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As a high performance business coach, motivational speaker, author and podcast creator, I’m always looking to sharpen my sword. Some years later, late at night, on another infomerical, I stumbled across a guy of Asian descent named Robert Kiyosaki. He would draw (4) quadrants when talking about the different financial categories (see below). When reading this, it made a huge impact on my thinking when it came to the employee versus business ownership mindset.
As the years progressed, I also started to listen to his sermons on Youtube every day before work. Through their audios, videos, and books, they have taught me many valuable lessons in life, relationships, and business.
All three mention that surrounding yourself with motivational, uplifting, influential people can play a BIG role in your success. Having people in your life or business that can help you achieve success because they’ve already done it, is one very importantprosperity key. Scott’s WebShowHave you ever wanted to know how successful individuals became so successful?
Personal Growth And Development is an area of life that many people neglect but the few that realize the importance of constantly working on one’s inner self and mindset will attract abundance and wealth into their lives.
You should always be looking for ways to improve yourself, strengthen your beliefs because without the belief that you can accomplish something in life, it will be difficult for you to experience personal growth and development in that particular area.
In this blog post, the focus is personal growth and development quotes as it pertains to re-programming the way you think (your belief system) and the way you perform on a daily basis so that you can be more open to opportunities to create wealth and attract money to you.
I’m going to share with you some powerful personal growth and development quotes that further the point that it is this personal growth and inner belief system that will lead you to possibly creating fortunes without having to slave away at a job for the next 40 years of life.

Side-note: If you haven’t read it yet, I strongly recommend you pick up the book “Think And Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill. Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything. If you want anything in life, no matter how realistic or unrealistic it may seem to you at the time, it is not enough to just “wish” for it. Having a burning desire and 100% belief in something is very important for personal growth and development because if you don’t have that burning desire, you won’t step out of your comfort zone to accomplish your goals and you will never grow. If you want to grow both personally and financially you should always be looking to increase your inner value, which will then allow you to have more value to offer to others.
This increase of value is most important because the amount of money you attract to you is in proportion to the amount of value people perceive you to have. The best way to increase your value is to read daily, listen to personal development audios daily, and work towards your goals daily.
You should be reading and listening to audio that increases your value and strengthens your positive mindset instead of always turning on the news and soaking in the negative, dis-empowering things that the media will feed you. You can have a burning desire, you can be the most valuable and knowledgeable person but it doesn’t mean anything until you take massive action towards what you want to achieve. If you take massive action daily towards anything you want in life, even before you know how to get it, and have an insane belief inside you that you will get it…it will be almost impossible for you not to achieve what you want.
Are you an entrepreneur looking to surround yourself with positive, massive action taking entrepreneurs?
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On a side note, it was fun to see a mini-Losin’ It reunion here with Cruise, Stockwell, and Rossovich. As kids, we went to CCD for 2 years every weekend, learning more about God and Catholocism as a whole. But best not to put off things that we'll be happy we've done afterwards, even if they do take energy. For many, success is measured in terms of power, fame or financial income, while other people measure it in less tangible ways.
It is this burning desire that will allow you to go after what you want and never give up on reaching your goal, even when life gives you every reason to quit and believe that it will never happen. You should have a clear intention of exactly how much money you want, a plan to manifest that money and a burning desire inside you that goes beyond just the money that will push you every single day until you have reached your desired income goal. The first practical step is the hardest (because of fears, excuses and laziness) but it is the most important. Whatever your criteria, I've never met a lazy person, so I assume you, too, are interested in success.

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