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Rhodes deporteesThe implementation of the anti-Jewish laws in September 1938 by the Italian Governor caused great alarm and hardship to the Jewish community.
Italy, as an ally of Germany during World War II, allowed the Germans to share control over the Island of Rhodes.
On July 18, 1944 the male Jews of Rhodes, age 16 and older, were ordered by the German military commanders to appear the following morning with their identity cards and work permits at the Air Force Command Center.
On July 19th, the remaining Jewish women and children were also ordered to appear the following day with their valuables under a threat of death. On July 23rd, the 1,673 Jews were ordered to march to the port where they boarded onto three crowded boats.
After landing in Piraeus (Athens) and staying at the Haidari concentration camp, they were forced onto trains to Auschwitz where most of them were murdered. 1939 photo of Albert Almeleh (17 years old) at left, and Nissim (Nace) Treves (16 years old) at right, on the ship which took them to Africa. May 1939 photos of a boat that stopped in Rhodes en route to Palestine from Prague and Braslava carrying about 600 Jews.
1943 photo of a young Rhodian Jewish boy, of the Angel family, wearing the Star of David on the lapel of his coat. July 1944: the Jews of Rhodes were detained at the Air Force Command center located just outside the Old City near the Gate of Amboise. June 1945 photo in Bologna, Italy of 6 young Rhodian Jewish women survivors of the concentration camps. There were 42 Jews who were originally detained, but released prior to their deportation due to the courageous acts of the Turkish Consulate General of Rhodes, Selahattin Ulkumen.  He has been honored by several organizations, including the B’nai B’rith, the Anti Defamation League as well as by Yad Vashem in Jerusalem which awarded him the “Righteous Among the Nations” in 1990 with a tree planting ceremony. All of the other Jews were detained for one more day until they were crowded onto three small freight ships and deported to Auschwitz.  Of the 1,676 Jews deported, they were all murdered except for 151 who survived. As written by Hizkia Franco in his book, The Jewish Martyrs of Rhodes and Cos, “Selahattin, the Consul General of Turkey, intervened to protect his nationals.  He managed to obtain their release, along with the families, even in the case of marriages of women of Turkish origin to Jews of the Dodecanese”. Although the 42 Jews of Turkish nationality were not deported, they were still threatened and were required to appear at 8 a.m. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: The Friday evening Shabbat service of November 12, 2010, at Temple Beth Shalom in San Juan, Puerto Rico will be a rededication of the congregation’s Holocaust Torah, linking it to the destroyed Jewish community of Jihlava, in the former state of Checoslovakia.
The book will feature photographs of the rabbis and members of TBSPR holding the Torah, participating in its unwinding on Simhat Torah and reading from the scroll.
Please send a list of our Rhodesli martyrs to my email for timely inclusion in this project.
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The account name is only for your convenience, POP user data are required but if you do not plane to cjeck mail with MacSOUP they do nto need to be real. This resulted in a swift exodus of over 2,000 Jews from Rhodes which prior to then had a population of 4,000. The tactic of requiring the work permits tricked the Jews into thinking they were summoned to be sent for a work camp. Both of them fled Rhodes shortly after the anti-Jewish laws were instituted by the Italian fascist government.
One month later the Nazis deported them to the Auschwitz concentration camp where they died.
The photo was taken in Ostia, Italy (near Rome) where the refugees lived in temporary housing. I was proud to shake his hand every Shabbat at Ezra Bessaroth a Rhodesli synagogue located in Seattle. To commemorate the adoption of the town of Jihlava as the symbolic home of our Holocaust Torah, a richly detailed history of the Jewish community of Jihlava from the 14th century to its destruction during the Holocaust years, as well as the story of how the scroll came to our congregation, is to be published. See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on List Of Numbers Irrational Numbers. There have been a number of deaths or near-misses reported worldwide with caffeine as a primary or contributory factor. There have been a number of deaths or near–misses reported worldwide with caffeine as a primary or contributory factor. This means a complex journey through the labyrinthine Internet, hunting down background information to ensure your article is as accurate as possible. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
The next morning after the Jewish men were assembled they were brutalized and threatened by the German soldiers who proceeded to take away the identity cards and work permits and herded the Jews into the basement of the building. The trip had one stop at the Island of Leros, where they were joined by another small cargo boat carrying about a hundred Jews from the Island of Kos. For the photo he is wearing the star as an innocent gesture of pride, instead of its actual use as a symbol for persecution.

There they met at a military barracks with British soldiers of the Jewish Brigade from Palestine (note the Star of David on the door of the truck). Like the people from Rhodes, they had also been herded onto the boat after being stripped of all their valuables and their identity papers. Tragically, the boy was deported the following year to Auschwitz, where he was murdered along with about 1,500 Jews of Rhodes. Standing in the front row, left to right: Susana Levy, Lucia Franco, soldier and Renee Levi. Your snooty elitist professor may forbid the site from being used as a reference in papers, but you aren't writing an essay on how mass proliferation of information via the Internet is diminishing both the importance and accuracy of news broadcasts; you're counting down the eight best banana peels in Mario Kart games.
Standing in the second row, left to right: Rebecca Capelouto, Alice Tarica and Stella Levi.
In a short time, the Rhodes Jewish community managed to obtain another ship and the refugees sailed for Palestine.
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