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This event is committed to taking your compelling goals for 2014 and turning them into outcomes.
An RPM plan is one in which you have a clear result, a compelling purpose to drive you and a massive action plan that’s flexible, giving you unlimited choices about how to achieve your outcome.
This will be a highly interactive session and you will walk out with your own written plan on how to Turn your Dreams into Reality.

We caught this member just after the September 7, 2011 Season Premiere with Topher Morrison. Following the Rapid Planning Method, a system developed by Anthony Robbins we will walk you through the steps to turn your dreams into actionable plans. So bring some paper and pens and a ton of energy because we are committed to helping you make this year the year you decide to live life on your terms.

She was kind enough to share with us an incredible opportunity she just received to start pursuing her passion.

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