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The first thing that you need to do is get yourself a good compass and determine what is in the southeastern corner of your home. According to the classic and traditional rules of Feng Shui (the ancient art of object placement to increase good energy in your life) the items that you place in this part of your should be things that align with the energies of personal abundance. Symbols of wealth: Actual money and gold objects are good to display in this area of your house. Whether you’ve considered coaching in the past or are new to this concept, I want to help make this easier for you. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The money plant, known to be one of the best plants of Feng Shui, is the symbol of good income, money and prosperity.
Silver Crown is known as one of the luckiest plants in Feng Shui as it attracts good luck and fortune for the owner. Jade plant is your perfect pick for the office premises as it attracts prosperity and money.
This gorgeous yellow flower symbioses the energy that attracts optimism and happiness in your home. Feng Shui is an age old method using which people bring happiness, prosperity and love into their lives. If you are someone who wants to attract money to your house, then Feng Shui offers many ways to bring wealth into your life.  It may not directly bring wealth to you but will give you the required support to seek that fortune and money. One of the first tips to use Feng Shui to attract money to your house is to have a Strong Front Door. Another way of Feng Shui using which you can attract wealth to your house is to have clutter free space. Feng Shui says that it is important to display the Symbols of Feng Shui in your living space or home as these can help display the wealth energy and help you attract some more.
Another amazing Feng Shui way to attract money in your home is to decorate your home with a Feng Shui aquarium. Using fountains in your home is another way according to Feng Shui which can make you wealthy and prosperous. Another way according to Feng Shui which can bring in wealth to your homes is to use Feng Shui wealth crystals. Hanging wind chimes or any other mobile hanging object in your house is also a good way according to Feng Shui which can be used to attract money in your house.
Adding some plants that have round leaves to your house is yet another method which can be used to bring in wealth. Feng Shui money trees are used to attract abundance and wealth.The shape of these plant's leafs represent the five main elements of feng shui wood, water, earth, fire and metal, and this is what makes the feng shui money tree so symbolic. Feng shui is an old doctrine that teaches how to equalize the energy, or chi, created in any room.

These Feng shui wallpaper for your screen can be used to activate sector of love and marriage . How to construct your individual Feng Shui map and what are the magic enhancers?All the answers are here! The Southeastern sector of your home governs both your cash flow as well as your faith in the idea that you will always be able to attract.
This is the place to put that fake million-dollar bill you got in a novelty store in a frame and hang it. This is an image of eight horses that can be purchased either a statue or as a poster that adds good chi to this sector. Treasure chests or displays of real or costume jewelry can help attract the chi of abundance to your southeastern prosperity sector. This is the place-to-place photographs, fine art or statuary that represents the aspiration of "having it all." A toy model of a Porsche, an image of a country mansion or a photograph of a man standing at the highest mountain in the world are the kinds of images that you should consider putting in this corner.
Small orange, lemon or lime trees also contain money-drawing properties and are ideal to place in this sector. If you have a kitchen or a bathroom with a leaky faucet in this area than the theory is that your money will also be leaking away. Animal toilets have the same negative association as toilets -- especially if they smell bad. Anything obviously decomposing is antithetical to the energy of prosperity and should be removed from this area. Art that depicts objects or landscapes in a withering, rustic or decomposing state should not be displayed here. Life can only get better when you have unwavering belief in yourself and the courage to conquer all your limiting beliefs. This ancient amalgamation of science and art developed in China over 3000 years ago reveals the ways to balance the energy of any particular space to ensure better health and wealth prospects. Just by decorating a particular corner of your living or work place with certain Feng Shui plants can bring you all the good luck, wealth, health and abundance. Feng Shui experts suggesta large number of techniques and methods not just for the home but also for the office and the overall life as well. The following are some of the ways using which you can bring money in your house using Feng Shui. You can also protect this front door with Feng Shui symbols of abundance, protection and good luck. You can not only use Fountains but also images of flowing water such as seas, waterfalls, rivers and lakes etc. Citrine crystals or pyrite are two of the best Feng Shui crystals or stones which can help attract all the wealth. There are Feng Shui special coins with red ribbons attached that are good symbols of wealth. This Feng Shui method also says that the plants with red or purple leaves or flowers can also be a great way.

A pleasant still life to attract this energy is a pretty glass bowl containing a purple amethyst, a red carnelian and a green piece of jade. You can also find statues of "gold ingots" to your local China Town A wonderful statue to place in this area is of a Prosperity Buddha lifting a gold ingot over his head. Some people even keep Monopoly money in this area as a symbol of their circulating prosperity. Traditionally the Chinese place eight orange or yellow gold fish and one black goldfish in an aquarium to attract money. Also avoid placing photographs of yourself when you were going through a "broke phase" (such as when you were a student in college or just recently divorced) here.
Read on to know 10 most important plants and their direction to attract money and prosperity for you.
You can also display the Feng Shui crystals in the form of a Feng Shui gem tree in a money corner in your home or office. Our wallpapers are destined for the monitor screen to balance your computer and the sector where it is located.
You also might want to consider painting this corner one of these colors or using purple, red and green lighting in this corner. You might also want to consider placing a gold or green statue of a Chinese Money Toad (this is a three legged statue of a frog or toad with a coin in it's mouth) or a statue of leaping goldfish. Make sure that the direction the horses are running is INTO the house and not out the front or back doors! Piles of junk serve as an obstacle so that positive energy cannot pool and accumulate in your space.
I also want you to ask yourself, “If not now, when?” “If not “The Million-Dollar System”, then what?” A better life comes down to a few life-changing decisions. Also you can print this wallpapers and you will receive the picture, that you can put in a frame and use it as enhancer. An easy way to enhance the color value in this corner is to purchase a lava lamp in purple, red or green.
The Chinese consider wood or bamboo fountains to be especially auspicious when placed in this area.
The idea too is that if misfortune hits your family, then the ninth black goldfish will die and receive the misfortune instead of you.
The great thing about a lava lamp is that it also moves, and in Feng Shui, anything electronic or moving helps keep the money circulating in your life.

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