiguity which could cause any kind of hindrance in the future. Don’t expect to get a firm commitment but if they seem interested begin sending them properties that you plan to acquire. This book identifies the underlying principles of why and how the various processes are carried out. It illustrates how a wide range of PPPs can be implemented in different sectors and how legal and administrative systems vary. Particularly important in light of the recent financial crisis, this book provides an introduction to the various approaches to finance projects as well as the policy responses that governments have recently adopted. It also looks at the role and proper selection of advisers to support the government in the preparation, bidding, and monitoring of PPPs. This book is especially valuable for public officials who are involved with infrastructure projects and services through partnership with the private sector and for decision makers in institutions who are looking to support PPP programs.

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