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The kind of enthusiasm this six-foot-seven motivational speaker possesses is out-of-this-world. The sales of his bestselling books are further telling-signs that Tony Robbins will be in the business for a long time. Tony suffered depression and became an emotional eater, resulting in obesity in his late teens.
His first book, “Unlimited Power,” became a bestseller and was translated into 13 languages. His Leadership Academy and Business Mastery program are attended by thousands of participants. He started ‘Basket Brigades’ or, the giving of Thanksgiving baskets to less fortunate people. He was considered one of the Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World by Accenture’s Institute for Strategic Change.
Tony Robbins was actually named Anthony John Mahavorick when he was born on a leap year, 29 February 1960.
As it was her first child, Nikki put all her energy into taking caring for “God’s greatest gift” to their family. When Tony was seven years old, Nikki and John delivered the news of their divorce, which stumped Tony to silence. Meanwhile, Nikki moved on with her life and got remarried to a cabinet maker named Art Williams. Nikki’s marriage to Art only lasted a couple of years, and Tony and his siblings were again left fatherless.
Although they lived happy lives, the Robbins family struggled to make ends meet; Jim’s meagre income was not enough to support a family of five. With renewed confidence, Tony decided to make use of his growing popularity and ran for student body president. He became Glendale’s Student Body president and proved to be a responsible leader - perhaps too responsible for his own good.
In an A&E interview with Tara Robbins, Nikki recalled that as her and Tony’s fights escalated, it became more and more evident that Tony had to leave. He was given a janitorial job at a bank, but did not give up school; he endured the long trip from his job to Glendale High. Glendale High School’s Guidance Counsellor summoned him to his office and advised him to give up school entirely. With his 50-dollar weekly earnings, Tony was able to survive living away from home - until Nikki intervened once more upon learning about Tony’s employment in his Uncle’s business. While scouring a newspaper for a new job, he saw an ad for a salesman post which promised a weekly salary of 500 dollars. Eventually, Tony saved enough money to move out of his friend’s home and rent a decent apartment. One of his customers was so impressed by his selling skills that he invited Tony to be his guest in one of Jim Rohn’s talks. Jim tasked Tony with promoting his talks, who immediately relocated to Los Angeles to sell Jim Rohn’s books and tapes. In 1978, Nikki attended Tony’s high school graduation in Glendale, and the two reconciled after six months of indifference. Having experienced a hard life, Tony was stuck with the notion that money was all he needed to be happy.
The depression kept him away from friends and family until one day, in 1982, when he decided to go for a run along the beach. A friend in Vancouver, Canada, offered his backyard as a venue for Tony to conduct his seminars.
With his speaking career [somehow] keeping them afloat, Tony and Becky wed in their castle on 15 November 1985. Infomercials soon invaded the television scene, and Tony saw further opportunities to market his seminars.
The “Unleash the Power Within,” or UPW Seminar, was attended by thousands of people, and is included in his Mastery University and Business Mastery talks. In 1997, he launched the Leadership Academy seminar, which helps people become better agents of help to themselves. His foundation “Basket Brigades” was the fulfilment of his promise to pay forward the kindness his family received from the stranger on Thanksgiving Day. It is no surprise, either, for such an accomplished and esteemed speaker to strike friendships with celebrities; Sylvester Stallone is one of Tony’s many friends in show business. He hosted “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins” from 2010 to 2011, and is now co-hosting “Oprah’s Lifeclass” with Oprah Winfrey.
Tony has accumulated a number of awards; among them, he was included in Harvard University’s list of Top 200 Business Gurus in 2003 and the Accenture’s Institute for Strategic Change’s Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World.
The only way to be fulfilled is to constantly grow and to contribute in a meaningful way to other people, to the world.
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Before he became a self-help guru, he endured a phase of gruelling depression that nearly ruined his budding career.

To help people perceive life positively is already an immense challenge; to get them to walk on fire is extraordinary! Millions of people gravitate towards his seminars and they don’t mind spending money to learn from a very credible source about achieving goals and making the most out of life. Before he was known as “Tony Robbins: the Motivational Guru,” he first had to learn the value of relationships, self–worth, and wealth.
Despite not earning a college degree, he learned from the best mentors in the industry of motivational speaking. It’s the kind of determination that inspires and motivates people to do great things; things they never imagined they could be able to do.
He regales people with his stories and motivates them to walk on fire, and that is something no motivational speaker has yet done.
Most tyrants we know, like Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein, had something in common with Tony Robbins. He is the eldest son of John Mahavorick, a B-movie actor in the 50s and 60s, and Nikki, the daughter of a Walt Disney animator.
She would always whisper loving words in her firstborn’s ears, telling him that he would grow up “to do great things.” As an infant, Tony was already receiving plenty of motivation from his doting mother.
He always asked his mother about many different things, and Nikki tried her best to answer his queries.
After her marriage, she returned to see John and discuss Tony’s custody in the hopes of bringing him back to his family.
Tony knew that he needed to do well in school in order to please his mother, so he studied hard to get good grades.
With the idea of pursuing other hobbies, he approached the teacher in charge of their school’s publication to ask if he could contribute to their sports column.
In December 1974, his interview with a famous baseball figure was mentioned in the magazine, and this led to Tony being noticed by the Local Glendora Press. She did not want Tony out of their house so often because she depended on him to do most of the chores at home. Whenever he displeased her, Nikki would threaten Tony with preventing him from attending school.
When he was sixteen, he started growing rapidly, and only one year later, Tony stood six feet and seven inches.
On Christmas Eve of 1977, a fed-up Tony left his home with nothing but the clothes he was wearing.
But Tony was adamant about graduating with his class, and so he was given due consideration and allowed to graduate despite his poor attendance. Wanting to teach Tony a lesson, she asked the benevolent Uncle to get rid of Tony so he could “prove to himself” that he could make it on his own without any relative’s assistance.
It was also around that time when he met Liz Acosta, with whom he became romantically involved.
Incidentally, motivational talks and seminars were quickly gaining popularity in the 1970s. Once again, Tony proved to be an irresistible salesman, and his performance did not go unnoticed by Jim. His girlfriend saw, however, that Tony was not ready for a serious relationship, and they broke up due to Tony’s lack of time for Liz. He talked to Tony and told him bluntly that the obese man he was seeing was not the stepson he once knew.
He rebuilt his shattered career and, at 22 years old, vowed he would never again submit to depression. The following year, with the help of Tolly Burkan, he learned to fire-walk himself and packaged it into a seminar. He officially took on motivational speaking as an occupation in 1983 and called his seminar “Fear in the Power.” It even included a segment of Tony walking on hot coals with guests being asked to do the same.
Aside from convincing people that they can do anything by overcoming fear, Tony certainly created a buzz with his fire-walking.
Jaireck’s birth failed to reunite the couple, but it did help them to deal more kindly with one another for the sake of their child.
Once, in a fit of total madness and arrogance, he bought Del Mar Castle on a mortgage of 40,000 dollars a month. As Tony’s business grew more lucrative over time, “Awaken the Giant Within” was published in 1989. Mastery University tackles three principles: Life Mastery, Wealth Mastery, and Date with Destiny. Two years later, the Business Mastery program was underway, targeting business leaders who want to learn how to nurture a stable business.
Now, he is living a purposeful life by sharing the valuable lessons he learned so other people may learn from them.
Some of these quotes are well-known, and others are words only I might’ve had the privilege of being in a space to capture. If he had given in to fear and desolation, Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, Oprah Winfrey and many other formidable figures, along with millions of people he has inspired, would never have discovered him.
He also had a knack for advertisement; he knew how to sell his message and he took advantage of infomercials. But, sometimes, we have to see someone like Tony Robbins to believe that we, too, can do what he did. It only goes to show how Tony can influence people to act and do things they previously thought impossible.

Hitler and Hussein were both very powerful political figures not because of their achievements, but because of the way they speak to the multitude.
His father’s career had not gained traction by the time he was born and so, in order to earn money, he accepted odd jobs like overseeing the Hollywood parking lot. She would devote some of her time to reading encyclopaedias to search further for answers to his questions. What made matters even worse was he needed to decide who he would go with—his mother or father. So, When it was time to leave, Nikki brought Marcus and Tara with her and left Tony to the care of her ex-husband.
That day, a stranger knocked on their door and gave them something to thank for - a Thanksgiving basket. Willis Osborne, the teacher he asked, did not have the heart to say no to the wide-eyed pupil who, deep down, was dead-set on becoming a journalist.
In order to get interview appointments, he commissioned his mother to talk to the “who’s who” in baseball.
He recalled waking up in terrible pain; growing so tall, so fast gave him muscle pains and caused excruciating spasms. At first, he was embarrassed to be the tallest guy in class, but it did not take long for him to see the upside. Solution.” He was doing well academically, but his contenders seemed more brilliant and [more popular] Glendale students. With nowhere to go, Tony took shelter in a friend’s home and contacted his Uncle, who owned a cleaning agency. He often missed school because of the long trip and often being too tired to wake up on time. The relationship certainly was not Tony’s priority, however, and his job became a constant bone of contention between them.
In 1979, Tony started operating his own business and began earning 10,000 dollars a month at 19 years old.
The vivacious salesman-turned-motivational speaker mentee was suffering from bouts of depression.
He realized that, by controlling his breathing and the way he walked, he would not be scalded by the hot coals, and related it to the way we view adversities in life.
When he first began, a three-hour seminar cost 60 dollars, while a three-day workshop was offered for 300 dollars.
Tony lived with Becky in the castle, which was hardly furnished because the couple lacked the money to buy decent furniture.
It, too, became a bestseller, catapulting the author to fame and bringing him “self-help guru” status. Tony’s power lies in his stubborn belief that people can achieve great things with the right attitude. Each person he has helped and rescued from self-pity and self-harm can attest to Tony’s love for life. By unleashing our tremendous capacity for all we are passionate about, we will definitely excel. Be inspired and propelled into action by Tony Robbins’s story—the making of an inspiration. It was because of Jim’s unrelenting support that Tony’s “physical confidence” was built, practice after practice. Not a single viewer was unmoved by his touching speech; it gave his schoolmates all the reason they needed to vote for Tony Robbins.
He began selling Music Club Subscriptions door-to-door and proved to be a natural salesman. As his business floundered, he lost his apartment and slipped into poverty for quite some time. According to Wikipedia, NLP “is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy.” NLP is based on the works of Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who developed the technique in the 1970s. In his seminars, he often discusses how the mind can be a powerful tool to face challenges and change one’s circumstances. He was in love with 34-year-old Becky Jenkins, a divorcee with three kids between the ages of six and seventeen years old.
Tony is far from perfect, but what makes him extraordinary is how leveraged his mistakes to make something of his life which, at first glance, looked bleak. For someone who endured a difficult childhood, inspiring others seems an unusual career path. The question-and-answer became a daily part of their lives and strengthened the bond between them. Standing six feet, seven inches at 16 years old, Tony became the talk of the campus, not to mention that his natural talent for speaking was starting to show. He saw a ray of hope and decided he would change his thought-process and look at life from a more positive perspective. We will be successful because we will ourselves to work hard to make something out of our lives. After the birth of his brother, Marcus, and sister, Tara, the family moved to Azusa, California.

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