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If you do not honor, respect and love yourself, but want to send the energy of love or mental message to someone, keep in mind that you are sending what is within you, and therefore the result may be a very negative effect. Klaus Joehle advises you in the preparatory phase to be relaxed and concentrated on communicating with the higher self – with your soul, and deep relaxation is the only way to soothe both your inner voices and dialogues. Diamond -  Imagine that you have a big diamond-shaped pocket on your chest charged with the love energy.
The warmth of love - Again, imagine in your mind the person you want to send the love energy or a mental message. Whether you choose any of points above, always persevere in that state as long as you feel that your mental message and love energy was sent, and use your physical body (hugging, touching) or words (gratitude, praise, compliment) when visualizing.
This method has a completely different purpose. You cannot manipulate the emotions of others or force someone specific to love you, but you can give them what you want to receive in return. This fabulous romance box has everything you need to create your own love shrine, attract a new partner or hold on even tighter to the love you have .

This fabulous romance box has everything you need to attract a new partner or hold on even tighter to the love you have. This precious pair are the symbols of love in China and in feng shui because they mate for life.
Designed to intensify passion and those loving feelings, this rose flower candle symbolizes eternal, romantic love. If you want to pour water into the second glass from the first one, first you have to fill the first glass with water. Later, you can reach a state of relaxation easily and quickly, wherever you are. Inside the bus on a seat, in the waiting room or anywhere else. Grasp the diamond in your hands and give it, along with your mental message, to the person standing in front of you. Each beautiful round box is filled with the feng shui items that enhance happiness and love luck.

I do not want you to feel divine just for this moment, and just after the completion of this process, your mood will return to the same track. Inside you’ll find a crystal heart to attract love and promote romance chi, a rose candle that you can light to stimulate passion and intensify love, and a red hanger with two mandarin ducks, the quintessential symbol of committed and devoted love.
This glow now flows from the chest to all the organs in your body, starting from head to toe. Create your own love shrine with the items in this beautiful, sentimental and charming box.

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